Livio Bisterzo’s New Hippeas Snack Foods Are On The Brink of Becoming A Household Name

hippeas in a blue box livio bisterzo

When it comes to snack foods, a cleverly named product called Hippeas is creating a real buzz. Hippeas are organic chickpea puff snacks that are available in several tasty flavors.

Appealingly packaged in bright yellow bags that are adorned with a modernized version of a smiley face, Hippeas are vegan, low in calories and gluten-free. The puff snacks are made by a food innovation company named Green Park Brands.

A culturally and socially aware company, Green Park Brands believes in creating products that can bring about positive change. The CEO of the company is Livio Bisterzo, a dynamic and insightful young entrepreneur who has already established a very successful track record in the business world.

The popular Kyoku for Men line of men’s grooming products was co-founded by Livio Bisterzo. This line of products is used by people around the world, and is available online and retail stores.

Mr. Bisterzo, who studied at the University of the Arts in London, was previously CEO of the Little Miracles beverage company. He is married and has several children.

With his new Hippeas venture, Livio Bisterzo has a marketing focus that is at least partially aimed at the ‘modern hippie’ element of the millennial generation. At the same time, Hippeas are poised to become a mainstream snack product. The Starbucks chain of coffee shops recently made the decision to stock Hippeas organic chickpea puffs at thousands of its stores across the United States.

The hippie image that Hippeas are intentionally associated with is exemplified by the different flavors of chickpea puffs that are available. The flavors include far out fajita”, “maple haze”, and “happenin’ hickory.” A sriracha variety of puffs is available, as are a vegan white cheddar option, and a maple syrup variety.

Carrying out their philosophy of producing healthy, delicious foods, and spreading positive vibes, Hippeas regularly helps to economically support African chickpea farmers through the sales of its products.

With its bright and happy yellow packaging, and an appetizing assortment of flavors, the line of Hippeas organic chickpea puffs is a welcome addition to the world of snack foods.

We Like EOS Lip Balm for Soft Lips

There are a lot of lip balm options you may have looked into, and EOS lip balm is a popular option for your lip needs. Whether you have chapped lips or you are experiencing dry lips from the whether, EOS can help you.

Why Use EOS?

There are a lot of reasons you may want to use this great lip balm. The biggest is to help with chapped lips. You may want to use this lip balm in order to help your lips heal and to help them to feel better. Almost everyone has had chapped lips at one time or another.

How it Helps

Lip Balm can help your lips because it adds moisture to the skin of the lips so they can feel better and so they won’t hurt as much as they may have been. If there is still pain after some time, then you might have to look into something that is a medicated to help your lips heal and to help you feel better. EOS can help with mild chapping and dry skin, but you may need something stronger later.

What You Can do

You can use EOS lip balm to your daily routine in order to help your lips to feel better and to get better if they are sore or cracking. You should not over use the lip balm, but you should also think about the ingredients in the lip balm. EOS has shea butter that can help the lips to feel softer and heal faster.

There are a lot of things to think about when you are looking at lip balms for your needs. You simply have to find which one is going to be the best for you and stick to that. This way you can find the best lip balm for you and your lips. EOS lipm balms are found on Ulta and retail stores like Also check out



Dick DeVos and his Many Contributions

Of the many philanthropists in the United States, one name in particular stands out for not only his large donations to the public, but also through the effort that he has specifically put in for the purpose of helping those in need of resources to be re-allocated. This individual is Dick DeVos, a member of the DeVos family, a well known family in the Michigan region that is known for not only creating, but also developing Amway Corporation. With an international multi-billion dollar corporation, the DeVos family has put the earnings to good use by helping to build not only the national economy, but also the local economy.

Dick DeVos is a businessman in his own right who was influenced especially by his father, Richard DeVos who built Amway Corporation from the ground up. Dick DeVos has had the rare luck of knowing exactly what he has wanted to do even at a young age. Mr. DeVos, even before any formal schooling or training, helped the company where he could. As a young buy growing up, Mr. DeVos and his siblings helped the company by running errands, stocking shelves, and by even giving product descriptions to the clients of the company.

As a prominent individual who is world renowned for his contributions, Dick DeVos is especially dedicated to offering equal opportunity to all individuals. Dick DeVos truly believes that education is the key to not only boosting the economy, but to also bring regions and individuals out of poverty. As an individual who has worked hard to his current position, Dick DeVos believes that rewards and education opportunities should be awarded to those based upon merit and not based upon family income. With this in mind, Dick DeVos has donated millions of dollars to countless schools and scholarships to enable any devoted individual to receive a higher level education.

Dick DeVos, in 2010, made one of his most proud contributions by creating a school that has enabled individuals with a passion for flying earn a top quality education. This is a result of the creation of a new school known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a school that gave a quality education by teaching individuals how to fly. Dick DeVos even made several partnerships that enabled the students who have shown excellence to receive a free college education with a number of the partnership schools that Dick DeVos formed pacts with.


