While most people believe corporate law and commercial law are interchangeable, both areas of law focus on different legal attributes. Also called company law, corporate law deals with all litigation concerns involving corporations, including regulatory compliance to state and federal guidelines, employment law, contract disputes, and intellectual property management. Commercial or business law attends to the lawful aspects of business operations, including sale and distribution of goods, forming a company, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder rights, and property issues. Most businesses and corporations have at least one legal counselor or a team of lawyers specializing in both corporate and commercial law.

Known internationally for his brilliant expertise in broad legal areas, Schoeman is an accomplished lawyer in South Africa, specializing in corporate and commercial law. Graduating in law from the University of the Free State (South Africa) in 1990, Schoeman is a senior partner of Joubert Schoeman Attorneys law firm. In addition, he is the managing director of the premier law firm representing Phatsima Diamond, a large diamond mining corporation in South Africa, and legal director of the private enterprise, TG Mintster Consulting. With over 25 years of experience and several lucrative legal victories worth multi-million dollars, Schoeman has an impeccable history for being meticulous in litigation proceedings, passionate about the law, and hard-working for his clients.

Admitted to practice law in the higher courts of South Africa in 2003, Schoeman has received skill endorsements for litigation proceedings, negotiation, legal research and argument resolution. While he is mostly known for his legal work in corporate and commercial affairs, Schoeman also practices in various areas of law, including environmental law, medical law, family law, administrative law, banking law, and labor law, as well as participating in forensic investigations. Along with his team of adequately equipped attorneys in his private practice, Schoeman has an established reputation of providing exceptional legal advice and solutions, using excellent legal skills, techniques, knowledge, and experience.

Within his private practice, he has worked pro bono occasionally and participated in several volunteering efforts in artistic, cultural, educational, scientific and technological, environmental, political, and social areas. Adopted in his private practice, Schoeman’s professional philosophy is “bigger is not necessarily better”; with humility, he strives to minimize professional obligations to areas of proficiency in order to provide quality, personalized services to clients.

Recently, news of pending changes to the South African Copyright Amendment has summoned Schoeman’s name as a trusted source of legal guidance for corporate entities there. Copyright protection and regulations are essential to corporations and businesses in this globalized, technology-driven world. As a respected lawyer, if these pending changes are enacted, Schoemer will afford valuable legal recourse for additional protection to copyright owners. This is one of many examples of the competency and reliable expertise of one of the world’s greatest legal minds.