How to Prepare For Lifeline Screening and Its Health Benefits


Lifeline screening is a series of tests that search for various diseases before early symptoms showed up. Many conditions usually do not show any warning signs, and lifeline screening can be beneficial in offering insights about early symptoms so that one can take proactive steps to a doctor to prevent or rather stop the chronic disease. Health professionals mainly screen for a variety of conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cervical and breast cancer in women, obesity, heart disease, lung cancer and prostate cancer in men.

Lifeline screening is essential because of many reasons. The main reason as mentioned above is that it helps in detecting early signs of chronic diseases that show less or no warning signs. The primary example of a silent killer disease that often does not have symptoms is a stroke. When health professionals carried out lifeline screening called carotid artery screening, it will assist in identifying the risk level of suffering from the stroke.

Lifeline screening comes with various packages. Depending on the type of package it is essential to dress appropriately so that health professionals can have an easy time in accessing testing areas. No matter what kind of testing procedure one should wear a piece of clothing that is comfortable probably loose clothing. One should not wear pantyhose or long stockings and also avoid unnecessary jewelry. One should put on socks and shoes that are very easy to remove and even to turn off cell phone so that it does not interfere with medical equipment.

When someone arrives at life screening facility, there is welcome desk where one is needed to complete forms depending on types of tests and also payment procedures. There is a waiting area where it is designed for one to fill remaining paperwork as well as waiting for an appointment. Once a name is called, health professionals will remove a blood sample from ring finger and take it for screening. A blood test is accompanied by taking a measurement of weight, health and other necessary body measurements. Depending on any vital signs after blood screening, health professionals will recommend any lifeline screening such as bone density screening, carotid artery screening, aortic aneurysm screening or peripheral arterial screening.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Life Line Screening

If you have set an appointment for a life line screening, you might be curious as to what you can expect. A life line screening is a non-invasive and painless procedure that can be used to provide early detection of risks for common health issues.

#1 – What Should I Wear?

The first point to consider is how you should dress for a life line screening. Most tests only request that you dress comfortably, wearing loose clothing or short sleeves. For example, if you are going for a carotid artery disease test, a short-sleeved shirt that is open at the collar would be best.

#2 – What About Electronics?

Some tests, such as the atrial fibrillation test for stroke, utilizes electronic equipment that could be negatively impacted by watch or a cell phone. Make sure to ask when setting your appointment if there are any electronics that should be left at home or left in the car.

#3 – What Should I Eat?

While most tests have no requirements or restrictions about diet, a few will ask you not to eat gassy foods or fast between four and eight hours, depending on the test. A representative should give you information on any dietary restrictions. Water or a small cup of coffee may be permitted, even if fasting is required.

#4 – What Information Do I Need to Provide?

When you arrive for your life line screening appointment, we will ask you some basic questions and may take some measurements, such as height, weight or body measurements, depending on the tests that you have agreed to take. This information will help us customize your results.

#5 – What Are the Benefits of Life Line Screening?

When you sign up to take a health risk assessment test, you can gain information about your risks for stroke, diabetes, heart disease, congestive heart failure, COPD, and lung cancer, the six primary diseases that affect adult Americans today. Life line screening is used to predict your risk for these conditions so your doctor can create a plan to help reduce your risk.

About Life Line Screening:

MB2 Dental Runs on a Set of Values

Dr. Chris Villanueva says that he has surrounded himself with a team of bright people, who help birth new ideas daily. Dr. Chris believes in collaboration before a new idea is birthed. Despite that, he says that most of his ideas are born outside the box as he plays the video games with his kids or when he is taking his lunch at 2 am. Dr. Villanueva also admits that he is a night owl, whose most ideas are born in the night when everyone in the house, including his 4 kids all less than 6 years, are asleep. The Dr. also says that he loves technology as it assists MB2 Dental in offering the best services to their clients. He longs to see more advancement in technology, as this will further improve the services offered at MB2 Dental.

Dr. Chris also says that at MB2 Dental, there is a culture of openness where people have fun and are openly honest with each other. Therefore, he promotes an open environment and lightens the mood so that people can be free with each other.

Dr. Chris also says that integrity is at the center of the activities in MB2 Dental. Also, he states that a practitioner should build business infrastructure before they think they need it. He also believes that vacations should not be going to the beach, but rather on reflecting one’s business daily.

Asked the worst job he ever did, Dr. Chris cites an instant when he worked for a dentist, who had employed the wife as the clinic manager. The calls in the office were made by a non-clinician, and he admits that it made the job suck; it affected the patient care negatively. Dr. Chris admits that having a great team of workers is essential, as having the wrong people brings down a business. Dr. Chris admits that as much as infrastructure is important, the people one surrounds himself with in his business is more important.

