The Nathaniel Ru Marketing Plan


Nathaniel Ru is a master of marketing. The venture capitalists that are interested in funding his SweetGreen restaurant franchise are more than aware of just how skillful he is when it comes to building a franchise that goes against the grain.


Obesity is a big issue in America. The reason that this is such a big issue as much to do with the fact that consumers like fast food restaurants. They crave their double and triple cheeseburgers and fries. Americans love greasy foods and they like to do more eating out then cooking. That just makes it much easier for them to indulge in unhealthy foods on a very regular basis.


What Nathaniel Ru has managed to do is build the type of environment that allows people to totally transform their diet plans. They still have the luxury of eating out if they choose to, but now they have a healthy alternative with SweetGreen. This is the restaurant that Nathaniel Ru had put in place, and he is teaching people that there’s much more to dining out than fried food and other greasy items that contribute to heart attacks and high cholesterol.


The thing that has made SweetGreen work is the way that this company stands out from all the other companies that are trying to sell healthy items. A lot of other restaurants have prepackaged meals that are not all that delectable. Nathaniel made it up in his mind when the company was started in 2007 to always present fresh ingredients and meals that were made from scratch.


Nathaniel Ru is someone that has decided to go against the grain, and this is really paid off for him. A lot of businesses are simply carbon copies of something else that is already successful. That is why there is so much competition where customers find themselves comparing apples to apples. Nathaniel definitely set out with the marketing plan that would give consumers and chance to compare apples to oranges. He did not want a restaurant chain that was like everything else that was out there. He wanted to create something that was different for consumers that we’re looking for something different.


SweetGreen has proven that it can be a successful restaurant even though it doesn’t fall in line with the large majority of restaurants that exist today. More people are trying to find out about this chain as it expands.


Successful Mortgage Banking

Families in lower income brackets of specific Dallas, Texas neighborhoods have something to smile about. Receiving mortgage support for their very own home is possible and with the help of NexBank, will increase the quality of life. This is known as theAffordableHousing Loan Programand many families that are located in certain Southern Dallas zip codes will be benefiting from this service.

The Affordable Housing Loan Program is an ambitious program that’s looking to provide up to 100 or more loans per year, over a span of five years. In order to make this into a reality, special financial support is needed. Most banks will not entertain such a move in such dye economic conditions, but NexBank is not your standard financial institution. The bank is one of the most successful institutions in the Greater Dallas Area and it specializes in commercial, investment, and mortgage banking. As of June 2016, NexBank had an estimated worth of $3.5 Billion in assets and are looking to provide over $50 Million in mortgage support. In addition to the $50 Million, the bank is covering up to $2,000 worth in closing costs and fees.

Making this idea a realty comes from the efforts of Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat For Humanity. These two non-profit agencies are connecting the dots and bridging the gaps. Lower Income families and lenders now have a firm connection and are on the same path to getting things done. The two non-profit service agencies will offer families guidance, support, and counseling during this transition as well, which covers all bases. This three way partnership is changing the status quo and setting new standards in an already competitive market. This is a model of successful mortgage banking and NexBank is leading the way.

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Livio Bisterzo Partners With Starbucks To Offer Special New Snacks

Bisterzo Launches Vegan Snack LineOfficials at Starbucks are always on the lookout for new snacks to add to their collection. The chain is all about offering a high quality cup of coffee along with a snack or even a full meal. This is why those here are pleased to offer another new item to their grab and go list.

Starbucks has chosen to partner with Green Park Brands and Chief Operating Officer Livio Bisterzo to offer people a new snack that lets people enjoy a fabulous snack that is kosher, vegan and free of additional additives and chemicals. Officials at Green Park Brands and those at Starbucks know their customers will enjoy trying all of the flavors of the organic chickpea puff snack that they have put on the shelves here. Each customer will find that the one ounce snacks contain both three grams of fiber and four grams of protein.

Widely Available

The new HIPPEAS snacks have two flavors that are available in over seven thousand Starbucks locations all over the United States. Two of the best loved flavors, Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar, are there for snackers to grab and go as they pick out coffee at world continue to search for snacks that are easy to eat while sipping a cup of coffee many such Starbucks. The new items are expected to be a huge hit and people around the and relaxing here. Those at Starbucks are confident that their customers will find these snacks tasty and comforting as well as nutritious and an ideal break at any time of the day. The new snack fit in well with the determination of Starbucks officials to offer their customers something that is organic and made from high quality ingredients.

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Seven Years Of Study

Livio Bisterzo has been in the snack business for seven years. During this time, he has learned how best to help find the highest quality customer products. Each day he and his team of staffers aim to find new and innovative ways for them to create products that adhere to high standards at all times. He wants his customers to feel great about eating the products they produce. They know that clients also want to have the best possible ingredients in their snacks. All those who come to Starbucks today will find the snacks they want to eat right here in many national American Starbucks locations.

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Magnises Offers Users a Luxury Lifestyle

Magnises is a New York based start up company that focuses on exploring and improving your lifestyle. A ‘lifestyle start up’ is a pretty tough sale, or at least it would be, to people who don’t understand the connection between millennials and the digital world. Young and upcoming business professionals and entrepreneurs are increasingly looking for new ways to connect with one another and Magnises is here to try and fill in the gaps. Let’s talk a little bit about this innovative start up on Crunchbase and what it can offer our young professionals of today.

