IAP Worldwide services scoops yet another government contract

Management is one of the essential factors to a successful business or company. A firm can hire an individual or even an organization to manage it professionally for it smooth running. The management team will bring with them the solution to technical issues leading to the growth and expansion of the firm.

IAP Worldwide service is one of the leading international companies that has been in existence for long. It has been providing a broad range of services and solutions to its clients in the U.S and organizations worldwide. The firm was founded in 1953 and was formally known as Johnson Control World services before it changed its name to IAP Worldwide Services Inc.

With its head office based in Cape Canaveral, FL and its permanent offices in Washington D.C, Oklahoma City, Aberdeen providing grounds, United Kingdom, and the Middle East. The organization provides technical services, full facility management services and also gives emergency support to its clients. Its main specialties are based on aviation and engineering solutions, expeditionary infrastructure, IT and communication, global support service and power solution.

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IAP has been expanding each day since its inception and providing the best services to its customers. In 2004 it provided power supply generation to the U.S military in Saudi Arabia during its operation Desert Storm. Owing to its never-ending determination, it has continued to win numerous international contracts with the military, like transport services, emergency, and mobile power generation. In 2015 IAP Worldwide service Inc. obtained a U.K based organization G3 System Ltd an engineering firm which they considered one of their biggest achievement.

For any organization to achieve tremendous success, it ought to have devoted workforce, who have the right skills and professionalism. IAP has over 1600 dedicated workers throughout the world serving in more than 110 locations in over 20 countries. Recently one of their employees was awarded the National Marine Service Team Member of the year by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 2015. It is through such members that the firm managed to win a counter-narcotics contract estimated at $975 million by USAF. Going forward, the firm is set to expand their services so as to be felt by more government and private entities.

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