The Reason You Need to Get Working Capital With Equities First

In many businesses, majority of the proprietors focus on profit-making. However, there are other fundamental things you need to focus on and working capital is one of them. With many enterprises struggling financially, Equities First has been covering the gap between the needs and challenges. By offering startups with stock-based loans, it has been easy for small businesses to continue their operations. Indeed, several of the startups find it difficult to secure conventional loans and affordable ones at their early stages of growth. Most of banks ask for performance documents to prove the sustainability and history of your firm. Starting a business or developing one needs a reliable source of capital. Hence, no business can succeed without having enough working capital.

Equities First has broad experience in providing modern lending services whereby borrowers benefit from high Loan-to-Value- LTV ratios and reduced interest rates. The company is situated in different corners of the globe, thus the services are brought nearer to clients. Recent findings show that the number of borrowers applying for stock-based loans has been increasing on a daily basis. As confirmed by the Founder of Equities First, Al Christy, the traction of the loans has been on the rise. This corresponds to the products’ benefits and a sign of high demand for them.

No business can acquire enough money for its operations by selling its assets. At times, long-term assets such as vehicles, equipment, and buildings can be sold to get liquid cash, but if that happens, it may affect the development of any business in the future adversely. Getting a dependable lender with a long history of performance and good reputation is recommended, especially for most of SMEs. To date, most potential investors have benefited by acquiring stock loans from Equities First. The lenders use stock as collateral and borrowers get the opportunity to benefit from non-purpose and non-recourse features.

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