Venezuela in Dire State

Recently the facebook community was stunned by such a news, Venezuela has fallen into dark times. President Nicolás Maduro has issued a state of emergency for the next 60 days, and the citizens are becoming desperate with the outcome of the country. Due to the fact that a majority of Venezuela’s resources are imported, the country’s lack of trade is bleeding it dry of supplies. The people starve and wait for food supplies outside of grocery stores for hours. They wait in an endless line, and look for the simplest items such as rice or corn meal. They have even resorted to eating common animals found in the cities such as dogs and pigeons, because it is the only option for meat at this point.
“Power outages have also become a frequent occurrence” says expert Diaz Granados. Due to a major drought, the water supply has been diminished greatly. The nation’s hydroelectric dams are not functioning properly also as a result, which has effected the hospitals and government efficiency. Protests have sky-rocketed against the government, and whether these will change the state of affairs in Venezuela is still up in the air.