Subsidiaries Of Equities First Holdings

Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings is a reputable company in their own right. They have quickly built a network of borrowers who are their trusted customers. The lender is well known for offering stock based loans to those in need. Now the company has global aspirations that need to be considered by investors. People are watching to see what moves Equities First Holdings will make in the future.

Equities First Holdings has issued transactions with several major companies. They are doing business with an Australian environmental company on the market. That gives Equities First Holdings an international presence that is unparalleled. These moves are impressive for a firm that is relatively young overall. The firm is renowned for the transactions that they have issued.

Todd Lubar: The Pot of Inspiration

Todd Lubar career began after graduating with a degree in communication at Syracuse University in 1995.His inspiration to start the real estate was drawn by his passion for helping people. Todd Lubar began by working at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It is this time that he learned more about mortgage banking.

His eagerness to know everything about real estate led him to work with financial planners, insurance agents, CPAs, real estate agents among others. This was in an attempt to get acquainted with the professionals in the real estate field. Up to date, these associates are still his referrals.

In his interview, he says that what he had in mind was something that would give his clients what they were looking for and give them relief. Todd Lubar says that they are two groups of people. Those who live all their life, day dreaming about their dreams and those who take a step towards achieving their goals. His interest was towards this group that makes a step of trying.

Todd Lubar says that his strategy has been proven workable in many fields. He helps his clients by removing the challenging that is blocking them from getting their way. One of the obstacles he needed to get rid of is what prevented customers from getting loans.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar says that becoming who he is today never came on a silver platter. However, Todd finds pride in this and says that ‘’everything you accomplish in life has a greater meaning when you work for it’’ He, therefore, appreciates the struggle he had to go through. Later he got the momentum to maintain the stability of the company he was working for as well as his business. Visit  to know more


Todd Lubar says there is a time he second guessed his decision. This was after one of his deal turned out terrible, and he had to start over the whole project. Lubar Put himself together and kept playing the game. He advises the young entrepreneurs not to take a long break after a breakdown and instead try approach the issue from a different perspective.

Todd Lubar is the CEO of TDL. He is one of the entrepreneurs every future business person should see to read about to seek inspiration.

This CEO Gives Back Inside Talk Fusion and Around the World

In the video communication industry, Talk Fusion, a video communications company, has moved into a leading position in the communications industry. Talk Fusion was created in 2007 when Founder and CEO Bob Reina couldn’t find any way to send his 10-secound video to his mother while on vacation. So, the company was built by necessity, and it has become an award-winning worldwide success.


Video Email was the first product that went global. Within a few short years, Bob and his team of over 140, developed the spectacular All-Solutions Package. The package includes Video Email, Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-ups, and an analytical program to manage businesses. This program uses high-quality technology to produce crystal clear visuals and audio, and this is why Talk Fusion is excelling around the globe.


Bob Reina is an Exceptional CEO


Bob Reina is not your ordinary CEO. He is dedicated to helping people both inside and outside of Talk Fusion. Mr. Reina wants to make dreams come true, so he Gives Back into the community. In 2013, he gave one million dollars to the Tampa Humane Society in order to build a shelter for the strays. For several years now, Mr. Reina has donated to an Indonesian orphanage to help the children.


Within his company, he has given in several ways to his team, but one of the most meaningful was when he allowed each employee to select a non-profit organization to receive an All-Solutions Package for their business. This was memorable to both parties because the nonprofit received the incredible video package, but also the employee was able to experience the feeling of being a giver. Mr. Reina has a reputation for making dreams come true for people.


No matter who is receiving the goodness of Bob Reina, there is only one question that Mr. Reina asks, and that is “How has Talk Fusion changed your life”? Over the past decade, he has donated to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal and the tsunami in India and more. Bob’s mission to Give Back, and it is affecting people worldwide.

Expect Changes in Energy, Says Soros


If there’s one thing investors are always looking out for, is what the masters of finance are dropping money into, and what they’re taking money out of. When taken into consideration all the famous and successful investors, few are as closely examined as George Soros.

Soros Fund Management, the hedge fund the billionaire has closed off from public investors, accessible only by family, has dumped its shares in Chesapeake Energy NRG Energy and Chevron at the end of last quarter. To investors, George Soros taking the initiative to eliminate all these shares seems like a course of action others should follow. But just how secure an investing strategy would this be for those not trading with billions of dollars at their disposal.

Over the course of the last year, energy prices have been driving, making equity markets volatile. In recent weeks the erratic behavior continued. After reaching an accord, both Russia and Saudi Arabia have halted production of oil in an attempt to raise prices. Iran, however, a holder of a fifth of the world’s oil, didn’t agree and vowed to flood the market with even more of it.

This conflict of behavior from oil producers has left many investors unsure of which way to go, but with a 73% decline in the price of crude from 2014, it makes sense that many would see it as the right time to bow out. And while this may appear to be good for the average investor, giving them a bit more expendable income, this does little to support the nine million Americans who work directly and indirectly in the oil markets, making up 5% of the nation’s workforce. This cut in production affects them disproportionately.

The crippling felt from this loss could also ripple across markets and strike at the economy as a whole. Goldman Sachs has collected numbers on the topic and have determines that the energy sector, accounts for a third of capital expenditures in the US and about a quarter of research and development expenditure. Limit the energy sector and that money goes with it.

Soros doesn’t seem to be the only one that sees something on the horizon for energy in the stock market. Recently, the World Bank released a new forecast that has cut the average price of oil by the barrel from an estimated $51 to $37, changing its original projections from October 2015.

George Soros is a native Hungarian who fled Nazi occupation in 1947. After traveling across Europe he found a home in the UK before moving to the United States. In New York he solidified his career in the financial world.

Outside of his professional career, Soros has invested a great portion of his life to philanthropy. Of the many causes he’s contributed to, the one closest to him is his work with his organization Open Society Foundations, tackling issues of human rights for over 40 years.