Fabletics Will Have Even More Storefronts Opening

Fabletics is the brainchild of Kate Hudson, who is well-known for being very physically active. Many women look up to Kate Hudson because of the fact that she has a great body and is constantly trying to keep herself in great shape. Although genetics have a lot to do with why Kate Hudson looks great, exercise does as well. Kate cofounded the Fabletics company as a way to help other women who wanted to buy yoga clothing as well as other activewear for low prices. Even men are able to find activewear through the Fabletics company, which is what has made it incredibly popular as well.

Those that had problems finding yoga clothing that looked good or that were low priced could go to the Fabletics website in order to make purchases, but things have gotten even better for the company because they are opening storefronts as well. Instead of a person only being able to go online to purchase their athletic wear, anyone can go into one of the several stores that are now open for Fabletics. Although there are only a few stores open now, Fabletics hopes to have up to 100 stores open within the next five years tops.

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Those who are not in the areas where the Fabletics stores are located can continue shopping online to have their products shipped directly to their home. Anyone who shops on the Fabletics website can easily see that their prices are much lower than what can be found in other websites that sell similar clothing. It’s possible for someone to save 50% or even more on activewear that is selling on other activewear websites. Although no one is forced to join as a member of the Fabletics website, anyone who chooses to become a member will enjoy additional savings. Becoming a member of the Fabletics website also means that every month the person can enjoy receiving an outfit that’s shipped directly to their door for no additional cost.

The membership fee that’s paid each month, which is $49.95 will entitle the member to a free monthly outfit, and those who choose not to purchase an outfit that month will have the credit in their account until they are ready to use it. The credit does not leave the account, which means it’s possible for the member to pay every month of the year and still have those credits building up, which will allow them to do massive amounts of shopping in the Fabletics store when they are ready. Anyone who doesn’t want to pay their monthly membership fee can opt out by the fifth of the month, which means their credit or debit card will not be charged.

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