Dr. Chris also says that his biggest failure in life came when he and other practitioners decided to open a pizza shop near their offices. The pizzas turned not as good as they thought and they ate them as there were no customers. He says that he learned to stick to what he was good at, which is dentistry.

At MB2 Dental, a friendly business culture makes the difference. The company is technologically advanced and responds to the market needs fast. MB2 also has a team that helps doctors tackle the secondary functions like HR.


CopaStar- The Hospital Of Choice For The Rich

Brazil is the most dynamic city in the world. It is a city that accommodates people of both economic extremes. With towering favelas, it is also common to find properly manicured skyscrapers in the heart of this city. The Copa Star is not only a hospital but also a five-star hotel. Developed to be an executive health facility, it caters for the wealthiest members of society. Hence, it is more like a home away from home.

It is a facility fully equipped with machinery developed using the latest technology. In addition, its medical personnel are highly trained and have a working experience of more than a thousand hours. With Copa Star’s concept having been successful, D’Or Sao Luiz, the man behind this model wants to take it to other regions within Brazil.

Features that characterize the Copa Star include a hotel, hospital, modern gallery, patient annex complex, and a beach area. The Copa Star is one big gallery. Beautiful art is showcased from the entrance to the exit of this institution. Its accommodation rooms are designed to be spacious and also offer a sense of tranquility to the residents. Lighting is a factor highly emphasized on each and every housing unit. During the design phase, the facility was constructed in such a way that would enable it to take advantage of natural lighting.

Locations, where the new hospitals are likely to be setup using the design of Copa Star, include Brasilia and Sao Paulo. Although a facility of choice for the rich, this is a facility that solely centers on quality delivery, a move meant to attract more patients to this institution. The CopaStar strives to become the best medical and recreation facility in all of Brazil.

The Copa Star is highly specialized in cardiology and radiology, with the best medical machines at its disposal. In addition, it is overly staffed meaning that there is a general balance between doctor and patient ratio.

Also, the Copa Star is strategically placed. It is located in close proximity to the Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paulo area bridge. Hence, it has the potential for attracting people traversing this route. Being a gigantic facility, it is an institution that only a few people might fail to spot.

With a classy restaurant in its residence, the Copa Star is able to offer nutritious and healthy food for both patients and visitors. Hence, this model has greatly tried to maximize the use of space so as to create efficiency. Due to this, the facility has contributed to the growth of Brazil’s economy since Copa Star attracts visitors from all over the world. Due to its documented success, this model might be adopted by many other countries across the globe.

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The Salad Days of Sweetgreen

In 2007, after graduating from Georgetown University, Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Nemen, and Nathaniel Ru founded Sweetgreen in Washington DC. A farm-to-table salad restaurant, they have expanded to 31 locations nationwide and expect that to grow to 40 by the end of the year. While their first shop was funded with the help of 40 friends and relatives, they have now completed three rounds of venture capital funding totaling $95 million.


The children of entrepeneurs, the three friends decided traditional jobs didn’t appeal to them. The desire to find better food options in Georgetown and the desire to start a business of their own, led them to begin Sweetgreen. They have created a business where their passion shows. Sourcing organic ingredients from local farmers, supporting local communities, and building relationships, it’s all about a lifestyle and a set of values.


Eight years later, they are having tremendous success and their partnership is still strong. Having started as friends, they now work together and even live next to one another. One reason for their success is the fact that they are all highly disciplined hard workers. Nathaniel Ru has talked about the challenges of scaling up. The three partners have worked in every role in the company and, he says, it can sometimes be difficult to let go and give that work over to the team you create.


The three partners have been innovative on several fronts. Technology plays a big part in the business. Thirty percent of Sweetgreen’s transactions take place from their website or mobile app, making it possible for people to order their food and bypass long waits in line. “Technology has always been a part of our DNA,” Nathaniel Ru said.


They have also spent time rethinking management strategies. To stay close to customers, the corporate office almost completely closes down five times a year so that everyone can work in the restaurants. Having recently opened offices in Los Angeles, the company is now bicoastal and has no centralized headquarters. “We don’t believe in big corporate headquarters,” Ru says. “We wanted to decentralize our headcount.”


Employees wear t-shirts with the words “passion x purpose” written on the back and it seems to be this collective belief in something worth doing that is the driving force behind the company.