Founder and CEO Billy McFarland knows that there is a key in turning our online affinity for Facebook into an offline collective network. McFarland, a millennial himself, started up Magnises in order to create an offline social networking platform that was similar in set up to Facebook but more physical, tangible, and real. McFarland said that in an ideal world he would want “every one of your major life connections and milestones to happen through Magnises.” This all sounds good but what does it men exactly?

Magnises offers users access to the ‘club’ with a black membership card that can be purchased for an annual fee of just $257. What does this card give you, exactly? The Magnises membership card gives you access to a whole slew of perks that will pretty much change the way that you view your socialization world. Magnises will get you discounts at wonderful restaurants, access to private and seclusive clubs, and even allow you the opportunity to grab on cheap or free professional sporting event tickets. It is pretty easy to see exactly why these perks would change your networking world.

More than anything, Magnises wants to put you in situations where you are going out into the world and connecting with other members of the club. Connecting with people your age and of similar class can be integral in trying to network and change your life for the better. There won’t be exchanging of ‘likes and comments’ but there will be the exchange of real life experiences. Thus far the company has racked up over 12,000 new registrations and the company will continue to grow as more and more people hear about it.

One of our favorite perks of the Magnises membership card is the concierge service that is available on demand on Known as Magnises NOW, this concierge application gives you an assistant at your fingertips. Whether you are establishing a professional meeting or merely trying to get out on the town with your friends, use the Magnises NOW app to make it all happen. This app can be used to perfection when paired with the Magnises private benefits. Use your concierge app to get the night started and then connect with the various free Magnises hot spot locations where you can go relax with other members in a private and enjoyable environment. We think that a company like Magnises is going to have a very real place in today’s society.

Understanding Hair Care With Wen By Chaz

Hair care is something that we all need to take care of as we look to have the best looking and healthiest possible hair. One of the major problems we all face is which hair care products to use at any time, particularly when there are new technologies and ingredients being released each and every week of the year; clogging up our hair with many different chemicals is something we all do as we mix and match hair care products to create problems for our hair to limit the healthy shine we all hope to see.

One option increasing numbers of women are looking to take is to find a product that can complete a number of the different tasks we all undertake each day to get the healthiest looking hair possible. In general, these tasks take a number of different forms from simply washing our hair through to using sprays and creams to protect from the heat of straightening; WEN By Chaz is becoming even more popular for eliminating the need for many different products. Shampoo’s and conditioners are available that can take a woman through every step of the basic steps that can take a large amount of time out of each day.

Wen By Chaz is not limited to shampoo and conditioners, but also includes the chance to using styling creams and other Sephora available products designed to specifically highlight areas of the hair care process we all complete each and every day. Chaz Dean has developed these products in his own lab, which is located alongside his salon for his A-list celebrity clients.

Making sure we do not ruin the look of our hair is something we are all constantly looking to do, but each and every individual should spend some time making sure the products they use are designed to meet their own hair care needs. To learn more, visit the WEN YouTube channel.

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Sweetgreen Provides Healthy Food

Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, and Nicolas Jammet are three individuals that had the pondering question many undergraduates have. What will I do with my life after graduation? Eight years later Sweetgreen started in 2007 in Georgetown. Sweetgreen is located in thirty-one nationwide locations and expected to expand up to forty locations by the end of the year. Sweetgreen has made its mark as a $95 million business.


 Jonathan, Nathaniel, and Nicolas were looking to eat at a healthier place off campus and the idea sparked into motion. Deep down inside each of them had the aspiration to establish a business in Georgetown that provided individuals with better food options. They wanted the food options to be healthier, high quality, and leave a remarkable impression. They wanted Sweetgreen to be a great way towards a lifestyle change.


In an interview the founders of Sweetgreen mentioned that they still have stuck close to the original business plan. They have only expanded their pitch and business plan. In the interview the founders mentioned that Sweetgreen takes pride in maintaining values and providing quality in the community and with the farms that work with the business. Sweetgreen takes pride in the way those are treated at Sweetgreen stores and during the hiring process. Sweetgreen stands for maintaining sustainability and carrying out actions with pride and integrity. The interview also mentioned that early on Sweetgreen had been recognized by Joe Bastianich. The three founders mentioned that they had great support form Joe Bastianich when he looked over Sweetgreen’s business plan. Joe Bastanich saw that the founders had great passion and great ability to be able to take the business to soaring heights and amazing success. Sweetgreen continues to amaze others with the tasty and flavor filled salad combinations. At Sweetgreen there is no need for lots of dressing to make it tasteful. Overall, Sweetgreen continues to expand nationwide with success.


Nathaniel Ru is a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sweetgreen. Nathaniel Ru has stated that he firmly believes that the Sweetgreen brand stands for something amazing. Nathaniel has stated that the purpose of Sweetgreen is providing others with quality food that is better overall. Nathaniel along with his other Sweetgreen founders aim to provide a lifestyle and vision that eating better is the way to go. In conclusion, Nathaniel Ru and the other founders of Sweetgreen are continuing to provide tasteful and unique salad combinations nationwide.