Heal and Soothe Contains Powerful Proteolytic Enzymes

One herbal supplement that’s powerfully effective at relieving joint discomfort is Heal and Soothe. It works by providing a strong combination of proteolytic enzymes. Acting together, these enzymes break up and dissolve proteins. This makes them vital for digesting the proteins people eat, of course, but it’s also useful for many other functions, such as destroying infections of bacteria and viruses, because all of them are made of proteins.

But the reason so many older people use Heal and Soothe is the way proteolytic enzymes dissolve fibrin in their bodies. Fibrin is a sticky protein your body makes in response to inflammation. Because of increasing age and poor lifestyles and diet, many older people have a lot of excess fibrin. Their body organs don’t function well because their flesh is turning into scar tissue. Fibrin in the blood blocks the transport of oxygen and nutrition to the cells of the lower back and joints. That’s what causes their pain. Read more on The Healthy Back.

Young adults make plenty of proteolytic enzymes. Therefore, when they suffer inflammation when responding to the stress of a wound, they make a lot of fibrin too. However, when the need for the fibrin is gone, their proteolytic enzymes dissolves. That’s why young adults heal much faster than seniors, and why they suffer less pain from injuries. However, the body begins making less of these enzymes beginning around the age of twenty-seven. That’s why seniors suffer from more pain than young adults.

That’s why seniors need to take Heal and Soothe. It contains a powerful blend of five proteolytic enzymes, a total of 250 milligrams in each tablet. Heal and Soothe holds Protease AM, Papain, Alkaline Protease, Protease 6.0 and Bromelain. It comes in bottles containing 90 capsules. Because the recommended dosage is to take three capsules a day, that’s a one-month supply, which costs $59 on their website if you order just one bottle at a time. If you go on an automatic re-order program, it’s just $49 per bottle.

It’s a good idea to take the three tablets between meals, when your stomach is empty, and at least an hour or so before eating. If you take Heal and Soothe with food, you’ll use up its protein-dissolving power digesting that food.

Heal and Soothe also contains herbs to relieve and soothe your body’s inflammation. These are: Boswellia, Turmeric, Citrus Bioflavenoids, Mojave Yucca, Ginger extract, Rutin, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Devil’s Claw.

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