This CEO Gives Back Inside Talk Fusion and Around the World

In the video communication industry, Talk Fusion, a video communications company, has moved into a leading position in the communications industry. Talk Fusion was created in 2007 when Founder and CEO Bob Reina couldn’t find any way to send his 10-secound video to his mother while on vacation. So, the company was built by necessity, and it has become an award-winning worldwide success.


Video Email was the first product that went global. Within a few short years, Bob and his team of over 140, developed the spectacular All-Solutions Package. The package includes Video Email, Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-ups, and an analytical program to manage businesses. This program uses high-quality technology to produce crystal clear visuals and audio, and this is why Talk Fusion is excelling around the globe.


Bob Reina is an Exceptional CEO


Bob Reina is not your ordinary CEO. He is dedicated to helping people both inside and outside of Talk Fusion. Mr. Reina wants to make dreams come true, so he Gives Back into the community. In 2013, he gave one million dollars to the Tampa Humane Society in order to build a shelter for the strays. For several years now, Mr. Reina has donated to an Indonesian orphanage to help the children.


Within his company, he has given in several ways to his team, but one of the most meaningful was when he allowed each employee to select a non-profit organization to receive an All-Solutions Package for their business. This was memorable to both parties because the nonprofit received the incredible video package, but also the employee was able to experience the feeling of being a giver. Mr. Reina has a reputation for making dreams come true for people.


No matter who is receiving the goodness of Bob Reina, there is only one question that Mr. Reina asks, and that is “How has Talk Fusion changed your life”? Over the past decade, he has donated to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal and the tsunami in India and more. Bob’s mission to Give Back, and it is affecting people worldwide.

Bob Reina Is The People’s Person

When it comes to life, everyone needs a second chance and they need a helping hand. There is no shame in admitting that and there is no shame in asking for help. In fact, that is a good thing. It shows that people care about their lives, and they want to make them the best they can be for themselves and for their families.

That is a positive thing. That is where someone like Bob Reina of Talk Fusion comes in, as he loves to help people. This is the kind of thing he lives for and truly gets pleasure out of in his day-to-day life.

It is what gets him up in the morning and in his mind, it was what he was put on the planet for when it’s all said and done.Learn more about more Talk Fusion:

With Talk Fusion, people can actually start their own business, which is a wonderful feeling and a feeling that many people are experiencing thanks to Talk Fusion’s voice, data, and communication services.

They are the one-stop shop and they have everything that someone could want if they are truly serious about getting their business off the ground and seeing it soar. It is like they say, if you give people the tools, they will build something wonderful with it.

With all of this, Bob Reina is also about giving back to the people. Right now, if someone wants to try out Talk Fusion, there are 30-day free trials. For a lot of people, at the moment, they might not have the money for Talk Fusion. Once they get their hands on it, they will see that it is worth every penny and they will see how it can make money for them.

Bob Reina also encourages all of his employees to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. He knows the power and impact it can have on a charity or on anyone for that matter.

Also, one of the most spectacular things about Bob Reina is the fact that he is big on helping out animals at the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He made a record breaking donation that saved many lives.

Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and investor who is currently the co founder of a company called Swiss Start up Factory. With his company, Baur has helped a number of businesses get the assistance they need in order to become successful. Prior to being an entrepreneur, Mike would invest his money in a number of start up companies which proved to be very profitable. At the beginning of his career, Mike worked for banks as a business banking professional. These unique experiences have all helped Mike Baur become a well rounded business professional for over two decades. With his new company, Mike looks to continue making an impact in the local and national business community.


Baur first started his career by working at various banks. When working at these banks, he would serve business clients and help them get funding for their operations. During this time, Mike would often meet with entrepreneurs who were looking to get capital to start their companies. Baur would often talk with them to discuss their needs and goals and find ways to meet them. In most cases, Mike would go over the profit potential of the business as well as the current market for it. If approved, Mike would issue loans to these entrepreneurs so that they can begin their new business in the near future.


After working in the banking industry for two decades, Mike decided to look into getting involved in another business related venture. He decided to begin investing in start up companies. When investing in start up companies, Mike would research each one and look for ones that had the most potential in terms of profitability and meeting a current market demand. His research paid off as he would consistently get favorable results. He would earn very high profits and therefore conclude that start up businesses are very lucrative to get involved with.


The next venture that Mike Baur would get into is entrepreneurship. He started up the company Swiss Start Up Factory in the year 2014. Based on his experience in evaluating new businesses and investing in them, Baur came up with a unique model for his business. Swiss Start up Factory helps a number of businesses by giving them consulting as well as capital to reach their goals. This company gets its clients by allowing a number of start up businesses to talk about their idea to Mike. Once Mike evaluates the business ideas, he chooses ones that have the most potential.. Under his guidance, these businesses will get a lot of the support they need in order to become lucrative businesses in the near future.


