Sanjay Shah – Founder of Autism Rocks Charity With Successful Business Career


Sanjay Shah is a philanthropist and successful business person whom has founded a charity called Autism Rocks. The charity according to globalcitizen is focused on raising money for research into the disease, after his own son was diagnosed with autism. The charity does so by staging concerts throughout the world, thus getting money and attention for the cause of research. At the age of two, his child Nikhil was unable to hold down food and this required the immediate attention of a physician. Nikhil was diagnosed with autism after consultation with a child psychologist and extensive blood work.

He has done work in the music industry as an accountant, so he has access to famous musicians in order to lure the best talent to his concerts and boost attendance. The goal is to find a cure to autism by understanding it’s root cause so that Sanjay can help his son and others like him. The charity frequently has concerts which sell out and attract many spectators and fans from across the globe.

According to The Sunday Times, Sanjay Shah descends from parents whom were born in Kenya but immigrated to the UK. He decided to study accounting instead of medicine, and then found a successful career as a trader working for large trading firms and banks like Merrill Lynch. Deciding that he hated life in the office, he decided to start Solo Capital after having been put out of work in 2009. The firm has 3 major areas of practice: proprietary trading, consulting, and professional sports investing.

Founded in 2011, Solo Capital is now worth $280 Million according to website CompanyCheckUK with offices in London and Dubai. The company has undergone a rapid expansion. In 2012, the company saw a 27 Million GBP windfall from a successful trade on the euro’s downfall. One area of business which makes Solo Capital unique is it’s trades in the professional sports market. They represent many sports teams and work to acquire the best talent in the sporting industry. Mr. Sanjay Shah has taken a backseat role in the firm in light ofSolo Capital’s success in order to pursue his charity work. He has some knowledge of medicine, so he is able to leverage this in order to pursue the causes of autism.