Laidlaw & Company

For brokerage and investment banking, many companies and people turn to Laidlaw & Company. With 170 years of experience in this field, the company is constantly attracting new clients with nothing but positive things to say. Their clients consist of a range of domestic, as well as international corporations on wsj, private clients and entrepreneurs.

Laidlaw & Company Is Experienced And Professional

When Laidlaw & Company sets out to do business, they are clear and concise on what needs to happen in order to fulfill their client’s needs. There are over 150 employees with a vast range of experience and education that can assist with clients expectations leading to the success of the goals that are planned when they come to Laidlaw & Company.

Who Are The People At The Top Of Laidlaw & Company?

The people in charge at the Laidlaw & Company are Matthew D. Eitner, (Chief Executive Officer), John W. Coolong, (Chief Compliance Office and Chief Financial Officer) and James P. Ahern, (Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets). They lead the company on in a fantastic way so that their clients are always taken care of with success.

For many of the clients at Laidlaw & Company, they have found that their goals have been met in great ways. They recommend the company to others that they know so they too can experience the financial results that they are interested in. With the background of the company on brokercheck.finra, the people that run and the workers that produce the daily results, the company has seen an increase of interest for all over the globe. They are gaining in popularity because they create a situation that pleases their clients and gives them what they are looking for when it comes to their financial needs.

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