Andy Wirth has words on the latest action from the Reno City Council


Andy Wirth is one of the leading names in the world of outdoor recreation. He has revitalized the California skiing market, and he is looked to for leadership on a regular basis. Recently, Andy Wirth submitted an op-ed to the Reno Gazette-Journal.
This plan would move the community away from dirty and outdated sources of power, and into a cleaner and more exciting future. Andy is strongly in favor of this move, and he quickly mentioned that many businesses and other organizations have committed themselves to the Clean Power Plan.
Andy was quick to point out that this change does not indicate that times are changing, so much as it indicates that the times have already changed. The world needs to transform into a source of healthy air and water, and the only way to do that is for the world to move towards clean and sustainable energy.
Andy Wirth believes that Clean energy should not be a political issue, as all sides stand to benefit from a cleaner society. He strongly endorsed the plan coming out of Reno City Council, and he believes that this plan will allow the city to move forward into a cleaner future.
Andy Wirth has been one of the most powerful names in Outdoor Recreation for years. He has revitalized the Squaw Valley Ski community, and this ski center has become a major point of focus for skiers across the country. Andy is known for his willingness to look forward to the future, and his willingness to make adjustments as necessary.
The world is at risk, and communities around the world are making the adjustments necessary to save the planet from the factors of global warming. One of the communities that has taken action is Reno, and the world is sure to benefit from the actions that this community has taken.