Securus Technologies Keeps Getting Things Done

Securus Technologies is a company that is clearing out the bad guys with their criminal justice technology solutions. Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas Texas, and they are able to serve correction agencies. Securus Technologies works with over 3450 public safety entities. Securus Technologies is a company that is like no other, because they are able to work with incident management, public information, and investigation.

Recently Securus Technologies had shed the light on Global Tel Link. Global Tel Link is a company that does telephonic communication for many correctional facilities in the area of Louisiana. The press release showed that Global Tel Link was doing things that were very illegal to different correctional facilities. Global Tel Link was found to have programed clocks in the telephones in these different institutions to add between 15 and 36 seconds to the duration of each call. Global Tel Link also programmed their different telephones in order to charge a higher rate on calls.

The infractions that were carried out Global Tel Link have cost the taxpayers of the state of Louisiana around $1,243,000. This amount is staggering, but in reality they have been dealing treacherously with these different agencies ever since 1998. It is sad to see that a company that is supposed to be doing things that increase justice will do anything to get away with making a little bit more money. In my opinion, the company should be sued, and the taxpayers should be reimbursed for the amount of money that they have payed out to the correctional facilities and their systems. If these companies were honest and correctly charge these agencies, then they still would have received a profit, and they would not have had to go through the embarrassment of this investigation. Securus Technologies did their job right!

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Sanjay Shah – Founder and CEO Of Solo Capital

Solo Capital is a very successful investment firm that was founded from the ground up by an entrepreneurial business man names Sanjay Shah. Shah founded the proprietary trading and consulting firm in 2011 after deciding to quit his accounting job with an executive investment firm. He had spent many years refining his career, and felt it was time to step outside the box. He had actually started and owned many companies prior to Solo Capital, but Solo Capital has become one his most successful companies in such a short period of time. He wanted to get the business up and running smoothly, so he decided to give himself a goal of one year to achieve that goal and he blew it out of the part. He hired a few employees, mainly trading partners and college graduates, to help him get it started. After a few short years the company reached the millions, allow Shah to retire from the company. He has an executive management team that runs the business but he can now take a back seat to the corporate offices and pursue some other approaches.

The accounting and financial industry became very comfortable to Shah, and his career took off from the moment he graduated college. He attended King’s College, but at first he thought he wanted to become a doctor so he started off studying medicine. That soon changed, and he became an accountant for some prominent financial industries. He moved to Central London from Kenya, to pursue his career, and he is certainly glad that he did. After many years in the professional industry and owning many business, he helped Solo Capital blossom into a company that has over thirty nine locations. The offices are located in Dubai and in Central London, where the headquarters reside. The company focuses on proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports management consulting. Their expert staff and highly qualified employees are dedicated to the clients and the company is a trusted company with a great reputation.

Shah has consumed himself with another passion called Autism Rocks. It’s a charity that helps raise money to increase awareness for autism. He launched the charity in 2014 and is happy to announce that the charity has donated some of the funds raise to universities and their programs along with other foundations and organizations that are geared to help with the neurological condition. Shah’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism at an early age and ever since, Shah and his wife have wanted to help in some way. Since there is no cure for autism, he started Autism Rocks to help raise money to be donated to good causes that aid in research and development in hopes that someday it can be a better understood diagnosis.


Learn more about Solo Capital:



Valuable Services From Talk Fusion And Its Founder Bob Reina

Talk Fusion Leads Video Communication Companies

When we think of video communication, it’s impossible to not think of the company that lead this field. I’m referring to Talk Fusion, of course. This company has plenty of services to offer businesses in the form of video communication, and it can also be an asset to anyone who likes to communicate personally by means of video. They have a multitude of services to offer us all, including video conferencing, video emailing capabilities, video blogging assistance, auto-responder capabilities with video included, video sharing and a 3D social media portal called Fusion Wall.

When you are looking for a high quality video conferencing system that will not let you down, you will find what you are looking for when you turn to Talk Fusion for this service. The Alexa Rating is used for companies that use direct selling as their primary sales system. This rating system has confirmed that Talk Fusion is growing at an exponential rate. Take a look at some of the information about their founder to see what made them this way.

Talk Fusion’s Creator

Someone deserves the credit for founding this monumental company. That person is Bob Reina. This man had the bright idea to push technology farther than it was capable of going, and it paid off for him and everyone who was involved in this company from the start. Bob Reina actually had so much desire behind his vision for Talk Fusion that he left his job as a police officer in order to pursue the business that he believed in so much.

While he was a police officer Bob also worked hard at his new found career in direct selling. He has actually been dedicated to the industry and the industry of marketing for 15 years. During the time he has spent in this industry he has rose to the top 1 percent of several companies in terms of his actual income from selling. He created Talk Fusion when he realized that it should be possible for businesses to send videos in emails.