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Jason Hope Knows How To Save The World

Jason Hope is the guy of the century. He does so many things—philanthropy, investment and foreseeing the future of technology. His amazing foresight is leading him to push the idea of the Internet of Things. He is so super-duper passionate about this topic that he can’t help but constantly write about it and bring it up in interviews.

A common person may hear the term “The Internet of Things,” and think that it means sitting at a computer, looking at a screen and going onto some sort of program. The concept is actually much more, and much different, than that. The Internet of Things involves everything in our physical dimension. It involves one thing broadcasting to something else. Now, this doesn’t refer to your toaster waving to your refrigerator and carrying on a spontaneous, casual conversation. It just means that physical objects can be set up in a certain way to detect and transmit information to each other. The objects receiving information carry out functions that inform us and/or make our lives easier in some way or another. The concept is that inanimate objects have controlled communications with each other.

The Internet of Things is amazing in that it can make various types of procedures more precise and accurate. Time is money, and when things are done efficiently, there are less costs to get jobs done. Sometimes, there are logistical mishaps that waste people’s time and give people extra headaches. The Internet of Things can prevent these headaches from occurring.

The Internet of Things can also help in our pursuit of cleaning up the Earth and preventing future dumping of trash and chemicals. We already have a lot of really, really serious problems when it comes to the environment. Animals are getting trapped, suffocated and incapacitated by trash on the land and in the oceans. Human beings are suffering from huge rates of cancer. Some areas are known to be cancer clusters. Textbooks and websites say so much about how water is bad to drink in third world countries and how it is so good in Western countries. Meanwhile, people in the first world and Western countries are getting cancer from dirty water supplies. For more info about us: click here.

Jason Hope is wise about the world’s issues. This is why he is so uncompromisingly excited about the Internet of Things. Chatter about the Internet of Things comes out of his mouth and through his writing, all the time.

Beneful Wet and Dry Food at Walmart

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Focus on the Life and Career of George Soros

According to the recently released Billionaires list of 2017 by Forbes Magazine, George Soros appears in number 29 of the richest people on the planet. The 86 year old Hungarian-American investor is worth $25.2 billion USD. This position automatically confirms him as the richest hedge fund executive in the world at the moment. Apart from being an astute investor, George Soros is well known for using his fortune to fund and influence a number of causes. George Soros supports liberal democratic systems that became victorious after the Cold War. He has been involved in activism for a long time and was at one time named as the most influential man in Hungary by Politico. He runs the Open Society Foundations, which he setup in 1984 to assist the marginalized and oppressed groups. From the time communism fell, George Soros has being actively involved in American and Central European politics. He has donated huge chunks of money running into millions of dollars to various liberal organizations in the world and the Democratic Party in the United States. He was among the donors who gave Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign a boost via generous donations as Soros is a fierce critic of Donald Trump, the current U.S. President and what George Soros knows.


George Soros has made a mark in the world of philanthropy globally. He is one of the most generous givers having donated more than $12 billion until now. His donations have been aimed at supporting organizations as well as individuals around the world fighting for the freedom of expression, accountable government, transparency and societies that promote equality and justice. The billionaire investor and philanthropist focuses a lot on funding people facing discrimination for whom or what they are. He has in the past supported groups that represent the Roma people in Europe, people pushed to the margins of the conventional society like sex workers, LGBTI people and drug users and George Soros lacrosse camp. His past could be the main catalyst why he supports the marginalized groups and people as he experienced this type of intolerance firsthand. He was born in Hungary back in 1930 and lived at a time when the Nazi occupation was taking place from 1944 to 1945. This occupation resulted in the deaths of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. His family narrowly escaped this holocaust by using falsified papers that concealed their backgrounds and together with others ran away from their country and learn more about George Soros.

Education and Career

After escaping Hungary, he enrolled himself at the London School of Economics and worked hard as a waiter and railway porter to pay for his fees. He then started work in the field of finance in a merchant bank. After this experience, he moved to New York and got inducted at the Wall Street. In 1969 he started his hedge fund with $12 million. He is an active investor through his Soros Fund Management, which currently manages assets worth $30 billion and more information click here.

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The Success Story of Ambassador and Former Diplomat Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in the Great Britain. He serves an international lawyer, Israel diplomat, and a British writer. Further, he served as Israel’s Ambassador to the UK between 2011 and 2015. Presently, Daniel serves as the director of strategy and planning at Yad Hanadiv Foundation based in Jerusalem.

Taub attended Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, University College in London, and University College in Oxford. In 1989, Taub relocated to Israel where he served as a combat medic in the country’s defense forces. Moreover, he also served as a reserve officer in international law division. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

While Daniel Taub was in office, the volume of trade between the United Kingdom and Israel doubled. According to the statement that was recently released by Israel embassy, Taub’s four-year tenure resulted in massive growth in business, academic, and cultural links between the two states.

