This CEO Gives Back Inside Talk Fusion and Around the World

In the video communication industry, Talk Fusion, a video communications company, has moved into a leading position in the communications industry. Talk Fusion was created in 2007 when Founder and CEO Bob Reina couldn’t find any way to send his 10-secound video to his mother while on vacation. So, the company was built by necessity, and it has become an award-winning worldwide success.


Video Email was the first product that went global. Within a few short years, Bob and his team of over 140, developed the spectacular All-Solutions Package. The package includes Video Email, Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-ups, and an analytical program to manage businesses. This program uses high-quality technology to produce crystal clear visuals and audio, and this is why Talk Fusion is excelling around the globe.


Bob Reina is an Exceptional CEO


Bob Reina is not your ordinary CEO. He is dedicated to helping people both inside and outside of Talk Fusion. Mr. Reina wants to make dreams come true, so he Gives Back into the community. In 2013, he gave one million dollars to the Tampa Humane Society in order to build a shelter for the strays. For several years now, Mr. Reina has donated to an Indonesian orphanage to help the children.


Within his company, he has given in several ways to his team, but one of the most meaningful was when he allowed each employee to select a non-profit organization to receive an All-Solutions Package for their business. This was memorable to both parties because the nonprofit received the incredible video package, but also the employee was able to experience the feeling of being a giver. Mr. Reina has a reputation for making dreams come true for people.


No matter who is receiving the goodness of Bob Reina, there is only one question that Mr. Reina asks, and that is “How has Talk Fusion changed your life”? Over the past decade, he has donated to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal and the tsunami in India and more. Bob’s mission to Give Back, and it is affecting people worldwide.

CopaStar- The Hospital Of Choice For The Rich

Brazil is the most dynamic city in the world. It is a city that accommodates people of both economic extremes. With towering favelas, it is also common to find properly manicured skyscrapers in the heart of this city. The Copa Star is not only a hospital but also a five-star hotel. Developed to be an executive health facility, it caters for the wealthiest members of society. Hence, it is more like a home away from home.

It is a facility fully equipped with machinery developed using the latest technology. In addition, its medical personnel are highly trained and have a working experience of more than a thousand hours. With Copa Star’s concept having been successful, D’Or Sao Luiz, the man behind this model wants to take it to other regions within Brazil.

Features that characterize the Copa Star include a hotel, hospital, modern gallery, patient annex complex, and a beach area. The Copa Star is one big gallery. Beautiful art is showcased from the entrance to the exit of this institution. Its accommodation rooms are designed to be spacious and also offer a sense of tranquility to the residents. Lighting is a factor highly emphasized on each and every housing unit. During the design phase, the facility was constructed in such a way that would enable it to take advantage of natural lighting.

Locations, where the new hospitals are likely to be setup using the design of Copa Star, include Brasilia and Sao Paulo. Although a facility of choice for the rich, this is a facility that solely centers on quality delivery, a move meant to attract more patients to this institution. The CopaStar strives to become the best medical and recreation facility in all of Brazil.

The Copa Star is highly specialized in cardiology and radiology, with the best medical machines at its disposal. In addition, it is overly staffed meaning that there is a general balance between doctor and patient ratio.

Also, the Copa Star is strategically placed. It is located in close proximity to the Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paulo area bridge. Hence, it has the potential for attracting people traversing this route. Being a gigantic facility, it is an institution that only a few people might fail to spot.

With a classy restaurant in its residence, the Copa Star is able to offer nutritious and healthy food for both patients and visitors. Hence, this model has greatly tried to maximize the use of space so as to create efficiency. Due to this, the facility has contributed to the growth of Brazil’s economy since Copa Star attracts visitors from all over the world. Due to its documented success, this model might be adopted by many other countries across the globe.

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Bruce Levenson Heads To Court Over Danny Ferry Insurance Claim

On June 24th 2015 the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC group headed by United Communications Group founder Bruce Levenson sold the NBA franchise to a consortium headed by technology billionaire Tony Ressler for a reported $730 million; the former Hawks ownership group has not been able to bring their links to the NBA to a close as a workplace insurance claim relating to the mutual termination of the contract of former General Manager Danny Ferry drags on. Bruce Levenson‘s group is now working with the Barnes and Thornburg law firm in their bid to reach a conclusion to the insurance claim now being brought against New Hampshire based insurance giant AIG.

