Whitney Wolfe’s Strong Stand With Bumble

Bumble dating application ensures maximum security to users since women initiate dating. In a recent lawsuit against Bumble, the company was quick to respond to the accusations made by Tinder application is a great threat to Bumble in the industry. Tinder claimed that Bumble had copied its trade secrets thus violating two patents. Even though Tinder made these accusations, it was still interested in acquiring Bumble. Interestingly, Tinder filed the lawsuit against Bumble to initiate the acquisition. However, Bumble confirmed that it would never be acquired by Tinder since it considers it as an act of bullying.

The CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, stated that Tinder was only interested in buying and intimidating Bumble. Whitney said that she would not accept Tinder’s deal even with an increased buying price. Whitney Wolfe noted that her company would not do anything that can compromise its values. Whitney said that even though a woman leads Bumble, the company is not afraid of bullies. Mandy Ginsberg from Tinder confirmed that the lawsuit did not aim at anyone specifically. Mr. Ginsberg said that the suit was meant to protect Tinder’s integrity.

Interestingly, Whitney Wolfe was one of the founders of Tinder. Later on, she felt the need to start her own company. Mandy said that Bumble’s features are quite similar to those of Tinder. One of the common features includes swiping either right or left to initiate or deny matches. Another related feature between the two companies is that they both pair two users who show interest in one another. The main difference between Tinder and Bumble is that Bumble is specially designed for women to start a conversation thus making it more secure.

Match Group had set aside $450 million for the acquisition of Bumble. Despite the frequent rejection, Match Group does not give up on its intentions of acquiring Bumble. Herd did not disclose the information shared in the discussion between Bumble and Match Group. Herd claimed that Bumble spent less starting capital when compared to its competitors. Whitney said that her company could only strike a deal with a company that empowers it to offer better services to users.

The founder of Badoo made the first move in approaching Whitney Wolfe to start a partnership business. Since the two launched Bumble in 2014, the company has introduced BumbleBFF and Bumble Bizz. According to a report by Forbes, the value of Bumble is about $ 1 billion. The knowledge that Wolfe acquired at Southern Methodist University where she pursued International Studies helps her to run her company.

Doe Deere, What have you done?

Having only been recently invited to the Lime Crime party, I walked in apprehensive. As I tiptoed around the Lime Crime website I was pleasantly surprised to find bold, bright, brilliant, and cruelty free color pallets and lips sticks that at first glance appear to be only for the young and less than conservative. But, upon further investigation I realize it is a powerful and self aware brand that offers a full supply of make-up to those who already know they have permission to be themselves and courage to those of us who aren’t quite sure yet.


If I were make-up, I’d want to be Lime Crime. As the world moves toward veganism and protecting the environment, Ms. Deere makes it look easy and cool. Certified by Leaping Bunny, Lime Crime appeals to the masses. Although, Ms. Deere is fascinated by generation Z because they grew up on line just like her company, this generation X’er does not feel left out. There are color pallets and lipsticks that will appeal to generations X and Y as well. And, because protecting sensitive skin is an issue for most women, I am happy to know Ms. Deere tests all her make-up on herself and her staff before releasing it for sale.


This young successful entrepreneur has built a thriving sustainable cosmetics company with a conscience. When asked about her most satisfying moment in business, Ms. Deere told reporters, her most satisfying moment was when she began making enough money to donate to her favorite charities. How perfect is that? A company you can believe in and trust to not only help you be your best self but one who also finds pleasure in donating to charities saving the lives of abandoned animals like Bide-A-Wee animal shelter and Adopt NY. She also gives to HOLA for Kids in LA, Sanctuary for Families and Red Cross. It is rare for a company to look forward to making enough money to fulfill the goal of giving to charity. A smart company saves its profit for a rainy day or in case the bottom falls out. Not Ms. Deere. She is a unicorn in that regard as well.


