White Shark Media Develops Policies Based On Client Feedback

White Shark Media have managed to become a trusted Digital Marketing Agency providing their clients with marketing strategies customized to meet their needs and achieve their business goals.

Their reputation as a fast growing company with a track record of getting their clients a great return on their investment is made possible because of the company’s dedication to customer service.

Since its founding in 2011 the company has experienced firsthand that the process of assessing customer needs is one that never ends and is often fueled by customer complaints. The unique thing about White Shark Media is how they use the complaints of clients to develop new and better customer service policies. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

Its easy for clients or consumers of any product or service to feel that making a complaint to a company big or small is a waste of time and that their effort to alert the business to their concerns will be ignored. White Shark Media Complaints team is a true exception to that way of thinking.

The agency not only considers the complaints they receive from clients as constructive criticism, they also active work to take those concerns and use the to evaluate their existing policies. One example is their handling of customer’s concerns about losing track of their AdWords campaigns.

White Shark Media was concerned by this and redesigned the way they reported AdWords information to each client, streamlining the reports to make them simple for anyone without knowledge of the system to understand while also making sure to give clients detailed explanations of how to use AdWords and the way that their Adwords campaign is setup.

Other examples of White Shark Media taking client complaints as cues to what the company could improve on include the agency implementing measures to improve communication and developing SEO recommendation programs to help clients find the right company to provide their SEO needs.

From tracking AdWords performance to allowing clients to have a say in how their campaigns are run White Shark Media is determined to provide their customers with service they can rely on and trust to produce the results they need to grow their business.