Sherriff Joe Arpaio Misuse of Office

Michael and Jim are advocates for migrant rights. Their fight started with the discrimination of migrants in Arizona. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s wrongful imprisonment of Larkin and lacy caused an uproar that made their message and cries for immigrants heard. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

More than ten years ago, Larkin and Lacey had been arrested by order of the ‘hardy’ Sheriff Joe Arpaio for apparently disclosing details about the investigation by the grand jury. Their arrest caught the attention of a Voice Media publication Phoenix New Times.

The media attention frustrated Arpaio because of his over-aggressive tactics of law enforcement. His orders against women who held their statuses as immigrants and inmates were some of the issues that were brought up by the publicists. All this was outlined as the injustices he performed since his inauguration as the Sheriff in 1992.

After getting away so many times with these misconducts, and most importantly misuse of authority to oppress others. In 2011 December, Judge G. Murray Snow of the district court issued an injunction against Maricopa Sheriff’s office and Joe Arpaio. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

Alongside the preliminary injunction, the judge clearly ruled that the sheriff should make sure he stops targeting Latino drivers which outlines radical profiling. The ruling was based on examples of persons treated unjustly thus their human right violated.

Eighteen months later, after the court session and the clear ruling made against the office, Sheriff Arpaio and his office continued committing the same offenses.

They not only unfairly target the Latinos but also harass them and fought against those who confronted or criticized them. An example of those who dared to expose the operations of the Sheriff is the Phoenix New Times headed by Larkin and Lacey.

The paper published articles calling out Arpaio and his team’s mischiefs. All these publications had caught the sheriff’s eyes. After this coming to his knowledge, he sent out his allies in the attorney’s office to issue a subpoena to dig out information on which the papers writers, editors and readers were.

Before they could be found, the news of this reached the publication and in turn published an article exposing the plot to find and silence them.

The story spread like bush fire. Soon after, on 18th October 2007, Jim Larkin and Lacey were illegally detained by Arpaio’s team, violating their First Amendment rights. Since the

Arpaio in 2012 for making an unlawful arrest against their critics. Larkin and Lacey were later released after twenty-four days imprisonment and 3.7 million dollars from the lawsuit. The money was used to start the Larkin and Lacey Frontera fund which provides grants for migrant organizations throughout Arizona.

During the reign of Joe Arpaio, Human rights movements began forming regionally and nationally in response to the illegalities and oppression caused by the administration under Arpaio.

These organizations rallied around the oppressed Latino community and swore to protect them. Leading is Larking and Lacey’s Fund that helps in protecting the society’s First Amendment rights.

Phoenix New Times

Last month news came that Donald Trump had pardoned America’s Worst Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. A U.S District Court judge validated the president Trump’s decision hence raising anger among many people especially Michael Lacy and Jim Larking. The former co-owners of Phoenix New Times had tirelessly worked on a case that found Arpaio culpable of the crimes he had been accused of.

Lacey and Larkin over a decade ago worked hard to ensure that Joe Arpaio is brought to justice after it was alleged that he had tortured and killed inmates while serving as a sheriff in Maricopa County.

“We were so disappointed when we heard about the pardoning of Joe Arpaio, Donald Trump has proved that he is no better than that criminal called Arapaio, both of them are corrupt individuals who have no respect for the law and rights of other people,” said Lacey.

Lacey said that the U.S justice system had failed to ensure that victims of the atrocities committed by Arpaio get justice. He said that the judiciary and the executive had shown that they could be bought by criminals. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Arpaio had earlier been convicted of contempt of court and was supposed to be sentenced before the announcement of his pardon came.

Some people believe that even if Donald Trump would not have intervened Arpaio would not have been sentenced. The former Maricopa County sheriff is accused of several criminal acts including the death of inmates, diversion of over $100 million prison funds among other cases.

If there was anybody who was aggrieved by the decision to pardon Arpaio, then it was Lacy and Larkin. The two have a clear memory of every sin committed by Joe Arpaio. They were at some point handcuffed and taken into custody for their investigative story about Arpaio’s case.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have a long working and friendship relationship. Lacey whose father was a construction worker grew up in Newark, N.J before he went to study at Arizona State University in the 1960’s. He later dropped out of the University in 1970 after publishing the first issue of Phoenix New Times together with a few of his friends.

They took that decision to counter the wrong perception that was being portrayed by the mainstream media regarding anti-war protests on campus.

