Billy McFarland gives Millenials a new experience with Magnises

If you are a millennial, you understand the importance of knowing where an event is taking place. It is sometimes difficult to follow up events taking place at different locations. Billy McFarland thought of this problem and decide to come up with a solution. He created an online community known as Magnises.

Magnises has grown to become a forum where people get connected to events and happenings in their city. The availability of a card and a mobile app enables one to know of activities happening close to them.

To be part of the program, you have first to subscribe through the company’s website. There are some details you may have to give such as your basic information, name, and address. Administrators of the site will check the information you provide and decide whether you are eligible to join the community or not.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland started his entrepreneur endeavors from a very young age. He founded his first company when he was thirteen years. The company was an online-based platform that matched clients with designers. Billy McFarland later joined Bucknell University to study Computer Engineering.

Just before he reached the end of his first year, he decided to drop out and started Spling. Spling became an online Ad platform which enables users to change URLs to graphics. He still serves as the Chief Executive Officers of Spling. He established Magnises later in 2013 and officially launched the firm in 2014.

Magnises has received incredible success. According to Billy McFarland, the key to such business success has been community endeavors. He has strived to help legal brands market their services and products to millennials. These companies have always needed a marketing platform; Magnises presents the ultimate platform with millennials.

McFarland decided to start the company after he realized that he was decades away from affording expensive black cards. There were no affordable black cards for millennials at that time. He felt the traditional pressure due to a weak digital upgrade.

Billy is also the founder of Spling. He raised capital for Magnises business ventures through Deep Fork Capital. The company has attracted a total of $3 million from investors in New York City.

Covers.Com, Your Best NBA Odds

Sports betting have gained significant popularity over the years. Sports betting takes place in all kind of sports with the most popular being games like soccer, American football, basketball, and polo among others. Most betting is based on the odds that your betting company offers. Therefore, better odds translate to better winning on your placed bet. With betting firms being too many in the industry today clients and potential bettors need to take their time to ensure that they get the firm with the best odd and bonus offers.

When it comes to NBA basketball betting, it is all about being smart and knowing the right strategy. That is why has taken their time to provide the best NBA odds in the market. Few firms will have better odds and a wide range of games as do. When it comes to the kind of bets that customers want to place, they also have a wide variety. The most popular types of odds are the fixed odds with the probability of either a loss or a win. Covers also offer their clients with spread betting options which will help to spread risks evenly and increase the chances of winning.

When it comes to sports betting ensure that you are assured of the eligibility of your betting firm. is a firm that is popular and has a clean repute for paying winners as soon as possible. Most sports bettors understand the need to get the tricks that help you to win more. Most people make the mistake of simply betting on the first set of odds they lay their eyes on. Covers insist that clients should shop their lines from reliable sources. Firms such as offer sports betting tool to customers for free.

The thrill in NBA betting cannot be overemphasized. With major teams such as the San Antonia Spurs trying to maintain their edge in their matches this season, the season is just getting better. Having gone past seven weeks in the NBA season, the home teams and the road teams seem to be dead-even against the spread. This makes revenge matches one major money-maker for bettors. Teams that have played for revenge after an earlier loss in the season have gone 56-29-1 ATS; this is inclusive of 33-12-1 ATS off a loss. It is also advisable to consider teams on injury watch as some key player may affect the NBA odds quite significantly. Visit and get the best money-maker NBA odds in the market.

Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and investor who is currently the co founder of a company called Swiss Start up Factory. With his company, Baur has helped a number of businesses get the assistance they need in order to become successful. Prior to being an entrepreneur, Mike would invest his money in a number of start up companies which proved to be very profitable. At the beginning of his career, Mike worked for banks as a business banking professional. These unique experiences have all helped Mike Baur become a well rounded business professional for over two decades. With his new company, Mike looks to continue making an impact in the local and national business community.


Baur first started his career by working at various banks. When working at these banks, he would serve business clients and help them get funding for their operations. During this time, Mike would often meet with entrepreneurs who were looking to get capital to start their companies. Baur would often talk with them to discuss their needs and goals and find ways to meet them. In most cases, Mike would go over the profit potential of the business as well as the current market for it. If approved, Mike would issue loans to these entrepreneurs so that they can begin their new business in the near future.


After working in the banking industry for two decades, Mike decided to look into getting involved in another business related venture. He decided to begin investing in start up companies. When investing in start up companies, Mike would research each one and look for ones that had the most potential in terms of profitability and meeting a current market demand. His research paid off as he would consistently get favorable results. He would earn very high profits and therefore conclude that start up businesses are very lucrative to get involved with.


The next venture that Mike Baur would get into is entrepreneurship. He started up the company Swiss Start Up Factory in the year 2014. Based on his experience in evaluating new businesses and investing in them, Baur came up with a unique model for his business. Swiss Start up Factory helps a number of businesses by giving them consulting as well as capital to reach their goals. This company gets its clients by allowing a number of start up businesses to talk about their idea to Mike. Once Mike evaluates the business ideas, he chooses ones that have the most potential.. Under his guidance, these businesses will get a lot of the support they need in order to become lucrative businesses in the near future.