Further, the British secretary in charge of state for business, skills, and innovation confirmed that over 300 Israel businesses are operating in the United Kingdom. The annual bilateral trade was in excess of $5.5 billion according to Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce.

Daniel Taub was initially a peace negotiator between Israel and the United Kingdom but later became an ambassador. He had learned much from his travels to the Northern parts of Ireland accompanied by his close Palestinian counterpart. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

In 2012, Taub revealed the possible split of the Jewish community on possible regional independence. This came a number of years after an influential student Union in Britain voted in favor of adopting a boycott of Israel.

In an interview with Jewish chronicle, Taub further stated that he was particularly concerned with the atmosphere in colleges and other tertiary institutions across the country.

As a result, he warned the administrators not to suppress the free expression of views even those in support of Israel in Universities.

To compound his personal commitment, Taub defiantly paid a visit to Bradford after the area was promptly declared an Israel free zone by a parliament representative, George Galloway.

Taub visited Bradford after he received invitations from the community. He courageously held several other meetings with faith leaders, councilors, and other authority groups in the city during his visit.

Daniel Taub clarified that he is not an ambassador to the community of Jews but St James Court. He, however, agrees that the Jewish community is important in his roles because of its involvement, passion, and concern.

How Adam Milstein Advocates For Jewish People

Adam Milstein has emerged over the last several years as one of the most influential and passionate advocates of Israel and Jewish people in the world. He has a Twitter account that has almost 84,000 people following him and earned a place on “The 25 Most Influential People On Jewish Twitter” list. As a resident of Southern California, he has worked very hard to become a philanthropist and advocate for Israeli-Americans and the longstanding ties between America and Israel. He is also the founder, along with his wife Gila, of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which was established by them in 2000. This foundation is used to fund a variety of nonprofits focused on helping Jewish people in a variety of ways. They help younger people get in touch with their Jewish heritage and their ability to read Hebrew. They show them how to be proud of their culture and how to advocate for their positions.

In addition to funding, Adam and Gila Milstein also dedicates a lot of time, effort, and experience to those organizations and programs to which they lend their support. They have learned that they can be more effective by establishing relationship with those behind the organizations and programs. As a very successful businessman, Adam also offers his expertise in managing an organization and how to best recruit talent.

One of the projects that Adam and Gila Milstein have launched is their Sifriyat Pijama B’America. This program supplies books, written in Hebrew, to Jewish-American children. The books teach these children about their Jewish background and the values of that community.

Adam Milstein is also very active on college campuses. He teaches Israeli-American students attending college how to advocate for their beliefs and fight back against anti-Semitism. He also teaches them how to become community leaders so that they can help and encourage others on and off campus facing the same issues.

Adam Milstein also serves on the board of a number of nonprofits that share his values. This includes groups such as StandWithUs, Stand By Me, and the Israel on Campus Coalition among others.

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End Citizen: The Grassroot Donor-Funded PAC

Established on March 1, 2015, End Citizens United is known as a PAC (Political Action Committee) that is funded by grassroots donors. They are committed to countering Citizens United disastrous effects and reforming their campaign finance system.

They will show elected officials, press, voters, and candidates, that the grassroots are counterattacking with force against the rising billionaire’s brazenness trying to buy their elections. That’ll be the ingredient of building a broad coalition that is working in regards to campaign finance reform as well as pressuring lawmakers in taking action.

According to the article on the MSNBC, a new political action dedicated to campaign finance reform wanted to be a major player in the year 2016, and it was planning on funneling millions of dollars to the Democratic candidates that were running in Senate races and competitive House countrywide.

Richard Carbo, who is the communications director, said that the End Citizens United group, which had officially launched August 2015, had raised over 4 million dollars from small donors, and the group was on track on raking in a total of 25 million dollars to 30 million dollars for the whole cycle. The ultimate goal of the group was passing a constitutional amendment for reversing the decision of the Supreme Court in Citizens United, which in the year 2010 had given rise to super Political Action Committees and released the dark money tidal wave into politics.

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By that time, over 325,000 people had already signed the End Citizens United’s petition that was demanding Congress pass before-mentioned legislation. That number was likely to get a boost because the group had partnered together with “Ready for Hillary”; it was to rent its e-mail list, which included upwards of 4 million individuals, who were to reach out to the potential liberal supporters. The month of August 2015, End Citizens United had also announced its 11 Democratic candidates’ endorsement, including Sen. Michael Bennet of CO (Colorado) and former Sen. Russ Feingold WI (Wisconsin).

While there had been other Political Action Committees focusing on campaign finance reform, Richard said that his group was distinct as there was a gap in the conversation that was addressing the side of it that was political and making people get elected who were capable of changing the laws that were existing.

That meant supporting candidates favoring the campaign finance reform, who were going to stand up against the Citizens United, on top of those who were under attack by the Koch brothers (billionaire conservative) as well as other groups that are related to dark-money. The group was planning to set up an independent expenditure arm in 2016 for financially backing the candidates through initiatives that included polling, direct mailers, and television ads.