CCMP Capital is an equity firm that specializes in the growth of equity investments in America and Europe. It was founded in the year 2006 to continue great investment strategy developed by its predecessors (Chemical venture partners) which were founded in the year 1984 to serve as the private equity and venture arm of the chemical bank. Its headquarters are in 245 Park Avenue, New York City, United States. It focuses on leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions. Since formation, CCMP has grown to be one of the largest firms in equity investments globally. As a global private equity firm, its advisors have invested over $16 billion in equity transactions since 1984.Stephen Murray CCMP capital has offices in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo and has created employment for over 50 employees.

CCMP Capital was once known as JP Morgan Partners, but the investment professionals separated from JP Morgan Chase on July 31, 2006. This necessitated the change in name to CCMP. The company was once ranked the 17th world’s largest private equity investment company. Currently, CCMP manages both the JP Morgan Partners Global Fund and CCMP Capital Investors II. It also exercises limited partnership. CCMP Capital has advisors (LLC) who greatly support the company in an investment making the company the giant it is in equity investment. The company’s products include leveraged buyouts, growth capital and private equity funds, total current assets amounting a total of $12 billion.

CCMP Capital has over the years had great leadership, with one of its leaders being Stephen P. Murray. He was born on August 2, 1962, and died on March 12, 2015, at the age of 52. His wife was Tami Murray. He had four children.He graduated from Boston College in 1984 with a degree in economics and later joined Columbia Business School where he earned his masters in business administration. He was a private equity investor. He was the chief executive officer of CCMP Capital since 2007 when he succeeded the group founder Jeff Walker. Stephen Murray was also a philanthropist as he supported the Stamford Museum, the make a wish foundation of Metro New York, the Boston College and many other institutions.


  1. It is quite interesting how it seems to me that most of the businesses in the United States of America had learned to collaborate early on. Having more service reviews would have made the idea come out and others can learn from this. We see that JP Morgan relationship with CCMP Capital and Murray making them have big leverage working for each other.

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