Fine Hair Fixer!

For those of us with fine hair, volume remains an elusive goal. Silky locks soon turn to greasy, separated strands, and even the lightest of conditioners can turn fine hair into some type of mess that resembles an oil slick.

Enter WEN by Chaz Dean, This miraculous concoction will help fine hair heavers enjoy a healthy, volume-filled head of hair. This all-inclusive hair treatment cleans, conditions and styles, all in one step. The brand is not geared to fine hair, specifically, but it does claim to be volume building while also providing moisture and nourishment to hair without weighing it down. Anyone with fine hair understands what a tall order this is.

Bustle recently posted an article chronicling the experience one of their correspondents and their experience using Wen and how it worked with their fine hair.

The recommended amount may seem a bit excessive, with 10 pumps being the minimum amount recommended, however, do not be alarmed. The trial on fine hair worked amazingly well, and in spite of being for all hair types, the WEN regimen worked very well on the difficult to deal with fine hair. Per the Bustle article, hair felt thicker and fuller, and did not feel weighed down.

For more product info, visit, also check out the WEN Facebook page.


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