Lacey assumed the role of the executive director of the New Times while his partner Jim Larkin headed the advertising department. During their leadership, the New Times grew in circulation and became one of the most popular magazines in Arizona, and throughout the U.S. Read more:  Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

They explored different types of stories from social to political to economic without compromise. The company grew even bigger when the New Times bought Westwood news agency in 1983.

Lacey and Larkin in 2013 were paid $3.75 million by the Maricopa County for a lawsuit they had brought against the county for wrongful arrest. They decided to use the money to establish a fund, Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund for the Latin people in Arizona State.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin in heir Fight for Human Rights

Earlier this year, a meeting was held in the United Nations delegate’s conference in Geneva, Switzerland. The conference’s aim was to mark the beginning of negotiation on immigrant’s issue.

For a long time migrants have been subjected to unfair treatment and subjection to all manner of ill-treatment due to lack nationality. Statistics reveal that majority of the countries in the world do not guarantee all the humanly rights.

Since the international law does not fully guarantee passage to individuals without the required paper work, there has been an introduction of new bills protecting immigrants.

Nevertheless, majority of the countries has not respected the implementation of the bill. As a result, private organizations have joined up to form civil human rights advocating organizations.

Among these organizations is Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, which is currently one of the leading migrants and human rights advocating groups. Apart from the Frontera Fund is CHILA, one of the largest human rights advocating organizations. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHILA)

This is one of the most sought-after human rights advocating organization in the U.S. The organization works on making sure that migrant are not subjected to abuse or any type of ill treatment. Under its protection, migrants are taken through the required protocol in advocating their legal human right.

Normally, humans are entitled to the right of being treated like a human, being an immigrant does not make an individual any less human. Additionally, CHILA provides education to immigrants on the legal process of attaining freedom and how to react if they are taken before a judge as shown below

Recommendation on Immigrant Cases

CHILA’s group of experts provides professional advice to individuals facing immigration cases. Below are several things an individual is supposed to know before meeting a judge.

  • They should be prepared to engage an immigration attorney
  • Since they are required to meet an attorney, CHILA insists than they should gather as much evidence as they can.
  • To show the seriousness of their issues, they are advised not to miss any hearing. Missing court appearance will work on the prosecutor’s advantage.

Although there might be enough evidence, majority of immigrants lack clarity and end up losing their cases to eloquent and persuasive attorneys. For this reason, it is necessary for an individual to employ the services of powerful attorney in their defense.

About Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the co-founders of Frontera Fund, Phoenix New Times, and Village Voice Media. The organizations were founded after Michael and Jim received a settlement from a case placed against them by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The settlement that amounted to $ 3.75 million enabled them to start their first human right advocating group, Frontera Fund.

The organization supports individuals seeking citizenship and advocates immigration and migration rights. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had spent almost their entire career asserting and defending civil human rights.

Further, many organizations such as Mexicano Frontera have enumerated their work and works with the Frontera organization to advocate for human rights.

Nicki Minaj Performs in Angola Despite Several Human Rights Organizations Pleading For Her To Decline

Nicki Minaj performed a concert for the Christmas festival in Angola Africa December 19, 2015 despite the begging pleas from the members of the Human Rights Foundation not to accept the performance. The festival was hosted by Unitel, a communications company owned by the family of Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos. Human Rights Foundation requested she nix the holiday concert because she would be taking money from a dictator whose family had exploited the oil and diamond mining fields to amass their fortune while controlling all branches of the military, the government, and civil society and conducting human rights violations. Even the Kennedy Human Rights group voiced their extreme displeasure at her performance on the president’s behalf.

The Human Rights Foundation is a nonprofit organization aimed at protecting and promoting human rights globally, but with focus specifically on closed societies. It was founded in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen after his mother had been gunned down by Venezuelan government security during a peaceful gathering. Thor Halvorssen began his focus on human rights back in 1989 as a youth by organizing opposition against South Africa’s racial segregation. In 1993, he became involved full time with focus on due process and individual rights after his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela.

Halvorssen is also a film producer for documentaries. The works he has produced include Hammer & Tickle, a humor and satire about Soviet tyranny; The Sugar Babies, a film about human trafficking in the Dominican Republic and Freedom’s Fury, about the uprising against Hungary’s dictatorship in 1956. The Sugar Babies targeted sugar barons who lived in West Palm Beach. It won Best Documentary at the Delray Beach Film Festival and also has been included in Amnesty International’s tour making the film seen worldwide and bringing children sold into slavery to the forefront.