The Wonderful World of WEN Delivers New Volume and Shine for Beauty Writer

You can thank your parents for the type of hair you have. In other words, you can blame your fine, thin hair on your DNA, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There is one, amazing system that can re-create your crowning glory and give it what nature always intended, and that is volume, shine and manageability.

Say hello to Wen by Chaz, the unique cleansing conditioners that feature a no lather shampoo concept. Celebrities are obsessed with WEN, and we can see why. The product line was developed by a famous LA stylist who believed that natural is better when it comes to hair. Chaz Dean created WEN by Chaz for women and men of any hair type seeking gorgeous, sexy tresses. His simple, luxurious formulas feature nourishing and effective botanical. He sells his hair care formulas on Amazon.

Emily McClure, a writer for Bustle, decided she wanted some Hollywood hair to replace the limp, sad locks she was tired of fighting. So, she tried WEN by Chaz in a 7-day personal hair challenge and showed her readers her results with daily hair selfies.

Emily admits she’s a bit lazy caring for her hair, but she went on a daily AM WEN wash. Each time she later blow-dried and styled her mane, the results were stunning. Her selfies show a young woman with shiny, healthy, soft, bigger hair. Even her close girlfriends were loving the super gloss of her new hair.

As Emily’s fine, thin hair got used to the WEN routine, everything was proceeding nicely. However, Emily decided to skip a WEN wash one day and even switch the cleansing to a nighttime schedule. During both schedule changes, Emily claims her hair fell flat.

Emily advises sticking to the morning wash and putting in the time and effort for superior WEN results. Check out the Wen website at and the Wen YouTube channel for additional information.