Bruce Levenson And His Unwavering Business Acumen

There are so many things that make our lives much better. Watching basketball game uplifts our spirits. We all know that they cost a fortune. Every Atlanta Hawks fan out there is familiar with the team’s owner Bruce Levenson. He is well known for the team. Recently, the Atlanta Hawks were up for sale. This was great news for anyone wishing to invest. The owners have agreed to give up the team to a new owner after deliberations. The Hawks are an amazing team; no doubt it would attract great deals.

The team ownership was based on a number of people. The team had three groups of owners. The principal owner; Bruce Levenson has something to smile about. The team was valued at $450 million. This was according to a Forbes report made last year. This changed when the market skyrocketed. This was due to the sale of other well re-known teams.

Bruce Levenson is a businessman and former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. As a founder and partner at the Atlanta Hawks LLC, he has experience in legal matters. He is a force to reckon with due to his business skills. He was born to a Jewish family 66 years ago in Washington DC.

He co-founded the united communications group. This was in his apartment where he used to print a magazine with this friend. This is now a large company that deals with databases. It reviews companies as well as healthcare all over America. It as well deals with oil, mortgages and banking. This saw its success through the years. His co-founder was Ed Peskowitz. Since 1977, Bruce has thrived in business. The company has a mobile app that gives you the local gas prices.

The company Atlanta Hawks LLC came along later. Still with Peskowitz, Levenson was able to buy the Hawks with the other partners. The team was under his guide as he appointed the president of basketball affairs. This was Dan Ferry, who has been running things since 2012. He was a member of the NBA and also a key role player on behalf of the Atlanta Hawks.

In 2014, he set out to sell the team on his half. This was followed by the other co-owners who wanted their shares sold too. The team was sold for over almost double what Forbes had valued it. This amounts to $850 million. As a businessman, Levenson had made a great deal for the team. This is way better than everyone expected from the sale. The story has been making headlines in every sport’s arena out there.

All these wealth just does not sit around his hands; Levenson has been active with charity. He is a great philanthropist who has helped needy children pursue higher education. Together with his wife, they founded a program that can train young people on how to run non-profit organisations to help each other and the society at large. They have three sons hopefully they will be the next big philanthropists.

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