JustFab Excels Under The Leadership Of Don Ressler

Don Ressler’s contribution at JustFab is unmatched. Since founding the company, he has been involved in every major decision, including funding. Don Ressler has played an integral role in securing adequate funding for the company. To this end, the company has been able to acquire other fast-growing businesses and widen its market share.

JustFab secured its initial funding slightly over one year after its founding in 2010. The funding was obtained from the Matrix Partners. It was worth $33 million. The investment made by the U.S. venture capital firm helped the company to increase its products portfolio and establish modern business operations. It also ignited the desire of many businesses to invest in the online subscription retailer. Just a year later, a conglomerate of Matrix Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, Rho Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty invested over $76 million in JustFab. As a result, the firm expanded its operations outside the United States to the UK, Canada, and Germany.

Following successful leadership and enhanced revenues, JustFab was able to acquire FabKids. The acquisition of the children’s fashion subscription retailer meant that the company started venturing into kids’ wear. It also had the advantage of taking the entire JustKids’ customer base. Although the two companies have similar names, they do not have a prior connection.

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The expanding firm soon started attracting celebrities who released their collections through its sub-brands. Some of the notable celebrities who worked with the company are Avril Lavigne, Elle Fowler, and Blair Fowler. In 2013, the show “Kimora: House of Fab” started airing. Through the show, the company exhibited the daily life at the various offices of the enterprise. It was aimed at creating publicity and promoting good public relations. The company benefited greatly from the show as it made the populace aware of its existence.

Don Ressler was also involved in the latest funding procedure undertaken by the company. The third round of funding saw the company receive over $40 million from investors. This money was secured in September 2013. The aim of this money was to help the company accelerate its growth and introduce new products in the market.

Don Ressler is also the founder of Intermix and Intelligent Beauty. The latter is a venture capital company. It has been investing in various start-ups in the United States. Intelligent Beauty has been interested in enterprises engaged in different fields, including fashion and information technology. Ressler is also associated with Fabletics. JustFab owns this successful corporation.

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Kabbalah Study Open to Everyone

In our modern lives, living with so much technology, it is increasingly easier to feel some level of disconnect, feeling as though we are not as fulfilled as we feel we could be. Kabbalah recognizes that there is a spiritual world much larger that the one we are usually able to access as human beings. Some of that feeling of disconnect can be that we as humans are not tapped into that spiritual world of light that we could be. The universe holds many secrets that are sometimes hard for humans to decipher leading to confusion, pain and suffering. Kabbalah teaches it’s students how to unlock those complexities, bringing understanding and clarity to their lives.

The teachings of Kabbalah are meant to share and impart these wisdoms with the hope that students will apply these teachings to better their lives. It is not a religion in itself, it does not promote blind faith, the teachings only provide students with the tools they can use to apply to their lives to deepen their understanding of the universe. The study of Kabbalah can be applied to each students life on a personal level and can be applied to any existing religion of life.

All races, genders and religions are accepted to the Kabbalah Center to study. Although Kabbalah used to be restricted to older Jewish men who had reached a certain age to be deemed wise enough to take the teachings of Kabbalah into their hands, the modern Kabbalah Center has opened this study to any race, religion or gender. Anyone can get started studying Kabbalah because there are teaching centers in most major cities throughout the USA and Europe. Kabbalah is open to anyone globally and if one of the global centers cannot be accessed there are many online courses that one can take like a modern online study course.

EOS Reveals Strategy For Success in Exclusive Interview With Fast Company

In this exclusive interview with Fast Company, EOS (Evolution of Smooth is the company’s full name) reveals information that they have previously kept rather quiet about their journey to success in a mere seven years.

Lip balm has been packaged, marketed, and sold basically the same way for more than a century. The familiar tubes about two inches long or so that sit in little packages or boxes in the drug store, such as Chapstick or Blistex, are essentially the same as they have always been.

That’s a large part of EOS’ success – they aren’t the typical Racked drugstore lip balm. The creators knew the industry was ripe for something new, but they didn’t want to create something gimmicky or a passing fad, obviously. So they set about to design a fresh form of packaging that engages all five senses, and thus, the iconic EOS lip balm containers were born.

By creating something different, the EOS’ team had struck figurative gold. But getting the product into stores wasn’t easy at first. Like most great ideas, they were shot down more than once before finding someone who thought their product would sell.

It wasn’t long after their lucky break that EOS ( exploded in popularity. Now the funky little lip balms are only outsold by Burt’s Bees, and their future looks to entail more growth and greater profits.

EOS also succeeded in striking figurative gold in their targeted demographic: millennial women. Their success is evidenced by shots of celebrities using their products ( and the lip balms being mentioned all over beauty magazines and blogs. The company also maintains an active presence on social media, a key part of their strategy.

