Lori Senecal: Going Farther

Lori senecal is the head of the company CP + b. She closely watches the growth and trends in the company’s rise to the top. Lori Senecal is focuses on the agency and making it flexible and creative in the marketing and advertising industry. Her strong leadership skills focus on debating in utilizing Talent effectively along with her ability to sympathize with others has made her a Powerhouse in the industry.


Lori and her company Works through steady collaborations with unique artist with different perspectives in their company. Teamwork is one of the strongest points in Lori’s plan of attack for success. She likes to approach a goal what they direct and Clear vision and with the resources succinctly. She focuses equally on conceptualization and follow through and Believes a good idea is wasted without execution. Lori knows what she is talking about as she has the experience to back it up. She grew a company she worked with prior in very substantial ways making it a global company in the process. She has worked with very large and familiar Brands over the years like Victoria’s Secret, Xbox, and Boar’s Head. She has a degree from McGill University.


According to GC Report, Lori Senegal is most satisfied when her customers and clients are satisfied. She is a woman of the people who strives for artistic advertisements and happy customers. Her very big personality and very artistic mindset have helped her to accomplish the goals she has set over the years. She makes money when her customers are happy and the brands that she works with are satisfied with the results of her campaigns. As the global CEO of CP + b she has carved out a niche for herself that is all her own. This youngest or four girls from Montreal has really changed the world.


Lori Senegal has left her fingerprints on a lot of pop culture commercials, advertisements, and brands that we love. She knows what it takes to reach the people and to push a product. Lori Senegal is not resting on laurels. Though she has success she wants to achieve much more. Her artistic ability can and will continue to take her farther.



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Doe Deere’s Fashion Favorite Rules and Non Rules

Doe Deere is a beauty entrepreneur who has made a name for herself with her colorful line of cosmetics, Lime Crime, and a bold feeling for fashion that makes her a truly one of a kind voice in the beauty world. Part of the appeal of the Lime Crime line is the outrageous way the line uses color. This is beauty that is bold and uncompromising, just like Deere herself.

In her own life and her own style of dress, Deere loves to play with the rules dictated by the old school fashion world. Here are a few of the rules she loves to break.

1. Don’t Combine Patterns.
In Deere’s world, patterns are made to be put together in unorthodox ways, as long as there is some kind of overall link in the patterns, like a consistent shape (plaid or diamonds) or a color (shades of blue) that links them all together. Mixing patterns can actually be a fun way to step up a look that’s gotten stodgey.

2. Don’t Wear Bold Colors with Unnaturally Tinted Hair.
Deere is a woman who’s been known to wear unusual colors like blue, purple or hot pink in her hair tints. For her, wearing neutrals to play up bold hair color can work sometimes, but it isn’t a hard and fast rule. Why not wear hot pink clothes to go with purple hair? In her view, if it works, wear it.

3. Don’t Wear Socks With Sandals.
This old-fashioned rule came from somewhere, but Deere loves to play with this rule too. She wears fuzzy plaid socks with open toed sandals to play off the look of a flared skirt and sandals, all the while keeping those colors coordinated. This can be a fun play on a school girl look that’s actually a bit sexy.

4. Don’t Wear Bold Eye and Lip Makeup Together.
This rule came from somewhere from someone who didn’t like women playing up more than just their lips or eyes. In Deere’s view, people can actually focus on both features if they are made up beautifully, so why not just do it?

Yes, fashion rules are meant to be broken, beautifully. Just ask Doe Deere, fashion’s most engaging rule breaker.

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A Hero Stands Amid Corruption and Mistrust

The stock market crisis of 2007 – 2008 had caused a great amount of distrust among citizens of the United States. A massive amount of fraud and corruption that had been uncovered cause markets all over the world the decline. The effects of this chain of events can be felt to this day. The feeling of distrust is still strong among the vast amount of Americans. A recent poll found that only around twenty-eight percent of investors and Wall Street professionals thought that the economy was headed in the right direction. It is clear to see that the economy has not completely recovered and though reservations are common, there are still a select few that integrate integrity into their both their personal and work lives. Helane Morrison is one such person.

Helane Morrison is dedicated to ensuring that corruption and financial sector failures due to illegal activities stay to a minimum. She is fearless and impossible to intimidate. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Helane Morrison received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University in Illinois. She became editor in chief of the law review at her college. She then worked as a law clerk for the US court of appeals in the seventh district. Morrison later began working for Supreme Court justice, Harry A. Blackmun. In 1986, she began working for the law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Faulk, and Rabkin. She worked there for over a decade mostly on securities fraud and other crimes related to the financial sector. She was selected by the United States government to head the San Francisco office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange.

Helane Morrison was given complete power to protect private citizens and corporate entities from fraud. In her eleven years with the Securities and Exchange, Helane was able to make an impressive impact and was able to successfully prosecute top executives with very large corporations that were thought to be impossible to touch using the law. She also championed those in the military that were victims of insurance fraud and the elderly that were vulnerable to unscrupulous investing practices. In her lifetime Helane Morrison had made and incredible impact on corruption and illegal practices that take advantage of unknowing citizens and companies. Her hard work earned her the title of Head of Commission and Regional Director, making her the first woman in history to hold that position.

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