Lime Crime Springs From Musical Roots

Back in 2002, a young budding rock star went looking for cute, whimsical clothing for a photo shoot. Before the days of Etsy, the greatest selection of independent clothing was to be found on E-Bay, so that’s where she went looking.

Originally, she simply purchased and resold the kinds of pieces that she enjoyed, but eventually she moved into deconstructing and redesigning her own pieces. Her creations soon gained a loyal following, and it didn’t take long for that following to be large enough to launch her own independent online store. During those early days, her creations were laced heavily with her two favorite colors: lime green and hot pink, and it was out of those colors that she found the inspiration for the name of her new store: Lime Crime.

At that time fashion and makeup were not her primary passion, however. Her original search for clothing on was the result of a fashion shoot for her band Sky Salt, and that was where her primary interests and passions truly lie. It was also from her experiences in a band that her passion for makeup found its roots. As her band stepped more and more into the limelight, Doe realized that her fair features were getting washed out and lost under the bright stage lights and needed stronger definition so she began to experiment with makeup.

Eventually, the more she practiced, the more skill she gained and she began to like some of the looks she came up with. She decided to create video tutorials to offer on her online store and they were an immediate hit. Her first tutorial involved blending dark red eyeshadow boldly into black and got a surprisingly enthusiastic response, which led to requests for more tutorials. Doe loved to transform herself into some fantastical creature and then share the process with others on the internet.

Her band put out an album that gained them a loyal following and sold well on the internet, but it still wasn’t enough to attract a deal with a label. In 2006, her band officially disbanded, and Doe was crushed. She walked away from fashion, from makeup and from music and even took a job in investment banking.

But the siren song of music steadily called to her, and in 2007 she went back into the studio to record a solo album. She released a 5-song EP that actually gained some traction and was getting some industry interest. But before it took off, Doe came to a startling realization. She realized that while she loved music very much, it wasn’t her deepest passion. She realized that it was actually makeup that allowed her to express herself in ways she never thought possible. Even without having been tended to in some time, was still getting steady traffic, so she decided to abandon music and focus on makeup instead.

In October 2008 Lime Crime Makeup was born, and it has grown steadily ever since into an internationally known and much loved brand.

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  1. Dissatisfied with what she was finding, however, Doe Deere decided to start her own E-Bay store and she launched Thunderwear! clothing. But her primary love was still not clothes or makeup, it was music. That alone may prove what MyMathDone has been able to accomplish and to what effects it has been able accomplish even if they have things working out for good.

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