Born in Russia, Ms. Deer immigrated to the U.S. when she was 18. She attended the Fashion Institute of technology in New York City for a short time. She dropped out of school to start Lime Crime, a fashion DIY company on Ebay in 2004. Even then, the clothes she modeled and sold were bright and vibrant. Because she could not find make-up to match the clothes she presented to her customer, she decided to create her own make-up line. The rest, as they say, is history. Lime Crime has a cult following that is well deserved. Learn more: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25362-how-controversial-doe-deere-became-successful-entrepreneur


Former CEO Louis Chenevert

Louis R. Chênevert, is a Canadian businessman. The former CEO of United Technologies Corporation is a HEC Montréal graduate. In nineteen ninety-nine he was elected Pratt and Whitney’s president, previously working for General Motors for fourteen years. In two thousand and six he joined United Technologies Corporation as its president. He has even had a stint as an adviser to Goldman Sachs for their industrial and aerospace investment sectors. With this amazing career, it’s no wonder why Chênevert is such a success. His skills and knowledge have led him to the top of the industrial sector. That is no small thing. Go To This Page to learn more.


Most people today thing that manufacturing is a thing of the past. Like the chilling scene of rusted out railways and locomotives or that of the representation of the dying and decaying city of Detroit. They would be wrong. Even in the face of over regulations, indifferent pop culture, United Technologies Corporation still thrives. This sixty-three-billion-dollar company is based in Hartford, Connecticut. Louis R. Chênevert, managed to be a leader in the industry while respecting environmental concerns and without paying unfair wages. United Technologies Corporation or UTC for short, manufactures everything from jet engines and refrigerators to elevators. That is what makes the company so versatile. In part thanks to Louis Chenevert the company has continued to thrive in Connecticut, despite its high taxes. The company will also continue its nearly seventy years of paying dividends to its shareholders. More( utc.com/News/News-Center/Pages/UTC-Chairman-Chief-Executive-Officer-Louis-Chenevertrecognized-with-the-Publi.aspx)



Louis Chenevert’s time at United Technologies Corporation was not always an easy one. He had one of the toughest jobs, surviving the two thousand and eight great recession.

He was able to lead the company through the tough times and saw stock prices go from there thirty-seven dollars low to one hundred and seventeen dollars. Louis Chenevert, didn’t outsource like other companies, he actually brought jobs back to America. To thrive United Technologies Corporation focuses on two markets, the building technologies and aerospace. Louis Chenevert, then streamlined the company. For example, he reorganized the company to supply the elevators, escalators, and air conditioners to builders as a packaged solution.  Visit: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/08/22/following-louis-cheneverts-professional-successes/



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Todd Lubar Believe All Successful Entrepreneurs Have These Traits

The number of entrepreneurs around the world has grown considerably in recent years, with research showing that the increase has affected various age groups. While this choice of occupation has grown amongst millennials as well as adults over the age of 50, studies show that the reasons concerning this occupation differ drastically based on age. For adults over the age of 50, reasons such as autonomy, self-employment, and overall financial portfolio, tend to dominate as motivators. Amongst millennials, the ability to affect their communities, as well as the ability to attain a higher level of visibility within these communities, tend to be prime factors. While the reasons for delving into entrepreneurship varies considerably between age brackets, most prominent investors agree that successful entrepreneurs all have a similar skill set. Visit his website toddlubar.com for more.


Amongst the traits held by all successful entrepreneurs, dedication, persistence, inquisitiveness, and transparency tend to be held in the highest regard. Dedication is imperative for a successful entrepreneur, being that entrepreneurship usually occurs because of an intimate issue affecting the entrepreneur. Because of this close connection, one must remain dedicated. Persistence, regardless of failure, is considered to be the paramount trait most entrepreneurs, being that failure is inevitable. Those who are most successful continue regardless of failure, choosing to view it as a helper, being that it gives the entrepreneur a realistic view of the power of their product, as well as its deficiencies. It is also important to maintain an adequate level of transparency regarding entrepreneurship, while also having full knowledge of every aspect of your product. This helps the entrepreneur to effectively convey their vision to their target audience. Inquisitiveness is also of prime import, as it is of significant advantage to having knowledge regarding questions that have yet to be asked. Check out angel.co to see more.


Today, Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures, having founded the company in 2007 after a very successful career in the field of finance. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 after majoring in communication. He has worked for several prominent businesses including Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Legacy Financial Group, and Charter Funding.



