Todd Lubar Entrepreneurship Accomplishment

Legendary Investment and TDL Global Ventures are some of the organization that he is the senior vice president and also the president of the companies. He acts as a philanthropist who ensures that he helps deprives people and transforms their lives to healthier lives. Other professional that he specializes in is real estate finance whereby he uses his skills in the real estate to help needy people through building for them more low prices houses which they will afford. Syracuse University is where he went and got his B.A in speech communication. Check out page


Through his entire career, he started at Crestar Mortgage Corporation whereby he acted as a loan originator and he committed himself to making the organization develop. Through enabling the organization to connect with other top organization, therefore, he was able to make the business enlarge to other parts of the world. Insurance agents, financial organizers, and real estate agents are some of the people who he related with therefore made him be recognized and made him complete many deals hence he made more profits. Todd exceptional knowledge in the mortgage banking enabled him to help the top organization.


According to Patch, at Legacy Financial Group he was very hard working and was able to make the organization achieve more than $100 million which is in terms of credit. The organization was able to expand their businesses in the regions of the world hence he was able to start his own organization known as Legendary Properties LLC the company main accomplishment is the 200 dealing that they closed and it also advertises real estate properties hence they easily accessed.


Todd Lubar attained more than $20 million with the business deals that he does hence he funds other charitable centers. More staff members in the organization that’s he is served were well motivated with the better management that he provides and also the better surrounding that he gives them hence they are able to do their work more swiftly and effectively. Lubar was able to make Legendary Financial LLC a top company that offers top mortgage organization in the United States.





Billy McFarland gives Millenials a new experience with Magnises

If you are a millennial, you understand the importance of knowing where an event is taking place. It is sometimes difficult to follow up events taking place at different locations. Billy McFarland thought of this problem and decide to come up with a solution. He created an online community known as Magnises.

Magnises has grown to become a forum where people get connected to events and happenings in their city. The availability of a card and a mobile app enables one to know of activities happening close to them.

To be part of the program, you have first to subscribe through the company’s website. There are some details you may have to give such as your basic information, name, and address. Administrators of the site will check the information you provide and decide whether you are eligible to join the community or not.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland started his entrepreneur endeavors from a very young age. He founded his first company when he was thirteen years. The company was an online-based platform that matched clients with designers. Billy McFarland later joined Bucknell University to study Computer Engineering.

Just before he reached the end of his first year, he decided to drop out and started Spling. Spling became an online Ad platform which enables users to change URLs to graphics. He still serves as the Chief Executive Officers of Spling. He established Magnises later in 2013 and officially launched the firm in 2014.

Magnises has received incredible success. According to Billy McFarland, the key to such business success has been community endeavors. He has strived to help legal brands market their services and products to millennials. These companies have always needed a marketing platform; Magnises presents the ultimate platform with millennials.

McFarland decided to start the company after he realized that he was decades away from affording expensive black cards. There were no affordable black cards for millennials at that time. He felt the traditional pressure due to a weak digital upgrade.

Billy is also the founder of Spling. He raised capital for Magnises business ventures through Deep Fork Capital. The company has attracted a total of $3 million from investors in New York City.