ESPN describes Bruce Levenson as a well known figure in the NBA after heading a buyout of the Atlanta Hawks and NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers franchises in 2004. Levenson’s consortium jettisoned the Thrashers franchise to allow the group to focus their attentions on the basketball side of operation that led to a rise from the bottom of the NBA standings to the number one seed position in just over a decade. Over the course of his ownership of the Hawks Bruce Levenson was always keen for the franchise to play a key role in community events and programs, including a 2014 trip to the U.S. Holocaust Museum to promote the work of this charitable group backed by the Levenson family.

The claim currently making its way through the Superior Court of Fulton County dates back as far as April 2nd 2015 when the then Hawks ownership began discussing events surrounding Danny Ferry the group felt triggered the workplace practices policy held by AIG. Despite repeated attempts Bruce Levenson’s attorneys claim AIG has failed to respond to communications about the insurance claim that was initially triggered before the Hawks were purchased by Tony Ressler’s consortium.


Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and investor who is currently the co founder of a company called Swiss Start up Factory. With his company, Baur has helped a number of businesses get the assistance they need in order to become successful. Prior to being an entrepreneur, Mike would invest his money in a number of start up companies which proved to be very profitable. At the beginning of his career, Mike worked for banks as a business banking professional. These unique experiences have all helped Mike Baur become a well rounded business professional for over two decades. With his new company, Mike looks to continue making an impact in the local and national business community.


Baur first started his career by working at various banks. When working at these banks, he would serve business clients and help them get funding for their operations. During this time, Mike would often meet with entrepreneurs who were looking to get capital to start their companies. Baur would often talk with them to discuss their needs and goals and find ways to meet them. In most cases, Mike would go over the profit potential of the business as well as the current market for it. If approved, Mike would issue loans to these entrepreneurs so that they can begin their new business in the near future.


After working in the banking industry for two decades, Mike decided to look into getting involved in another business related venture. He decided to begin investing in start up companies. When investing in start up companies, Mike would research each one and look for ones that had the most potential in terms of profitability and meeting a current market demand. His research paid off as he would consistently get favorable results. He would earn very high profits and therefore conclude that start up businesses are very lucrative to get involved with.


The next venture that Mike Baur would get into is entrepreneurship. He started up the company Swiss Start Up Factory in the year 2014. Based on his experience in evaluating new businesses and investing in them, Baur came up with a unique model for his business. Swiss Start up Factory helps a number of businesses by giving them consulting as well as capital to reach their goals. This company gets its clients by allowing a number of start up businesses to talk about their idea to Mike. Once Mike evaluates the business ideas, he chooses ones that have the most potential.. Under his guidance, these businesses will get a lot of the support they need in order to become lucrative businesses in the near future.


JustFab Excels Under The Leadership Of Don Ressler

Don Ressler’s contribution at JustFab is unmatched. Since founding the company, he has been involved in every major decision, including funding. Don Ressler has played an integral role in securing adequate funding for the company. To this end, the company has been able to acquire other fast-growing businesses and widen its market share.

JustFab secured its initial funding slightly over one year after its founding in 2010. The funding was obtained from the Matrix Partners. It was worth $33 million. The investment made by the U.S. venture capital firm helped the company to increase its products portfolio and establish modern business operations. It also ignited the desire of many businesses to invest in the online subscription retailer. Just a year later, a conglomerate of Matrix Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, Rho Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty invested over $76 million in JustFab. As a result, the firm expanded its operations outside the United States to the UK, Canada, and Germany.

Following successful leadership and enhanced revenues, JustFab was able to acquire FabKids. The acquisition of the children’s fashion subscription retailer meant that the company started venturing into kids’ wear. It also had the advantage of taking the entire JustKids’ customer base. Although the two companies have similar names, they do not have a prior connection.

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The expanding firm soon started attracting celebrities who released their collections through its sub-brands. Some of the notable celebrities who worked with the company are Avril Lavigne, Elle Fowler, and Blair Fowler. In 2013, the show “Kimora: House of Fab” started airing. Through the show, the company exhibited the daily life at the various offices of the enterprise. It was aimed at creating publicity and promoting good public relations. The company benefited greatly from the show as it made the populace aware of its existence.

Don Ressler was also involved in the latest funding procedure undertaken by the company. The third round of funding saw the company receive over $40 million from investors. This money was secured in September 2013. The aim of this money was to help the company accelerate its growth and introduce new products in the market.

