Sweetgreen Provides Healthy Food

Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, and Nicolas Jammet are three individuals that had the pondering question many undergraduates have. What will I do with my life after graduation? Eight years later Sweetgreen started in 2007 in Georgetown. Sweetgreen is located in thirty-one nationwide locations and expected to expand up to forty locations by the end of the year. Sweetgreen has made its mark as a $95 million business.


 Jonathan, Nathaniel, and Nicolas were looking to eat at a healthier place off campus and the idea sparked into motion. Deep down inside each of them had the aspiration to establish a business in Georgetown that provided individuals with better food options. They wanted the food options to be healthier, high quality, and leave a remarkable impression. They wanted Sweetgreen to be a great way towards a lifestyle change.


In an interview the founders of Sweetgreen mentioned that they still have stuck close to the original business plan. They have only expanded their pitch and business plan. In the interview the founders mentioned that Sweetgreen takes pride in maintaining values and providing quality in the community and with the farms that work with the business. Sweetgreen takes pride in the way those are treated at Sweetgreen stores and during the hiring process. Sweetgreen stands for maintaining sustainability and carrying out actions with pride and integrity. The interview also mentioned that early on Sweetgreen had been recognized by Joe Bastianich. The three founders mentioned that they had great support form Joe Bastianich when he looked over Sweetgreen’s business plan. Joe Bastanich saw that the founders had great passion and great ability to be able to take the business to soaring heights and amazing success. Sweetgreen continues to amaze others with the tasty and flavor filled salad combinations. At Sweetgreen there is no need for lots of dressing to make it tasteful. Overall, Sweetgreen continues to expand nationwide with success.


Nathaniel Ru is a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sweetgreen. Nathaniel Ru has stated that he firmly believes that the Sweetgreen brand stands for something amazing. Nathaniel has stated that the purpose of Sweetgreen is providing others with quality food that is better overall. Nathaniel along with his other Sweetgreen founders aim to provide a lifestyle and vision that eating better is the way to go. In conclusion, Nathaniel Ru and the other founders of Sweetgreen are continuing to provide tasteful and unique salad combinations nationwide.



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