Sanjay Shah – Founder and CEO Of Solo Capital

Solo Capital is a very successful investment firm that was founded from the ground up by an entrepreneurial business man names Sanjay Shah. Shah founded the proprietary trading and consulting firm in 2011 after deciding to quit his accounting job with an executive investment firm. He had spent many years refining his career, and felt it was time to step outside the box. He had actually started and owned many companies prior to Solo Capital, but Solo Capital has become one his most successful companies in such a short period of time. He wanted to get the business up and running smoothly, so he decided to give himself a goal of one year to achieve that goal and he blew it out of the part. He hired a few employees, mainly trading partners and college graduates, to help him get it started. After a few short years the company reached the millions, allow Shah to retire from the company. He has an executive management team that runs the business but he can now take a back seat to the corporate offices and pursue some other approaches.

The accounting and financial industry became very comfortable to Shah, and his career took off from the moment he graduated college. He attended King’s College, but at first he thought he wanted to become a doctor so he started off studying medicine. That soon changed, and he became an accountant for some prominent financial industries. He moved to Central London from Kenya, to pursue his career, and he is certainly glad that he did. After many years in the professional industry and owning many business, he helped Solo Capital blossom into a company that has over thirty nine locations. The offices are located in Dubai and in Central London, where the headquarters reside. The company focuses on proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports management consulting. Their expert staff and highly qualified employees are dedicated to the clients and the company is a trusted company with a great reputation.

Shah has consumed himself with another passion called Autism Rocks. It’s a charity that helps raise money to increase awareness for autism. He launched the charity in 2014 and is happy to announce that the charity has donated some of the funds raise to universities and their programs along with other foundations and organizations that are geared to help with the neurological condition. Shah’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism at an early age and ever since, Shah and his wife have wanted to help in some way. Since there is no cure for autism, he started Autism Rocks to help raise money to be donated to good causes that aid in research and development in hopes that someday it can be a better understood diagnosis.


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