Nobilis Health Care Expands to Meet Patient Needs

Nobilis Health Care, in the past year, has changed their name from Northstar Healthcare as part of an expansion program to increase their services. The enlargement of service required additional capital and earlier this year they closed a $25 million debt financing through Health Care Financial Services, GE Capital.  The Nobilis Health Corporation owns and manages ten healthcare facilities which include a surgical hospital, six outpatient surgery centers in Houston, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona, and two MRI screening units, not to forget their urgent care center. These ten healthcare installations are the latest and most up-to-date facilities managed by a company with an outstanding reputation for care of their patients.

The financing enabled Nobilis to focus on their expansion plans and repay any existing debt. The expected growth of this health care company has improved stock purchases and the stock price is beginning to again climb to meet a previous 52-week high of $9.34. At present, the stock price is below the estimated $10.00 per share expected, but has jumped 7% in the recent month and being reported as a “mover.”

The service goals of Nobilis according to are to maintain and grow their services. Maintain and improve wherever possible optimum health care of their patients. The well-being of each patient is one of their focus and improving the quality of life for each patient is their goal. The staff focuses on these objectives and is in constant contact with each patient through their journey from diagnosis through rehabilitation and wellness.

They specialize in such areas as ears, nose, and throat, including balance dysfunction, Cochlear implantation, and vertigo. Extensive spine care and lumbar care steroid injections and interventional spine care options. Orthopedic surgery including hand shoulder and elbow, not to mention occupational injuries like a carpal tunnel which is quite common in professions requiring repetitive motion. Knee surgery for reconstruction, Arthroscopy surgery to arthritic patella wear and tear. Sports medicine and throwing injuries, torn a rotator cuff, meniscus repair, knee replacement and other orthopedic injuries. One of the key areas of treatment is pain management through treatment and education.

The team of surgeons and staff are the experts in the family of physicians and surgeons at Nobilis Health adding new meaning to the words team of specialists that care for about health and well-being of their patients. Nobilis Health is conducting research to identify the best avenue to create patient awareness of their services. Hoping the public will become more cognizant of their specialized surgical centers and skilled teams at each facility. They have available, contact forms on their website, in-house call centers, and local marketing at work to ensure awareness. To locate the nearest and the appropriate center for your needs, call 1-713-355.8614 or go to the website Nobilis Health, to become the top innovators in their field, is broadening their horizons to become one of the top innovators in health care.

North American Spine Aquires AccuraScope!

North American Spine is now in partnership with Noblis Health, which allows North American to offer the AccuraScope procedure. The AccuraScope procedure is a highly effective minimally invasive decompression procedure. Since no procedure fits all cases, the AccurScope procedure’s addition to North American Spine is important to NSA’s existing catalog of patient treatments. North American Spine is a Dallas based spine care facility which specializes in comprehensive spinal treatments for back and neck conditions.

The newly squired AccuraScope procedure has a high success rate at over 82%, and typically lasts only 45 minutes. The average savings to the patient for AccuraScope is over $23,000. Chris Lloyd the CEO of NSA is excited to be able to offer this innovative technique to NSA’s patients. He states that many patients who were not eligible for more traditional treatments now have access to a wider range of treatments than ever before.

The doctors, according to the North American Spine reviews ( are orthopedic experts in the field of spinal surgery, and they are proud of the new technique available to them. The benefits of the AccuraScope procedure are the tiny incision, minimal scarring, minimal risk to muscles, nerves, bone and blood vessels, normal structure, less pain and rapid recovery. The new procedure makes diagnosis easier with the chance for earlier treatment and less chance of recurrence. Patients testify to the results, and North American Spine offers a Connect with a Patient program.

North American Spine treats most orthopedic conditions, and offers a wide variety of treatment options as well as financial plans. NSA has a simple mission statement, and it is to help as many people as possible. The care at NSA is holistic, and they take a conservative approach in finding the best treatment for the health and wellness of a patient. When a patient has recurring back pain it’s time to look into solutions. The physicians at North American spine urges patients to approach treatments which will stop, resolve and prevent future pain rather than just treating the symptoms.