Don Ressler is also the founder of Intermix and Intelligent Beauty. The latter is a venture capital company. It has been investing in various start-ups in the United States. Intelligent Beauty has been interested in enterprises engaged in different fields, including fashion and information technology. Ressler is also associated with Fabletics. JustFab owns this successful corporation.

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Sweetgreen Provides Healthy Food

Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, and Nicolas Jammet are three individuals that had the pondering question many undergraduates have. What will I do with my life after graduation? Eight years later Sweetgreen started in 2007 in Georgetown. Sweetgreen is located in thirty-one nationwide locations and expected to expand up to forty locations by the end of the year. Sweetgreen has made its mark as a $95 million business.


 Jonathan, Nathaniel, and Nicolas were looking to eat at a healthier place off campus and the idea sparked into motion. Deep down inside each of them had the aspiration to establish a business in Georgetown that provided individuals with better food options. They wanted the food options to be healthier, high quality, and leave a remarkable impression. They wanted Sweetgreen to be a great way towards a lifestyle change.


In an interview the founders of Sweetgreen mentioned that they still have stuck close to the original business plan. They have only expanded their pitch and business plan. In the interview the founders mentioned that Sweetgreen takes pride in maintaining values and providing quality in the community and with the farms that work with the business. Sweetgreen takes pride in the way those are treated at Sweetgreen stores and during the hiring process. Sweetgreen stands for maintaining sustainability and carrying out actions with pride and integrity. The interview also mentioned that early on Sweetgreen had been recognized by Joe Bastianich. The three founders mentioned that they had great support form Joe Bastianich when he looked over Sweetgreen’s business plan. Joe Bastanich saw that the founders had great passion and great ability to be able to take the business to soaring heights and amazing success. Sweetgreen continues to amaze others with the tasty and flavor filled salad combinations. At Sweetgreen there is no need for lots of dressing to make it tasteful. Overall, Sweetgreen continues to expand nationwide with success.


Nathaniel Ru is a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sweetgreen. Nathaniel Ru has stated that he firmly believes that the Sweetgreen brand stands for something amazing. Nathaniel has stated that the purpose of Sweetgreen is providing others with quality food that is better overall. Nathaniel along with his other Sweetgreen founders aim to provide a lifestyle and vision that eating better is the way to go. In conclusion, Nathaniel Ru and the other founders of Sweetgreen are continuing to provide tasteful and unique salad combinations nationwide.



Selecting Reliable Online Reputation Management Firm

Are you searching for an experienced reputation management professional or firm? Want to hire the best online reputation management experts in the industry? If you want to maintain a great online image and protect your business, it’s important to contact a renowned reputation management company for assistance.

Did you know that your online reputation plays a great part in determining whether or not you will run a successful business? If a company has negative online reputation, they will have a hard time operating profitably.

For a business or professional who is serious about running a successful operation, online reputation management is a necessity. Every business owner should strive to have a good online reputation, otherwise they will find it difficult getting clients or customers. Having an impressive online reputation will entice clients and customers and make them feel confident in purchasing from the company or responding to whatever is being offered.

Negative reviews or malicious remarks can be from irate customers or competitors. It is not a good idea to just ignore this type of issue. There are experts who can help you address these matters appropriately so you can move on with your business and not worry about what people are saying about your company.

Because your online reputation has a huge effect on whether people patronize your business or not, it is extremely important to establish a good online reputation.

Better Reputation has an impressive list of clients, including business people, entrepreneurs, lawyers, advertising agencies, company executives, corporations, PR Agencies, high-profile individuals and many other companies all around the world to handle their online reputation management. Better Reputation has a variety of tools and resources, which enable their team of professionals to monitor, repair and restore their clients’ online reputation, and ensure a positive image.

Take the first step to guarding against threats and preventing attacks, by signing up with Better Reputation. These professionals will schedule a consultation to discuss your situation and your needs, and what they can do to build a positive brand image for your company, effectively prevent impending attacks, and help you operate efficiently.

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Fabletics Will Have Even More Storefronts Opening

Fabletics is the brainchild of Kate Hudson, who is well-known for being very physically active. Many women look up to Kate Hudson because of the fact that she has a great body and is constantly trying to keep herself in great shape. Although genetics have a lot to do with why Kate Hudson looks great, exercise does as well. Kate cofounded the Fabletics company as a way to help other women who wanted to buy yoga clothing as well as other activewear for low prices. Even men are able to find activewear through the Fabletics company, which is what has made it incredibly popular as well.