See more: https://ideamensch.com/todd-lubar/

Logan Stout, Wellness and Pure Success

Research indicates that the vast majority of people who live in the United States are considered to be obese or overweight. Excessive weight isn’t just about how people look, either. It’s a lot more serious than that. That’s because excessive body weight can make people susceptible to a host of severe health concerns of all types. Immoderate weight can be bad for basic daily life. It can even be bad for careers and interpersonal relationships. People who are obese or overweight are often especially vulnerable to assorted medical conditions such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. Those examples are only where things start as well. The general public puts a lot of money into the wellness and health universes each year. There are always so many brand new products that aim to assist people with health matters. People don’t always believe that these products work well, however. It isn’t uncommon for people to purchase products only to use them and feel completely unhappy and disillusioned. They feel disillusioned when they don’t experience desired changes and improvements.

IDLife is the name of an innovative wellness and health firm that specializes in individualized nutritional supplements. The company’s approach to nutritional supplements differs from those of many others out there. People who wish to take dietary supplements that cater to their personal requirements frequently gravitate to IDLife’s offerings. IDLife is a group that’s well aware of the fact that human beings are all individuals. Things that are necessary for one human may not be necessary for another. People all possess their own distinctive health requirements.

Logan Stout is a talented entrepreneur who is a big part of IDLife’s growing successes. He owns quite a few businesses. Although Stout is an individual who has a zeal for entrepreneurship that’s unsurpassed, he also takes on numerous other big roles in his daily life. Stout is a leadership trainer, popular author and philanthropist. He cares about helping the people in his community thrive and do well. People who watch a lot of television may know Stout’s face extremely well. People who read many publications may be aware of him, too. The entrepreneur has been in everything from the New York Times to Philadelphia Life Magazine and beyond.

He’s married to a delightful woman by the name of Haley. The couple lives in beautiful Frisco, Texas together. They have a couple of wonderful sons as well.

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How Samuel Strauch Became A Leading South Florida Real Estate Agent

Samuel Strauch is a successful businessman who has been in the real estate industry for 15 years. He earned his bachelor’s in international business in 1994.

He then attended Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands where he earned a degree in international marketing and finance. He finally attended Harvard University where he earned a degree in business.

It was in the banking industry that Samuel Strauch began his professional career. Eventually, he moved to South Florida where he joined his family’s real estate agency. He now operates Metrik Real Estate where he sells condominiums and single-family homes to people both in the United States as well as internationally. He is an expert in Latin America and has developed a large market there of people who want to buy homes in South Florida for a variety of reasons. This has lead to Strauch becoming one of the leading real estate agents in South Florida.

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When talking about the South Florida real estate market Samuel Strauch says that he saw a great opportunity when he first moved back. The region used to be far more about being a resort area than people living there. He could see that this was changing and that Miami, in particular, was becoming a great place to buy a home. He started to make contacts with people in Latin America that he had traveled through. They became a great base of investors and home buyers that he has tapped into over his real estate career.

In order to keep up with the industry Samuel Strauch incorporates the latest in technology in ways that help grow his business. This enables him to communicate with clients much easier and keep on top of market trends. He says this makes his company much more efficient and nimble when adjusting to changes in the real estate market.

MB2 Dental Runs on a Set of Values

Dr. Chris Villanueva says that he has surrounded himself with a team of bright people, who help birth new ideas daily. Dr. Chris believes in collaboration before a new idea is birthed. Despite that, he says that most of his ideas are born outside the box as he plays the video games with his kids or when he is taking his lunch at 2 am. Dr. Villanueva also admits that he is a night owl, whose most ideas are born in the night when everyone in the house, including his 4 kids all less than 6 years, are asleep. The Dr. also says that he loves technology as it assists MB2 Dental in offering the best services to their clients. He longs to see more advancement in technology, as this will further improve the services offered at MB2 Dental.

Dr. Chris also says that at MB2 Dental, there is a culture of openness where people have fun and are openly honest with each other. Therefore, he promotes an open environment and lightens the mood so that people can be free with each other.

Dr. Chris also says that integrity is at the center of the activities in MB2 Dental. Also, he states that a practitioner should build business infrastructure before they think they need it. He also believes that vacations should not be going to the beach, but rather on reflecting one’s business daily.