The Salad Days of Sweetgreen

In 2007, after graduating from Georgetown University, Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Nemen, and Nathaniel Ru founded Sweetgreen in Washington DC. A farm-to-table salad restaurant, they have expanded to 31 locations nationwide and expect that to grow to 40 by the end of the year. While their first shop was funded with the help of 40 friends and relatives, they have now completed three rounds of venture capital funding totaling $95 million.


The children of entrepeneurs, the three friends decided traditional jobs didn’t appeal to them. The desire to find better food options in Georgetown and the desire to start a business of their own, led them to begin Sweetgreen. They have created a business where their passion shows. Sourcing organic ingredients from local farmers, supporting local communities, and building relationships, it’s all about a lifestyle and a set of values.


Eight years later, they are having tremendous success and their partnership is still strong. Having started as friends, they now work together and even live next to one another. One reason for their success is the fact that they are all highly disciplined hard workers. Nathaniel Ru has talked about the challenges of scaling up. The three partners have worked in every role in the company and, he says, it can sometimes be difficult to let go and give that work over to the team you create.


The three partners have been innovative on several fronts. Technology plays a big part in the business. Thirty percent of Sweetgreen’s transactions take place from their website or mobile app, making it possible for people to order their food and bypass long waits in line. “Technology has always been a part of our DNA,” Nathaniel Ru said.


They have also spent time rethinking management strategies. To stay close to customers, the corporate office almost completely closes down five times a year so that everyone can work in the restaurants. Having recently opened offices in Los Angeles, the company is now bicoastal and has no centralized headquarters. “We don’t believe in big corporate headquarters,” Ru says. “We wanted to decentralize our headcount.”


Employees wear t-shirts with the words “passion x purpose” written on the back and it seems to be this collective belief in something worth doing that is the driving force behind the company.

A Preview Into The Lovaganza Announcement And What To Expect

Lovaganza is stepping up to fill the social gap that has existed in the film industry for decades. They are organizing programs that will bring unity among communities and most importantly enhance acceptance and learning. One of the biggest announcements the company made recently is about the 2020 Lovaganza Celebrations, which will cover the whole world and showcase cultures and ideas born of different communities.

Many were waiting to learn about the real date and the company has confirmed that the global celebrations will be hosted between May and September on There will be a number of events that will decorate these events among them being live performances and videos prepared to show about different cultures.

Lovaganza initially came up with the idea to host the celebrations in 2015 but this suggestion was ruled out when they realized it would not have the effect intended. One of the main reasons the dates were pushed ahead is pave way for the application of modern technology, which would enhance the effectiveness and quality of the event. There are also many items that ought to be prepared so the event can run successfully come 2020. Additionally, they will include cutting-edge concepts that can effectively portray the effect of different cultures present in the world’s communities.

Preceding schedule
To make the event a success, it is wise to first market it and let the world know about it in advance. This is possible through the Traveling Show, which should begin in 2017 with the sole aim of popularizing the 2020 celebrations. The event will also attach the goals and mission that the celebrations will intend to pursue and will also offer trilogies that contain the kind of events people should expect in 2020.

Shooting of the trilogies is already on course in various countries across the world including Spain, France and the U.S. To enhance quality, Lovaganza will present the trilogies on the Immerscope screens in a bid to create an out-of-this-world experience.

More about Lovaganza
The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is tasked with managing the events described above and will be the driver of the celebrations. Lovaganza is a wide company with two bodies which include the Entertainment Franchise and a not-for-profit organization. The organization is set to pursue cases of neglect among communities where children are likely to suffer and their main objective is to offer services that will help to make the lives of these children better.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

How to Improve Your Online Reputation

The number one way that all bloggers and website owners get noticed and hold their sterling reputation to high standards is by managing their online reputation. This is no easy task once you get it started. Online reputation managers have been helping people manage their digital reputations for some time now, and if you are a website owner, then it is about time that you look into managing your online reputation.

What is Your “Online Reputation”?

According to this recent news article by Forbes Magazine, online reputation managers are “Part PR gurus, part tech experts, they specialize in providing online makeovers—often by burying negative search results and promoting content that accentuates a client’s desired image.” Find this article on Online Reputation Reviews. Basically, an online reputation manager will make sure that he or she does everything in their power to bury any negative information about you and your website, and also will promote any position information about you and your website. This begs the question: How do you manage your online reputation in the first place?

You can manage your own online reputation by promoting yourself positively through social media. Also, always back linking in your blogs (if you have one) and promoting others will help to build your brand in a positive light. For now, it does not look like online reputation management is going away with the advent of “online brand managers” and the heavy use of social media throughout the world. It is to your benefit to stay on top of your online brand, and to manage it accordingly.