Essential Pointers to Facilitate a Stress-Free Back-to-School Campaign

It’s that frantic time of the year for parents and students once again. Yes, schools are just about to open and parents are busy shopping for back-to-school items. Parents have to attend the orientation of their kids to their new colleges and finally, the parents are involved in assisting the students to pick out extracurricular activities. Here are useful tips and pointers to help ease the transition period for parents and their children. These insights are from the vice president of the Phoenix Financial Network, Kevin Gallegos.

It is imperative you draft a meticulous school supply list. Nowadays, most parents don’t bother making the at-times long journey to the school. Rather, they just get all the information about what supplies are required from the official website of the particular institution. Alternatively, reach out to your kids’ school and request to be mailed to a complete supply list.

With back to school preparations, nothing’s quite as essential as having a proper budget. A concise budget ensures you, as the parent, don’t overshoot your intended spending before you get everything. Remain disciplined make sure you stay within your set limits, always. Gallegos adds that it’s wise to hold off on the shopping until the very last-minute. There’s an excellent chance you’ll find a clearance sale somewhere and end up saving tons of cash.

The veteran education consultant, Ana Homayoun reminds parents that in addition to the materials outlined on the supply lists, you still need to buy other items. The latter is meant to facilitate easier learning for your kids in the classrooms. For instance, get the kid’s binders to help improve their organizational skills.

Your kids are going to need some warm clothes as well. Again, parents are recommended to wait until the clearance sales open to save money for other priorities.

Nimali Fernando comes in with yet another brilliant idea. Nimali, a pediatrician, suggests you buy a bento-type lunch box to help them carry home-made delicacies. Such lunchboxes are thought of a deterrent to kids overfeeding on junk foods often sold within the schools.

It is absolutely mandatory for parents attending the orientation events of their kids. These interactions go a long way in cementing a cordial relationship between parents and teachers. The meetings are an excellent opportunity for parents to change contacts with other parents as well. For more info about us: click here.

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