Thor Halvorssen Offers Interesting Perspective On Socialism

On a recent segment of Fox New’s The Intelligence Report, Trish Regan sat down with famed and outspoken civil rights activist and founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen. The topic at hand was Bernie Sander and socialism at large. Ms. Regan started off by ask, point black, why Thor Halvorssen believes socialism to be a violation of basic human rights. Mr. Halvorssen countered by saying that he did not, or rather, that some degree of socialism clearly could work and indeed has all over the world at varying points in history up through to today. He cites Denmark, Norway and Sweden as socialist success stories. The important thing that one gets right in such a conversation, Mr. Halvorssen insists, is the recognition that all of the previously mentioned countries are democratically socialist.

He remarked that, much like any other form of government, the most serious problems with socialism arise when their practices are subverted through a individual or governing political body and used in a authoritarian fashion. Thor Halvorssen remarks that when socialist dictators rise to power it is always through extensive use of rhetoric claiming to help, “The People,” which is one of the reasons that socialist dictators are so insidious – unlike with a forthright despot who seize power, a socialist dictator gets the masses to grant him the crown without a struggle. He cites Venezuela as a prime example of a failed socialist government, noting also that their wanton and reckless price setting has caused neigh irreparable harm to the countries economy and, by extension, their working class and impoverished.

Directly after noting this (Ms. Regan thoroughly agreed), Mr. Halvorssen dropped a very peculiar fact – he had just recently made the largest allowable campaign donation to Bernie Sander’s campaign! Confused as to why a man who has been so doggedly critical of socialism and human rights violations, Ms. Regan, shocked, asked incredulously why on earth he would ever donate to Mr. Sanders campaign. Halvorssen replied with characteristic passion, “The democratic front runner, right now [Hillary Clinton] is, unfortunately, someone who has taken millions and millions of dollars from many dictatorships. Algeria, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia – countries that execute people for being gay, countries that restrict all press freedom, countries that in some cases ban Christmas. I would much rather have Bernie Sanders be the Democratic front runner than a person who takes money from dictatorships. Unquestionably.” Follow Thor on Facebook to see what he’s up to!

Nicki Minaj Performs in Angola Despite Several Human Rights Organizations Pleading For Her To Decline

Nicki Minaj performed a concert for the Christmas festival in Angola Africa December 19, 2015 despite the begging pleas from the members of the Human Rights Foundation not to accept the performance. The festival was hosted by Unitel, a communications company owned by the family of Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos. Human Rights Foundation requested she nix the holiday concert because she would be taking money from a dictator whose family had exploited the oil and diamond mining fields to amass their fortune while controlling all branches of the military, the government, and civil society and conducting human rights violations. Even the Kennedy Human Rights group voiced their extreme displeasure at her performance on the president’s behalf.

The Human Rights Foundation is a nonprofit organization aimed at protecting and promoting human rights globally, but with focus specifically on closed societies. It was founded in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen after his mother had been gunned down by Venezuelan government security during a peaceful gathering. Thor Halvorssen began his focus on human rights back in 1989 as a youth by organizing opposition against South Africa’s racial segregation. In 1993, he became involved full time with focus on due process and individual rights after his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela.

Halvorssen is also a film producer for documentaries. The works he has produced include Hammer & Tickle, a humor and satire about Soviet tyranny; The Sugar Babies, a film about human trafficking in the Dominican Republic and Freedom’s Fury, about the uprising against Hungary’s dictatorship in 1956. The Sugar Babies targeted sugar barons who lived in West Palm Beach. It won Best Documentary at the Delray Beach Film Festival and also has been included in Amnesty International’s tour making the film seen worldwide and bringing children sold into slavery to the forefront.