Ronald Fowlkes: Knows What He Is Doing

When going to war it is so important to be adequately armed for the job. This not only includes weapons but the gear and tactical armor as well. Without it a mission can go from good to bad in a matter of seconds. The people who are tasked to produce these products must know what they are doing. One person who understands this and is making sure that the necessary parties have what they need in the field of battle is Ronald Fowlkes.

Ronald Fowlkes is a man that loves the armed forces and is doing everything in his power to get them what they need to be protected and ready. He himself has seen combat as a marine straight out of highdcho0ol. He was in the Marine Corps for about four years which lasted until 1993. He is actually a veteran of one of the first gulf wars and was a very dedicated marine. He had training in other fields as he joined and trained with many law enforcement groups and sections over the years such as the St. Louis county police department. He also was a part of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police department for about 10 years. Fowlkes has real life experience that has prepared him for what he does for a living now. Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager at a company called Eagle Industries unlimited and he has very important job. He is responsible for showcasing gear, and the products that line the shelves of many law enforcement groups around the world. Eagle Industries specializes in the gear that soldiers and other types of officers need on duty and Ronald first encountered this brand in the service himself.


Ronald Fowlkes lives in St. Louis Missouri and has been a part of Eagle Industries now since 2008. He has proven that he knows what it takes to get the job done in the field of work that policemen, soldiers, and even security guards participate in every day. With him a part of this company the products that they sale have maintained a level of quality that is dependable. Robert Fowlkes knows what he is doing.

Aloha Construction: A Well Rounded Ethical Organization!

Aloha Construction Inc, a leader in roofing, siding, and gutter repairs has been distinguished by the BBB as a well-rounded, ethical organization in the Midwest region. The company was awarded the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. The Better Business Bureau delivers the Torch Award as an honor to companies that epitomize outstanding efforts which positively affect their community, employees, and their customers. The Torch Award utilizes an independent panel of fifteen judges who screen businesses standards rigorously in the selection process. Aloha Construction stacked at top of their list for a host of reasons.

Aloha Construction was founded in 2008 by Chief Executive Officer Dave Farbaky. The diligent company has completed 20,000 roofing commitments to date. One of the characteristics that stood out for panelist was the company’s dedication to its customer base. Furthermore, it prides itself on doing the right things all around for their customers. Mr. Farbaky and his team are in the trenches lending expertise as well as a helping hand at every turn. Aloha Construction fosters customer trust by offering free roof inspections annually. These routine check-ups often save unsuspecting homeowners thousands of dollars on repairs that they would not have caught before their coverage deadline. The forward-thinking company streamlined financing for their customers via a partnership with Synchrony Financial. This option allows clients the opportunity to establish payment plans for roofing services. The company goes a step further to assist customers by walking them through the steps necessary to take advantage of the financing program.

Aloha Construction delivers excellent customer service and repairs. They ensure their work by guaranteeing it for 10 years under their Craftsmanship Warranty. The professional team commits to ensuring a job well done. They will complete repairs at no cost for up to a decade after the new roof installation. In fact, they makes huge strides in their efforts to provide customer solidarity. Their actions exemplify a strong sense of forethought towards their clients. They genuinely want all parties to win. The well rounded ethical company stands strong in their commitment to promote a culture of reinforced customer support.…/prweb14244544.htm

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Shines As The CEO Of Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco always stands out with the work he does. He knows how to work hard and isn’t afraid to take chances with his own career if that means he can make a difference for others. Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew what he wanted to do with people who were in different situations, he felt good about the business he was working for. It was his way of allowing people to see things would get better no matter what they were doing with the bank at the time they were getting services.

While Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew things had to be different for others, he felt good about Bradesco. In fact, he felt there were things that allowed him to make decisions based on the hard work he put into the business. Even when he was just working as a clerk for Bradesco, he knew what he had to do and how to make it happen in a way that allowed others to enjoy all the options they had available to them. It was how he made these choices that influenced the hard work he put into the business.


Even though Luiz Carlos Trabuco didn’t know what would happen in the future, he felt good about his chances to grow in the company. He is a hard worker, he has a lot of motivation and he tries to give clients the best parts of the business. He didn’t see any way things could go wrong with the business. Since he spent so much time learning about these things, he felt good about trying to make himself better with the company. It was his way of showing people things would get better while he was running the business according to

As he progressed through the different positions at Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew he was getting close to the ultimate goal he had in place. He felt good about how he could make things better for people and about the hard work he had available to him. It was his way of showing others they could get more from the business and they could experience a positive opportunity based on what they were doing on their own. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco as president, the point of doing all this was to make sure people saw how successful he was and how hard he worked to make things better.

After working his way through the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco saw his next opportunity was becoming the CEO. He took the opportunity and used it to his advantage. The way he did things allowed him to feel good about the options that were available. It also made him see he was the best choice for Bradesco. Since he spent so much time working for the company and learning about the different positions with Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the perfect fit for the CEO job. He is an expert banker on Bradesco and knows just what they need to succeed with every goal they have for the future.

