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YouTube is the biggest video sharing site in the world. Millions of people upload content everyday from music videos to dance videos to vacation and food videos. So many YouTubers have become famous for their content with many of them having millions of subscribers and millions and millions of views on their videos. One of the most famous YouTubers is Wengie a lifestyle vlogger and video creator who makes fun, informative and very entertaining YouTube videos.

Wengie is a Chinese girl currently living in Australia. She is one of the top rated YouTubers in all of Australia. She produces YouTube videos about fashion, beauty, hair, food and other lifestyle topics. She is getting close to having 1 million subscribers on her channel. Not only is her amazing content what keeps people watching and subscribing but it is also her honest, funny and quirky personality that keeps people coming back for more. One of her most popular uploads on her channel is her late for school routine in which she shows viewers how to get their hair, outfit and make up done for school within just a few minutes if they are running late. The video currently has over 3 million views and has helped tons and tons of young men and women.

Another one of Wengie’s most popular uploads is her American Makeup VS. Korean Makeup video. In this video Wengie takes very popular American make up products and applies them to half of her face.  She then goes on to compare the quality of each makeup, the lasting power and how well it actually worked for her skin and skin tone. Viewers get to decide for themselves which side looked better the Korean makeup or the American makeup.  In fact most of Wengie’s most popular videos are her Asian inspired videos in which she uses different Asian beauty and hair products and tools. Her reviews are always honest and in depth so viewers really get to learn about products before they decide to buy them.

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