Herbalife Nutrition Uses Artificial Intelligence To Improve Experience For Customers And Distributors

More and more it seems that when individuals hear words like ‘artificial intelligence’ their thoughts do not turn to science fiction movies or any other types of fantasy. In today’s world, artificial intelligence can refer to a number of routine things including the consumption of information, modes of transportation, and the purchase of products.


A study performed by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2017 revealed that 72 percent of leaders of corporate entities feel that they receive a leg up on the competition through the use of AI technology. A similar survey, this time involving CEOS of fortune 500 companies, showed that more than half of them believe that the use of AI is an important part of their company’s future.


Consumers are also taking notice of the potential benefits that AI provides and 56% believe that technology holds to key to many of the complex problems facing society.


Herbalife nutrition has paid close attention to the voice of their customers and has used this feedback to facilitate improvements within their system that provides customers with a more pleasant and beneficial overall experience.


Herbalife has made use of devices that perform similarly to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home to provide customers with virtual personal assistants that possess naturally sounding voices and a means for interacting with the technology that affects their lives on a daily basis in a more intuitive manner.


The human element will be a constant part of the process with Herbalife Nutrition and this is a fact the company wishes to make clear to the many customers and distributors that appreciate their personalized customer service. The company has stated that its goal is to pair the efforts of distributors with current technology to increase the benefits gained by their efforts.


Herbalife Nutrition will also focus future efforts on obtaining digital tools that will enhance the customer experience while increasing the retention, productivity, and efficiency for distributors.


About Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife is a multi-level marketing company that sells and distributes supplements to support nutrition, weight management, and athletic performance in the global marketplace. The company’s foundation was built in 1980 when founder Mark Hughes took to the streets with his car and sold the company’s original product for weight management from the trunk.

The company was identified as the fastest growing company in America in 1985 when sales growth exploded from an annual of $386 thousand to $423 million during the first five years of the company’s existence.



How to Prepare For Lifeline Screening and Its Health Benefits


Lifeline screening is a series of tests that search for various diseases before early symptoms showed up. Many conditions usually do not show any warning signs, and lifeline screening can be beneficial in offering insights about early symptoms so that one can take proactive steps to a doctor to prevent or rather stop the chronic disease. Health professionals mainly screen for a variety of conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cervical and breast cancer in women, obesity, heart disease, lung cancer and prostate cancer in men.

Lifeline screening is essential because of many reasons. The main reason as mentioned above is that it helps in detecting early signs of chronic diseases that show less or no warning signs. The primary example of a silent killer disease that often does not have symptoms is a stroke. When health professionals carried out lifeline screening called carotid artery screening, it will assist in identifying the risk level of suffering from the stroke.

Lifeline screening comes with various packages. Depending on the type of package it is essential to dress appropriately so that health professionals can have an easy time in accessing testing areas. No matter what kind of testing procedure one should wear a piece of clothing that is comfortable probably loose clothing. One should not wear pantyhose or long stockings and also avoid unnecessary jewelry. One should put on socks and shoes that are very easy to remove and even to turn off cell phone so that it does not interfere with medical equipment.

When someone arrives at life screening facility, there is welcome desk where one is needed to complete forms depending on types of tests and also payment procedures. There is a waiting area where it is designed for one to fill remaining paperwork as well as waiting for an appointment. Once a name is called, health professionals will remove a blood sample from ring finger and take it for screening. A blood test is accompanied by taking a measurement of weight, health and other necessary body measurements. Depending on any vital signs after blood screening, health professionals will recommend any lifeline screening such as bone density screening, carotid artery screening, aortic aneurysm screening or peripheral arterial screening.

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Livio Bisterzo’s New Hippeas Snack Foods Are On The Brink of Becoming A Household Name

hippeas in a blue box livio bisterzo

When it comes to snack foods, a cleverly named product called Hippeas is creating a real buzz. Hippeas are organic chickpea puff snacks that are available in several tasty flavors.

Appealingly packaged in bright yellow bags that are adorned with a modernized version of a smiley face, Hippeas are vegan, low in calories and gluten-free. The puff snacks are made by a food innovation company named Green Park Brands.

A culturally and socially aware company, Green Park Brands believes in creating products that can bring about positive change. The CEO of the company is Livio Bisterzo, a dynamic and insightful young entrepreneur who has already established a very successful track record in the business world.

The popular Kyoku for Men line of men’s grooming products was co-founded by Livio Bisterzo. This line of products is used by people around the world, and is available online and retail stores.

Mr. Bisterzo, who studied at the University of the Arts in London, was previously CEO of the Little Miracles beverage company. He is married and has several children.

With his new Hippeas venture, Livio Bisterzo has a marketing focus that is at least partially aimed at the ‘modern hippie’ element of the millennial generation. At the same time, Hippeas are poised to become a mainstream snack product. The Starbucks chain of coffee shops recently made the decision to stock Hippeas organic chickpea puffs at thousands of its stores across the United States.

The hippie image that Hippeas are intentionally associated with is exemplified by the different flavors of chickpea puffs that are available. The flavors include far out fajita”, “maple haze”, and “happenin’ hickory.” A sriracha variety of puffs is available, as are a vegan white cheddar option, and a maple syrup variety.

Carrying out their philosophy of producing healthy, delicious foods, and spreading positive vibes, Hippeas regularly helps to economically support African chickpea farmers through the sales of its products.

With its bright and happy yellow packaging, and an appetizing assortment of flavors, the line of Hippeas organic chickpea puffs is a welcome addition to the world of snack foods.