Todd Lubar: The Pot of Inspiration

Todd Lubar career began after graduating with a degree in communication at Syracuse University in 1995.His inspiration to start the real estate was drawn by his passion for helping people. Todd Lubar began by working at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It is this time that he learned more about mortgage banking.

His eagerness to know everything about real estate led him to work with financial planners, insurance agents, CPAs, real estate agents among others. This was in an attempt to get acquainted with the professionals in the real estate field. Up to date, these associates are still his referrals.

In his interview, he says that what he had in mind was something that would give his clients what they were looking for and give them relief. Todd Lubar says that they are two groups of people. Those who live all their life, day dreaming about their dreams and those who take a step towards achieving their goals. His interest was towards this group that makes a step of trying.

Todd Lubar says that his strategy has been proven workable in many fields. He helps his clients by removing the challenging that is blocking them from getting their way. One of the obstacles he needed to get rid of is what prevented customers from getting loans.

According to Patch, Todd Lubar says that becoming who he is today never came on a silver platter. However, Todd finds pride in this and says that ‘’everything you accomplish in life has a greater meaning when you work for it’’ He, therefore, appreciates the struggle he had to go through. Later he got the momentum to maintain the stability of the company he was working for as well as his business. Visit  to know more


Todd Lubar says there is a time he second guessed his decision. This was after one of his deal turned out terrible, and he had to start over the whole project. Lubar Put himself together and kept playing the game. He advises the young entrepreneurs not to take a long break after a breakdown and instead try approach the issue from a different perspective.

Todd Lubar is the CEO of TDL. He is one of the entrepreneurs every future business person should see to read about to seek inspiration.

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