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Last month news came that Donald Trump had pardoned America’s Worst Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. A U.S District Court judge validated the president Trump’s decision hence raising anger among many people especially Michael Lacy and Jim Larking. The former co-owners of Phoenix New Times had tirelessly worked on a case that found Arpaio culpable of the crimes he had been accused of.

Lacey and Larkin over a decade ago worked hard to ensure that Joe Arpaio is brought to justice after it was alleged that he had tortured and killed inmates while serving as a sheriff in Maricopa County.

“We were so disappointed when we heard about the pardoning of Joe Arpaio, Donald Trump has proved that he is no better than that criminal called Arapaio, both of them are corrupt individuals who have no respect for the law and rights of other people,” said Lacey.

Lacey said that the U.S justice system had failed to ensure that victims of the atrocities committed by Arpaio get justice. He said that the judiciary and the executive had shown that they could be bought by criminals. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Arpaio had earlier been convicted of contempt of court and was supposed to be sentenced before the announcement of his pardon came.

Some people believe that even if Donald Trump would not have intervened Arpaio would not have been sentenced. The former Maricopa County sheriff is accused of several criminal acts including the death of inmates, diversion of over $100 million prison funds among other cases.

If there was anybody who was aggrieved by the decision to pardon Arpaio, then it was Lacy and Larkin. The two have a clear memory of every sin committed by Joe Arpaio. They were at some point handcuffed and taken into custody for their investigative story about Arpaio’s case.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have a long working and friendship relationship. Lacey whose father was a construction worker grew up in Newark, N.J before he went to study at Arizona State University in the 1960’s. He later dropped out of the University in 1970 after publishing the first issue of Phoenix New Times together with a few of his friends.

They took that decision to counter the wrong perception that was being portrayed by the mainstream media regarding anti-war protests on campus.

Lacey assumed the role of the executive director of the New Times while his partner Jim Larkin headed the advertising department. During their leadership, the New Times grew in circulation and became one of the most popular magazines in Arizona, and throughout the U.S. Read more:  Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

They explored different types of stories from social to political to economic without compromise. The company grew even bigger when the New Times bought Westwood news agency in 1983.

Lacey and Larkin in 2013 were paid $3.75 million by the Maricopa County for a lawsuit they had brought against the county for wrongful arrest. They decided to use the money to establish a fund, Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund for the Latin people in Arizona State.

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