Organo Gold Brings Popular Coffee To Turkey

Popular coffee and tea company Organo Gold has added Turkey to the long list of countries receiving its product. PR Newswire reports that the Canadian coffee retailer has expanded to Turkey as of May 2015 and hopes that the geographical location of Turkey will help unite its other markets in Europe, Africa and Asia. Organo Gold further reports a growing trend among Turkish citizens favoring health foods and nutritional supplements. This fits with Organo Gold’s mission to deliver organic and healthy coffee and tea, which derive its beneficial effects from the Ganoderma mushroom. Ganoderma has been used by the Chinese since ancient times for a variety of benefits, so introducing the mushroom to Turkey represents an innovative step by Organo Gold to bridge the two cultures.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, who remains active in the company’s direction and is the current C.E.O. Chua has guided his brainchild from a small company in Vancouver, BC to an international network marketing corporation. Under his guidance, Organo Gold has become the 55th largest network marketing company globally and has revenues of over $215 million. Organo Gold is not the first company for which Chua has overseen international expansion, either. In the early 2000’s, Chua oversaw the expansion of Gano Excel, another coffee retailer, from the Philippines to Canada, the USA, and Hong Kong. Chua has been recognized for his successful contributions to network marketing across the globe. Organo Gold’s move into Turkey represents only the most recent step in Chua’s vision. Turkey is the 39th country to receive Organo Gold’s coffee and tea, representing Chua’s dedication to delivering health and wellness products around the world.

About beauty products

From time immemorial, most individuals have been striving to look more glamorous. Women, as well as men, in the modern society, use various beauty products to enhance their natural look. Beauty products manufacturers have been working to ensure that they meet the overstretched market demand. Just clicking your mouse on websites, you can easily get your purchase delivered to your residence.

  • About Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a Russian bride suffering from mixed personalities. She moved to the US in 1999 to marry and make her name in the Lolcow Industry. Though a school dropout, a failed musician and a fashion designer, she is slowly gaining fame to becoming world famous.

  • Herbal beauty products

There are herbal and synthetically made beauty aids. Herbal products are a combination of natural components such as roots, dried powders, and flowers. These products are combined in an oil base, and they contain no preservatives.

Skin care products
The products include;

  • Soaps
  • Creams
  • Bath salts
  • Exfoliating scrubs
  • Face and body packs

These skin enhancement products are specially made to suit various skin requirements. They are thoroughly tested to eliminate any ingredient that may be harmful to the skin. You can find some that will react with your skin. You are then advised to do research to find products that are fit for you.

Hair products
The products include;

  • Shampoos
  • Hair colors
  • Perming products
  • Conditioners

Hair products are essential in enhancing the appearance of your hair. It is important you select hair enhancements that go with your dressing and skin color. Choose coloring products that will not impact on your clothes and skin.

  • Other beauty products

You will also find other products specially designed to enhance the appearance of your nails. These are in the form of pastes of different colors. Other renowned products are cleansing products made from lime and spearmints, moisturizers made of ginseng and lavender, and exfoliating scrubs made of pits of fruits and seeds.

  • Homemade products

Perhaps there are those who would wish to make concoctions locally. Recipes are available on various websites, and you should not worry about how to make some. Some simple recipes consist of few ingredients for example sage and sea salt. Some naturally occurring ingredients might be harmful particularly if you are allergic. Check your doctor to ascertain if such ingredients are fit for you.

Beauty products are not basic requirements but are a luxury that most people can afford. If you wish to buy such products, it is important you pick those with herbal ingredients.

You Can Find Relief From Back Pain

Thousands of individuals have benefited from the AccuraScope procedure. There are many people in the world that suffer from back pain, and they may not know where to turn to get relief. There are many different pain clinics and therapy clinics that are full of individuals that are hoping to find relief for their back pain. Unfortunately quite often the source of back pain can only be corrected with surgery. The problem with the majority of surgeries is that they are very invasive, and a person may be out of work for months before they can get back to themselves. The other issue with the majority of back surgeries is that they do not have a good success rate, and it is possible that the surgery causes more damage than good when it is over.

The AccuraScope procedure that is offered by North American Spine offers individuals the opportunity to find true relief from their back pain with a minimally invasive procedure. The AccuraScope procedure is a procedure that is minimally invasive in fact it is the procedure that is the least invasive yet the most effective way to get relief from problems with the lumbar and spine. This is a procedure that uses a small scope to go directly to any problem area in the upper back, lower back, or the neck.

There is hope for those millions of Americans that are suffering from back pain and the health help can be less expensive and less painful than they actually can imagine. North American Spine reviews mention that the AccuraScope procedure that they offer has an incredibly high success rate. There have been more than 8000 individuals that have gone through the AccuraScope procedure and have come out of it successfully. Over the years after receiving the AccuraScope procedure an individual stands to save thousands of dollars when it comes to the cost of their office visits, medical bills, and medication. The great thing about Accurascope is that it is highly precise and because of that it is able to deliver the needed relief to the exact part of the body where it is necessary.

It is great to know that an individual does not have to suffer through back pain for their entire existence, because with the help of the North American Spine company they can actually find relief from her back problems.