Lime Crime Can Help You Achieve Beautiful, Hydrated Skin

The vegan makeup line, Lime Crime, is constantly pumping out new, innovative products.

Everyone who tries any products from this cosmetics line becomes a beloved member of Team Unicorn.

But just what kind of products does Lime Crime offer customers, and how should one apply them to achieve the best results?

Today we will cover these topics and more.

Healthy, Hydrated Lips

Lips are one of a woman’s best features.

We even see pictures sometimes that are nothing but a set of lips.

The female lips are feminine.

Because they are one of the most feminine parts of our bodies, they should be soft and healthy at all times.

These spring and summer months are notorious for drying out our skin and our lips.

If your lips are constantly becoming dry, don’t try to fix this problem by simply licking them; licking your lips could actually leave them in worse shape.

What you should do is try one of Lime Crime’s lip glosses.

Their Marmalade lip color is ideal to keep in your purse because it is very light in color.

Why is this light color a plus?

Because if you don’t have a mirror on you, no problem; you are not likely to turn your lips into clown lips simply by applying this light color without a mirror.

A Good Skin Care Routine

We all have people we follow in the beauty industry.

Those of us who are new to makeup probably follow only a few people, but can you guess what every beauty guru has in common?

They all have skin care routines.

It is very important that you take care of your skin so that it can continue appearing healthy and glowing.

A great makeup routine isn’t everything; beauty begins with clear skin.

When you remove your makeup in the evening, wash your face thoroughly.

You should even be sure to moisturize your face afterwards so that your skin won’t become dry.

When you awake in the morning, awaken your skin by allowing the shower to run over your face.

Repeat this routine each day.