Asked the worst job he ever did, Dr. Chris cites an instant when he worked for a dentist, who had employed the wife as the clinic manager. The calls in the office were made by a non-clinician, and he admits that it made the job suck; it affected the patient care negatively. Dr. Chris admits that having a great team of workers is essential, as having the wrong people brings down a business. Dr. Chris admits that as much as infrastructure is important, the people one surrounds himself with in his business is more important.

Dr. Chris also says that his biggest failure in life came when he and other practitioners decided to open a pizza shop near their offices. The pizzas turned not as good as they thought and they ate them as there were no customers. He says that he learned to stick to what he was good at, which is dentistry.

At MB2 Dental, a friendly business culture makes the difference. The company is technologically advanced and responds to the market needs fast. MB2 also has a team that helps doctors tackle the secondary functions like HR.

Visit: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-MB2-Dental-Solutions-EI_IE710847.11,31.htm

Sheldon Lavin Is A Global Icon

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group. He has earned a reputation in the meat as well as food processing industry.

Sheldon Lavin is also the President of OSI International Foods Ltd. He looks after the operations of the global operations of the company. He ensures that efficiency along with quality is always maintained in all the spheres of its operations.

Sheldon Lavin helped to finance Otto & Sons in 1970. This evolved into the OSI Group later. He is a successful food executive. He has extensive expertise in this industry. This is why he is a business tycoon today.

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Under the vision and leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group has expanded from being a domestic enterprise into an international company. This is why he is considered as an inspiration for young entrepreneurs. Sheldon Lavin has shown the meaning of serving and leading.

Today the OSI Group has made a mark on the international scene. He has contributed to tremendous growth all across the globe. This is why the Vision World Academy from India has presented him with a Global Visionary Award. This was in 2016.

In 2015, RSM US LLP awarded Sheldon Lavin the Lifetime Achievement Award. This was for his commitment to service as well as to the Chicago business community.

Sheldon Lavin states that he feels humbled by such recognition. He says that he feels proud of the work that he has done. He also appreciates the people who have helped him in expanding the OSI Group and making it into a global processing powerhouse.

He has dedicated his life to the overall welfare of his company as well as its employees. He listens to the people who work under him and ensures that they are compensated for all the hard work that they do. This is why he is appreciated by all who work under him.

Under the supervision of Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group has received several environmental as well sustainability awards. He hopes that the next generation of entrepreneurs as well as corporate leaders will continue in this way to make the planet a priority.

Honoring Troy McQuagge with One Planet Awards

Just the other day, Troy McQuagge was named the chief executive officer of the year by the one planet awards. The one planet Awards recognizes different professionals and business people for their performance every year. The good thing about these awards is that they do not discriminate. They consider people from the private and public sector, profit and nonprofit organizations and even new startups. The size of the organization doesn’t matter as they have awarded both small and big businesses in the past. Troy McQuagge is a top executive who has helped revolutionize USHEALTH Group. He joined the company in the year 2010, and his first task was to change the way USHEALTH Advisors work. US HEALTH Advisors is the company’s distribution agency.


Because of the success, he experienced with this task; he was appointed as the president and chief executive officer of the company. This was back in the year 2014. His tenure has been characterized by unprecedented success, profitability, and growth. He managed to achieve this feat in a highly competitive environment. When acknowledging this award, Troy was quick to dedicate the award to the employees of the company. He noted that the recognition is a sign that the company is moving in the right direction. The company has a mission of providing affordable coverage to all Americans. The award by the one planet comes in many categories. These categories include teams, executives, new products, and services as well as corporate communication and marketing.


Troy McQuagge has been shaped by his educational background and innovative mind. He is a graduate of the University of Florida where he specialized in legal studies. Other than business, he is involved with other volunteering and charitable causes that include Semper Fi Fund Foundation, HopeKids Dallas Foundation as well as the HopeKids Phoenix Foundation.


Some of his most notable skills include leadership, term life insurance, and health insurance. Other than USHEALTH, Troy has been involved with another company called HealthMarket under the role of president of agency marketing. He has also been involved with another company called  back in 1983. He has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years now.