Yeonmi Tells Her Story

If there is one thing to say about Yeonmi’s story, it is that she reveals a very horrifying situation in North Korea. She has also shown that there are some people who can overcome all kinds of horrors without becoming bitter about the whole thing. Yeonmi Park was just happy to be out of such oppressive environments and circumstances. However, she has realized that it is important to reveal the horrors that go on in the more hidden parts of the world like North Korea. This has led to her appearance at the One Young World Summit. During one interview that was posted on, Yeonmi has stated that she did not know what it meant to be truly free. While she did have an idea, she did not know the full extent of what freedom really is. She thought freedom only went as far as doing whatever she wanted without getting into a lot of trouble. She was taken back when people encouraged her to share her opinions. At some point, she wanted others to be able to experience that kind of freedom. This is where she has decided to expose North Korea as the oppressive country that it is. Yeonmi’s story has gotten a lot of attention and has shed light on the situation that has led not just her, but many other defectors to escape from North Korea. At this point, a lot of the credibility of the defectors depend on Yeonmi Park‘s story. For this reason, she has worked really hard to make sure that the story is accurate and true. After all, an oppressive government is going to work very hard in order to discredit the survivors and the victims. given that Yeonmi Park is now one of the most famous survivors of the North Korean regime, they are going to work very hard to destroy her testimony. After all, the North Korean government is based on deception and manipulation.