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Dr. Saad, a Dedicated Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad earned his medical degree over 40 years ago from Cairo University in Egypt. He graduated with honors and ranked second in his class. He completed his internship in England. He came to the United States 45 years ago. His residency was done in pediatric surgery in the United States. His innovation in the medical field has earned him recognition amongst his peers.

For over 40 years, Dr. Saad has been a leader and innovator in his field. He has two patented inventions and has developed several new pediatric surgical procedures. He has performed thousands of complicated pediatric surgeries on children.

In 2002, the PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund) reached out to Dr. Saad, asking if he could perform surgery on a 15-year-old boy. The child from the West Bank had been shot in the stomach and needed complicated surgery to fix the damage left by the event. Dr. Saad agreed and PCRF flew the patient to the United States to have the surgery performed.

When Dr. Saad examined the young boy, he determined that his condition was dire. There were still holes in his stomach, causing burning of the skin. The child also had trouble eating. The surgery was performed in 2003 and would last for 7 hours. He patched up the holes and fixed the internal injuries. The surgery was successful.

Another surgery was performed by the doctor in 2010. A baby girl from the West Bank was born with her intestines on the outside of her body. The PCRF flew the girl out to the United States where Dr. Saad performed surgery on her. The surgery took 5 hours and the results for the young child of only 18 months were good. Learn more:

Two official awards have been received by Dr. Saad for his efforts to help the Palestine people. In 2010, he received the Humanitarian Award from the PCRF. He also received an award from the Ministry of Health, presented by the Governor of Ramallah for his humanitarian services.

Dr. Saad has dedicated over 40 years of service in the field of Pediatrics. He has performed many complicated surgeries and has received several awards for his humanitarian work. His innovations and hard work have afforded him recognition amongst his peers.

Whitney Wolfe’s Strong Stand With Bumble

Bumble dating application ensures maximum security to users since women initiate dating. In a recent lawsuit against Bumble, the company was quick to respond to the accusations made by Tinder application is a great threat to Bumble in the industry. Tinder claimed that Bumble had copied its trade secrets thus violating two patents. Even though Tinder made these accusations, it was still interested in acquiring Bumble. Interestingly, Tinder filed the lawsuit against Bumble to initiate the acquisition. However, Bumble confirmed that it would never be acquired by Tinder since it considers it as an act of bullying.

The CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, stated that Tinder was only interested in buying and intimidating Bumble. Whitney said that she would not accept Tinder’s deal even with an increased buying price. Whitney Wolfe noted that her company would not do anything that can compromise its values. Whitney said that even though a woman leads Bumble, the company is not afraid of bullies. Mandy Ginsberg from Tinder confirmed that the lawsuit did not aim at anyone specifically. Mr. Ginsberg said that the suit was meant to protect Tinder’s integrity.

Interestingly, Whitney Wolfe was one of the founders of Tinder. Later on, she felt the need to start her own company. Mandy said that Bumble’s features are quite similar to those of Tinder. One of the common features includes swiping either right or left to initiate or deny matches. Another related feature between the two companies is that they both pair two users who show interest in one another. The main difference between Tinder and Bumble is that Bumble is specially designed for women to start a conversation thus making it more secure.

Match Group had set aside $450 million for the acquisition of Bumble. Despite the frequent rejection, Match Group does not give up on its intentions of acquiring Bumble. Herd did not disclose the information shared in the discussion between Bumble and Match Group. Herd claimed that Bumble spent less starting capital when compared to its competitors. Whitney said that her company could only strike a deal with a company that empowers it to offer better services to users.

The founder of Badoo made the first move in approaching Whitney Wolfe to start a partnership business. Since the two launched Bumble in 2014, the company has introduced BumbleBFF and Bumble Bizz. According to a report by Forbes, the value of Bumble is about $ 1 billion. The knowledge that Wolfe acquired at Southern Methodist University where she pursued International Studies helps her to run her company.

The Life and Success of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is among the renowned billionaires in the world. Sajwani’s net worth is approximated to be $3.8 billion. The success of Sajwani is long fetched, and he has worked for it since childhood.

Hussain Sajwani is the owner of the DAMAC Properties. It is the leading firm in the provision of commercial and private properties. The DAMAC Owner is an expert in his field and the knowledge he has; has maintained the high sales of the business. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Forbes and Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

He goes to the extent of hiring the award-winning architectures in the state. This has contributed significantly to the classy homes that he offers his clients. Over the years, DAMAC Properties has provided more than 20000 homes to the residents of Dubai, the Middle East, and CIS.

The clients are delighted with the services they get from the company. They say the customer care services are beneficial and very active. The other thing is that the customers are treated equally. Whether you are a customer purchasing a home or a client purchasing a commercial property, there is no discrimination.

Hussain Sajwani has great business networks that he has earned through his reputation. One of his most reputable business partners is Donald Trump. Their business relations began back in 2004 when they collaborated to work on the Donald Trump International Golf Club.

The Hussain Sajwani family has a personal relationship with that of Trump. They spend the New Year’s Eve party together. This is not the only meal the two families have shared. The Hussain Sajwani family invite the Trump’s family for dinners as well. Thanks to this friendship, their business relationship will not be affected even with Trump in office.