To learn more about EOS and how they succeeded in a century-old industry, read their full interview here.


The History of OSI Group and What They Have to Offer

The food industry is very large. There are many businesses located within the food industry, one business is the OSI Group. The OSI Group was originally a small family meat market founded in the year 1909 in Oak Park, Illinois by Otto Kolschowsy. In 1928 the small family meat market became known as Otto and Sons and created a reputation for offering good quality meat. In 1955 Otto and Sons began working with McDonald’s which quickly became their main source of business.

Late in the 1960’s McDonald’s no longer needed as many fresh beef suppliers because of the release of Cryogenic food processing. Otto and Sons became one of McDonald’s 4 meat suppliers. In the year 1973 Otto and Sons opened its first large meat plant and developed liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels as well as a patty former. In 1975 Otto and Sons changed their name to OSI Group (

The Growing Business, OSI Group

The OSI Group has grown a lot over the past several years. OSI Group Mission is to responsibly manage their business with in the social, economic and environmental frameworks where they operate. There are over 60 plants located in 3 different zones the America zone, Europe zone and, the, Asia/Pacific/India zone. OSI Group corporate office as well as 6 of their U.S. plants are located Illinois, with many other plants in the U.S. In the year 2011 Forbes magazine ranked OSI Group as #136 in America’s largest privately owned company bringing in $3 billion. In 2016 OSI Group was ranked 58 by Forbes magazine with revenue over $6.1 billion.

Products Offered by OSI Group

OSI offers many different meats however they offer other products as well. Some meats they offer are bacon, breakfast sausage, hot dogs, Italian sausage, bratwursts, Chicken, beef, and pork. OSI Group also offers many other products such as pizza dough, bread sticks, flat breads, Paninis, soups, cheese sauces, salsa and much more. OSI group has also been supplying to fast food chains in China such as Subway, Starbucks, Papa Johns Pizza, and Pizza hut.

Safety at OSI Group

As far as safety goes OSI group has received awards for management of health and safety risks and environmental management. They state that employees know that safety and quality always come first. They have annual quality audits to make sure their products are tested against many different standards and requirements. This includes government, customer and their own requirements. They evaluate every product during every shift, have weekly evaluations and preform complete audits 4 times a year. They put safety first when designing new processes and equipment.

Summary of the Growing OSI Business

The OSI group was originally called Otto and Sons and was only a small family meat market in Illinois. Since then OSI Group has expanded significantly and now has over 60 plants in many parts of the world, and is quickly growing on the Forbes magazines’ largest privately owned business list raking 58 this year (2016). OSI is working with many different fast food restaurants producing different kinds of meats, soups, dough and breads. Safety and quality put as number one priorities at OSI Group and they have been awarded for doing so.

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Up Close with Avi Weisfogel: A Renown Sleep Apnea Specialist and Philanthropist

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an excellent example of hard work pays in the medicine field. With a two-decade experience, Dr. AVi Weisfogel has cemented his status as a renowned dentist and specialist in the treatment of sleep apnea disorder. Sleep apnea is a foreign concept to most individuals. However, it refers to a condition characterized by irregular breathing during sleep. Such a condition can occur during the daytime and is characterized by insomnia and headaches. Fortunately, the accomplished doctor has adopted the use of customized oral appliances to treat obtrusive sleep apnea.


Avi’s Charity Work


Apart from spending adequate in his profession, Weisfogel is dedicated to serving various initiatives to uplift the health standards of the local community. For instance, his participation in the Go Fund Me Campaign has elevated his status among his peers. More specifically, the launch program focuses on helping primary and secondary-care practitioners to obtain treatment for sleep apnea invalids. As a veteran in sleep disorders, Weisfogel possesses valuable knowledge necessary in deriving a long-lasting remedy for sleep apnea. Furthermore, he has collaborated with his highly skilled team to discover possible treatments for sleep apnea.


As an accomplished dentist, Weisfogel has dedicated much time to solving dental issues plaguing both children and adults. He is a firm believer that everyone deserves access to the best health & dental care available. As such, his exploits have earned him immense recognition at Operation Smile.


Avi’s Business Ventures


With the collaboration of his team, Weisfogel has developed a new model to counter the previous side effects experienced by invalids. Through the model, patients can receive round-the-clock treatment at a 90 % increment from previous clinical trials. Furthermore, the design has created a positive environment for the dissemination of services from physicians to patients and DME providers.


Dentists can also participate in the new model courtesy of the Dental Sleep Masters Program. Fortunately, dental patients can receive clinical services to remarkably transform their oral care and hygiene.


Avi’s Active Social Media Presence


Weisfogel is undoubtedly active in social media, courtesy of his numerous accounts. From Facebook to Twitter, Avi has provided a detailed description of his current interests and hobbies. For instance, he has posted several pictures depicting different settings. Alternatively, he has also posted several videos documenting his emergence in the music industry.