Those that had problems finding yoga clothing that looked good or that were low priced could go to the Fabletics website in order to make purchases, but things have gotten even better for the company because they are opening storefronts as well. Instead of a person only being able to go online to purchase their athletic wear, anyone can go into one of the several stores that are now open for Fabletics. Although there are only a few stores open now, Fabletics hopes to have up to 100 stores open within the next five years tops.

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Those who are not in the areas where the Fabletics stores are located can continue shopping online to have their products shipped directly to their home. Anyone who shops on the Fabletics website can easily see that their prices are much lower than what can be found in other websites that sell similar clothing. It’s possible for someone to save 50% or even more on activewear that is selling on other activewear websites. Although no one is forced to join as a member of the Fabletics website, anyone who chooses to become a member will enjoy additional savings. Becoming a member of the Fabletics website also means that every month the person can enjoy receiving an outfit that’s shipped directly to their door for no additional cost.

The membership fee that’s paid each month, which is $49.95 will entitle the member to a free monthly outfit, and those who choose not to purchase an outfit that month will have the credit in their account until they are ready to use it. The credit does not leave the account, which means it’s possible for the member to pay every month of the year and still have those credits building up, which will allow them to do massive amounts of shopping in the Fabletics store when they are ready. Anyone who doesn’t want to pay their monthly membership fee can opt out by the fifth of the month, which means their credit or debit card will not be charged.

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Securus Technologies Keeps Getting Things Done

Securus Technologies is a company that is clearing out the bad guys with their criminal justice technology solutions. Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas Texas, and they are able to serve correction agencies. Securus Technologies works with over 3450 public safety entities. Securus Technologies is a company that is like no other, because they are able to work with incident management, public information, and investigation.

Recently Securus Technologies had shed the light on Global Tel Link. Global Tel Link is a company that does telephonic communication for many correctional facilities in the area of Louisiana. The press release showed that Global Tel Link was doing things that were very illegal to different correctional facilities. Global Tel Link was found to have programed clocks in the telephones in these different institutions to add between 15 and 36 seconds to the duration of each call. Global Tel Link also programmed their different telephones in order to charge a higher rate on calls.

The infractions that were carried out Global Tel Link have cost the taxpayers of the state of Louisiana around $1,243,000. This amount is staggering, but in reality they have been dealing treacherously with these different agencies ever since 1998. It is sad to see that a company that is supposed to be doing things that increase justice will do anything to get away with making a little bit more money. In my opinion, the company should be sued, and the taxpayers should be reimbursed for the amount of money that they have payed out to the correctional facilities and their systems. If these companies were honest and correctly charge these agencies, then they still would have received a profit, and they would not have had to go through the embarrassment of this investigation. Securus Technologies did their job right!

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

IAP Worldwide services scoops yet another government contract

Management is one of the essential factors to a successful business or company. A firm can hire an individual or even an organization to manage it professionally for it smooth running. The management team will bring with them the solution to technical issues leading to the growth and expansion of the firm.

IAP Worldwide service is one of the leading international companies that has been in existence for long. It has been providing a broad range of services and solutions to its clients in the U.S and organizations worldwide. The firm was founded in 1953 and was formally known as Johnson Control World services before it changed its name to IAP Worldwide Services Inc.

With its head office based in Cape Canaveral, FL and its permanent offices in Washington D.C, Oklahoma City, Aberdeen providing grounds, United Kingdom, and the Middle East. The organization provides technical services, full facility management services and also gives emergency support to its clients. Its main specialties are based on aviation and engineering solutions, expeditionary infrastructure, IT and communication, global support service and power solution.

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IAP has been expanding each day since its inception and providing the best services to its customers. In 2004 it provided power supply generation to the U.S military in Saudi Arabia during its operation Desert Storm. Owing to its never-ending determination, it has continued to win numerous international contracts with the military, like transport services, emergency, and mobile power generation. In 2015 IAP Worldwide service Inc. obtained a U.K based organization G3 System Ltd an engineering firm which they considered one of their biggest achievement.

For any organization to achieve tremendous success, it ought to have devoted workforce, who have the right skills and professionalism. IAP has over 1600 dedicated workers throughout the world serving in more than 110 locations in over 20 countries. Recently one of their employees was awarded the National Marine Service Team Member of the year by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 2015. It is through such members that the firm managed to win a counter-narcotics contract estimated at $975 million by USAF. Going forward, the firm is set to expand their services so as to be felt by more government and private entities.

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