The visit of the DAMAC Owner brought up a lot of controversies. Some said that Trump was trying to protect his business associates. However, one close source said that there were no business discussions were held. It was a friendly visit.

Hussain was raised in a humble family, and he understands how hard achieving goals without the necessities is. This is why he contributed AED two million to help needy children and urge others in the congregation to do the same.

Class Dojo Builds Classrooms

There are a lot of times teachers may need something to help them build community with their classroom.They may have students that don’t do well socially or there may be students who are just not able to feel they are a part of the group. Class Dojo can help them to connect and feel comfortable with each other and maybe themselves.

Student to Student

When looking at a classroom, it’s easy to see how students may feel liek they are not a part of the group. They may stick to one or two people and not want to meet anyone new. The Class Dojo app is one that will help them to connect in a safe and friendly enviornment that may feel better to them. They can chat with each other and they can learn about who they are as people.

Teacher to Student

The app can also be used for teachers and students. They can talk to each other and the student can feel safe telling a teacher a problem or issue they may be having with another student or with their own work. This can help build trust and can help them to want to speak up more.

Teacher to Parent

The teaher can also speak to the parents and address any issues they may have. They can come up with a plan and they can get more done as a team than if they were trying to do it on their own. This can help give them a unified front when there is an issue or the student needs more help than the thought in the begginning.

Parent to Student

Parents can also connect to the student through the app. While they may not want to talk to them on it, they can learn what is going on in the childs day and be able to help them navigate any issues they may be having in order to help them do better in school all the way around.

Class Dojo is a great help to more than just one side of the education circle. It can help everyone to connect and feel as though they are in this together, because in the end, they are.

Jason Hope’s Vision for the End of Aging

Jason Hope is a very successful businessman. Since his graduation from ASU with an MBA Hope has grown into a top-level entrepreneur. He is sought after by many for his expertise in various aspects of business. This is only one side to Hope, who also wears the mantle of investor, philanthropists, and avid futurist. Futurists are individuals interested in the future, and the impact the present has on it. Many watch current trends and make predictions, others do their part to bring their vision into fruition. Jason Hope has a vison for the future, the end of aging, and he is investing in that vision to ensure it becomes a reality.

In 2010 Hope donated half-a-million dollars to the SENS Research Foundation, an organization at the forefront of rejuvenation technology. Hope stated that his investment was made because of SENS approach to anti-aging. The company looks to stop the processes within the body that cause it to break down. Such processes, like the build-up of advanced glycation, or AGE- waste, is responsible for the body aging and becoming vulnerable to serious illnesses. Finding the cause of what makes people age-faster is revolutionary, and Hope is a huge supporter. His problem with traditional medicine is it only offers treatment, in SENS Hope sees cure. In addition to providing funding faithfully, Hope is also a spokesman for the company, representing in numerous social outings. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

According to Jason Hope rejuvenation technology is the end of aging. SENS AGE-breaker research is proof enough of that. If the processes that create aging in the body can be reversed, slowed, or shut down, then individuals will enjoy a longer more fruitful life. Many speculate that investors like Hope want to live forever, and for many that is true, but at the end of the day it is also about improving the quality of life for all people. For Hope, that is what he wants to see in the future.

David McDonald’s Tenure As President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group Has Seen A Series of Successful Expansions and Acquisitions:

OSI Group, LLC.’s President and Chief Operating Officer David G. McDonald has been with the powerhouse global food processing company since 1987. He is also a member of the firm’s Board of Directors. During his time with OSI, he has achieved many personal accomplishments that have helped the company continue its rise, leading it to become one of the top 100 food businesses in the United States and a global enterprise with facilities in 17 countries. David was born in 1964 into a hard-working, farming family. After graduating high school he attended Iowa State University, majoring in animal science. Upon his graduation in 1987 he accepted a position with OSI Group as a project manager in the very same year. He has never looked back and has climbed up the company’s ranks, eventually attaining his current positions. The years that David has spent with OSI have been a constant progression of expansion and acquisition and David has played a major role in this.

Part of OSI Group’s recent expansions under David McDonald’s leadership has taken place in the company’s European market. 2016 saw two major acquisitions in Europe. Baho Food is a Dutch company that provides meat products and other food items including snacks to the retail and foodservice industries. Regarding this valuable acquisition, David has stated that “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe…The company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.” Later in 2016, OSI acquired Flagship Europe, a supplier to the U.K. market. Flagship carries a large range of products including frozen poultry, pies, sauces and dressings. David McDonald expressed a similar sentiment to his statement regarding the acquisition of Baho Food. He stated that “Adding Flagship to our OSI Europe business further broadens OSI’s presence in Europe.”

David has also been busy helping expand OSI’s production capacity on the American homefront. The company recently purchased the former Tyson Foods processing plant in Chicago, Illinois. The addition of this second Chicago facility will greatly expand the firm’s production capacity in its American market. OSI Group has always been synonymous with top-notch customer service. All of these recent acquisitions will help to ensure that this reputation is not only maintained but exceeded.

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