Whitney Wolfe as a businessperson who has Made Unrivalled Progress in her Business

It is evident to most people if not all that as human beings we need companionship. Considering different people have different worlds and strengths, there are those who meet their partners physically and those that do it online. Technology has contributed a lot to people’s relationships. Whitney Wolfe, the president, and CEO of Bumble which is a dating app identified a need in the society and created an opportunity to feed the need.

Contrary to most dating apps, Bumble is a dating app that connects people only when the woman makes the first move. As of 2016, this app has attracted 18 million users. During a recent interview led by Victoria Turk, Wolfe expounded more on Bumble’s move from not only being a dating app but also a platform where friendships and professional connections can be found. Therefore, three things can be found in Bumble; friendship, love, and networking. The good thing is that Bumble regulates what their users say to avoid things like sexual harassment that are prone in social media all in the name of freedom of speech. Therefore, it no longer just about connecting people but adding value to the connections.

Bumble began as a dating app like any other out there, but with Bumble Bff which is a feature that enables users to connect as friends were launched, it continued to stand out. From BFF to Bumble Bizz, which a feature that allows networking in professional aspects. For the company, their main agenda was to give women the power to take control of their lives in that they are the decision makers when it comes to people they want to connect.

One might think that Whitney may be spearheading something that she does not believe in. The contrary is true. She made the first move when she met her husband, Michael herd back in 2013. Upon dating for two years, Michael proposed and the proposal led a magnificent wedding at Villa Tre Ville, Italy. Their marriage was grand and filled with endless fun. In fact, on the morning of their wedding, it rained and according to Italians that meant good luck and that their union was blessed. Holding a wedding on top of a cliff where there is fresh air with excellent music is just magical. Her marriage was a century union.

Whitney Wolfe is a fantastic woman and learning a few tips on how she carries herself out plus the passion she has for what she can be handy to other entrepreneurs.

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A Review Of Eric Pulier’s Career

Eric was born in New Jersey. As a young boy, he surprised everyone with his extensive knowledge in technology. When he was in the fourth-grade, Pulier began programming computers. While completing high school in 1984, Eric was already running a database computer company. He went on to enroll in the prestigious Harvard University. While pursuing his studies, he served as the editor of the school’s newspaper, The Harvard Crimson. Notably, Eric wrote a column on the newspaper.

Over the years, the shrewd entrepreneur benefited the many companies that he has co-founded and founded. Eric is affiliated with Digital Evolution, Media Platform, U.S. Interactive, the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, Akana, ServiceMesh and Desktone. As a venture capitalist, Pulier has invested in various organizations, including Monitor Ventures, eCompanies and Trident Capital. He has also been heavily involved in funding numerous seed level startups in technology media. Owing to his extensive experience, the father of four has been entrusted by different companies to serve on their boards. Presently, he sits on the boards of XPRIZE Foundation and The Painted Turtle, a renowned summer camp that caters for children having chronic illness.

Pulier was at the center of building and running the “Bridge to the 21st Century” for the commemoration of Al Gore and Bill Clinton’s 2nd inauguration. Many people attended the event. The attendees included members of the senate, congress and the Supreme Court. Almost all the news station featured him as he described the event through the exhibit tents. For purposes of ensuring that exponential technologies of the not-distant future are seen, Eric segmented the exhibit into different categories. He created healthcare division, community, government, entertainment, education, the environment, space exploration and family. The success of the entire event was anchored on Pulier’s efforts in raising funds through personal and corporate donations.

Eric is a committed philanthropist. He has been using technology to provide solutions in the intractable problems affecting the less fortunate members of the community and physically impaired children in the United States and around the globe. Pulier has been honored for his contribution in enhancing technical innovation to the various healthcare needs in Africa. In addition, Pulier published “The Entire Industrial Complex” in 2012 and “Understanding Enterprise SOA” in 2005.

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Thanks to the brilliance of technology, communication has been taken to a whole other level with the ingenuity of social apps. Skout, one of the world’s largest social networking app, was founded in 2007. It provides a platform that is engaging and secure for users to interact and make new friends. It tries to meet all communication needs whether it be for business purposes, chatting with friends, making new friends or even online dating. Sending photos, notes and even virtual gifts are just a few samplings of enabled features within the app.

With over million of users from all across the globe, the world has been turned into a global village. Communication has been eased from the era of telegrams to sending a message a thousand miles away in just a matter of seconds. With people from different places coming together via the internet, there comes an integration of culture, ideas and experiences. Networking plays a key role in culture assimilation of various parties that help promote peace among countries. People, despite them coming from different backgrounds, vary in a way of thinking. Skout, provides a platform for exchange of ideas that help create a more developed world. From the proverbial two heads are better than one, integration of ideas helps bring brilliant creations for a consistently growing world.

Tourists who find themselves in destinations they don’t know anyone, find it hard to enjoy their stay. Skout has a travel feature that enables one to interact with people in separate different locations. It has been able to make more users who love traveling by making virtual travel a reality. This feature acts as a tool for travelers with no contact lists from their places of destination. It has surpassed in its ingenuity, taking communication to whole other level that is virtual traveling.

True happiness cannot be sorted by materialistic desires. People yet crave something more. Food for the soul so to speak. Love is that thing most sort after by a lot of people. Skout, also a dating site, offers the ample platform for people to make friends online, engage courtship that in some cases may lead to a lasting relationship. With over million of users, it offers a chance for people to choose the ones they want to interact with based on their character preferences. Character profiles of each and every user in Skout, offers everyone the liberty of being picky, whether it be tall, dark or handsome. They make it possible for a comfortable and secure online dating.

While social apps create a buzz, especially with teenagers, there needs to be caution and insight on cyber etiquette. Parents need to open up communication lines with their children, on the appropriate use of social apps. Other than that, skout creates a safe environment for kids to interact. It allows for the users to sign in as a teen or an adult, and then each is placed in the appropriate peer group.

Advancements in technology have turned the world into a global village. With the gift of social networking, it only takes seconds for one to send a message thousands of miles away. However, Skout has gone beyond to create a bigger range for social connections from forging friendships to networking.