How Avi Weisfogel is increasing his Relevance Across Different Industries

Avi Weisfogel uses his talents to make a tangible difference in the community. Avi Weisfogel has been at the forefront in helping people with dental and sleep complications. He also disseminates a message full of motivation through public speaking and music.

Business prospects

Weisfogel has unparalleled experience of over 16 years of delivering unique cosmetic dentistry solutions. He has helped many patients achieve bright smiles while serving as dental professional in the East Brunswick region. He founded Old Bridge Dental Care in 1996, and the practice has remained committed to helping patients to improve their oral hygiene. The practice has a team of dental specialist who ensure patients have an amazing experience every time they visit the clinic.

Weisfogel established Dental Sleep Masters to assist people struggling with sleep complications. It focuses on treating medical complications like breathing difficulties, depression, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and other medical conditions. The program has specialized in training dentists and equipping them with skills for establishing the unique business model. Weisfogel founded the program in 2014. Dentists who have implemented the training offered by Dental Sleep Masters are operating successful practices. The program integrates a high level of education and medical support with a groundbreaking business model, which will transform a dental practice.
Philanthropic activities

Weisfogel is a dedicated philanthropist who has supported several charitable organizations. He created a GoFundMe page for Operation Smile. He is greatly inspired by the accomplishment this foundation has achieved since inception. Dr. William Magee (a plastic Surgeon) and his wife Kathleen (a nurse) established the foundation in 1982. It has carried out free surgeries to help young teens and kids with facial deformities. The money raised through the campaign will be used to finance programs of Operation Smile.

Music interest

With a professional expertise in sleep apnea and dentistry, Weisfogel is cementing a top position in the music arena. His ability to compose motivating songs and blend them with amazing beats has come as a surprise to many people. He has established a strong base of dedicated followers on Soundcloud. Weisfogel is looking forward to keeping his fans entertained by releasing new songs.

Words Matter: Why The Right Needs To Cool Their Attacks On George Soros

If you talk to anybody who has survived the Holocaust, they’d tell you that words matter. They’d recount the rise of the Nazi party and its charismatic leader; how his words resonated with bigoted people; how his words turned into the heinous actions of thousands. Words matter, and you do not have to look any farther than today’s presidential race on Politico. Fueled by bigotry and self-consciousness, Trump is repeating the same refrains of dangerous people in the past.

Following Trump’s lead is an army of right-wing pundits ready to use words to promote their agendas. The most recent example of this is Glenn Beck, who billionaire Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News, controls like a puppet. Rupert Murdoch is a far right winged pro Israel Republican who uses Fox News as his personal soapbox. Everybody in the United States aware of Rupert Murdoch’s position on any given issue at any given time.

Murdoch recently sicken his attack dog, Glenn Beck, at 85-year-old billionaire George Soros. The George Soros conspiracy that Fox News cleaned up is so absurd that it highlights to what length Rupert Murdoch will go to take down his billionaire adversary. The three-hour Glenn Beck special recently accused George Soros of being anti-Semetic, the most powerful man in the world, and a man capable of bringing down governments. These charges are all false in their own ways.

The George Soros conspiracy that the man is anti-Semitic is hard to believe because as a 14-year-old Jewish boy, Soros survived Nazi occupation is home city of Budapest. And although Soros is a billionaire, he is far from the most powerful man on earth. There are richer men. But the charge that Soros himself can take down governments is half true. He has had a hand in taking down communist governments in the past, which is something Glenn Beck and Fox News should be thankful for. George Soros himself does not trample around the globe taking down governments like Godzilla. Instead, he uses money to fund democratic opposition groups to totalitarian governments.

The end of the three-hour special featured a spot on the recent George Soros WikiLeaks dump of hacked emails. It is speculated that Russia is behind the hacks of the Democratic National Committee which contained a few messages from Soros to Democratic leaders.

The George Soros emails do the exact opposite. They show a man deeply concerned with innocent lives on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, funding groups that investigate claims of human rights violations inside the conflict. The George Soros WikiLeaks dump of emails also include concerns about racist policies enacted by Israel.

Pro Israel Republicans and Neo-Nazis alike have condemned these emails despite the fact that they show a deeply moral man who has personally experienced wartime atrocities.

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White Shark Media Develops Policies Based On Client Feedback

White Shark Media have managed to become a trusted Digital Marketing Agency providing their clients with marketing strategies customized to meet their needs and achieve their business goals.

Their reputation as a fast growing company with a track record of getting their clients a great return on their investment is made possible because of the company’s dedication to customer service.

Since its founding in 2011 the company has experienced firsthand that the process of assessing customer needs is one that never ends and is often fueled by customer complaints. The unique thing about White Shark Media is how they use the complaints of clients to develop new and better customer service policies. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Its easy for clients or consumers of any product or service to feel that making a complaint to a company big or small is a waste of time and that their effort to alert the business to their concerns will be ignored. White Shark Media Complaints team is a true exception to that way of thinking.

The agency not only considers the complaints they receive from clients as constructive criticism, they also active work to take those concerns and use the to evaluate their existing policies. One example is their handling of customer’s concerns about losing track of their AdWords campaigns.

White Shark Media was concerned by this and redesigned the way they reported AdWords information to each client, streamlining the reports to make them simple for anyone without knowledge of the system to understand while also making sure to give clients detailed explanations of how to use AdWords and the way that their Adwords campaign is setup.

Other examples of White Shark Media taking client complaints as cues to what the company could improve on include the agency implementing measures to improve communication and developing SEO recommendation programs to help clients find the right company to provide their SEO needs.

From tracking AdWords performance to allowing clients to have a say in how their campaigns are run White Shark Media is determined to provide their customers with service they can rely on and trust to produce the results they need to grow their business.

Selecting Reliable Online Reputation Management Firm

Are you searching for an experienced reputation management professional or firm? Want to hire the best online reputation management experts in the industry? If you want to maintain a great online image and protect your business, it’s important to contact a renowned reputation management company for assistance.

Did you know that your online reputation plays a great part in determining whether or not you will run a successful business? If a company has negative online reputation, they will have a hard time operating profitably.

For a business or professional who is serious about running a successful operation, online reputation management is a necessity. Every business owner should strive to have a good online reputation, otherwise they will find it difficult getting clients or customers. Having an impressive online reputation will entice clients and customers and make them feel confident in purchasing from the company or responding to whatever is being offered.

Negative reviews or malicious remarks can be from irate customers or competitors. It is not a good idea to just ignore this type of issue. There are experts who can help you address these matters appropriately so you can move on with your business and not worry about what people are saying about your company.

Because your online reputation has a huge effect on whether people patronize your business or not, it is extremely important to establish a good online reputation.

Better Reputation has an impressive list of clients, including business people, entrepreneurs, lawyers, advertising agencies, company executives, corporations, PR Agencies, high-profile individuals and many other companies all around the world to handle their online reputation management. Better Reputation has a variety of tools and resources, which enable their team of professionals to monitor, repair and restore their clients’ online reputation, and ensure a positive image.

Take the first step to guarding against threats and preventing attacks, by signing up with Better Reputation. These professionals will schedule a consultation to discuss your situation and your needs, and what they can do to build a positive brand image for your company, effectively prevent impending attacks, and help you operate efficiently.

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The Wonderful World of WEN Delivers New Volume and Shine for Beauty Writer

You can thank your parents for the type of hair you have. In other words, you can blame your fine, thin hair on your DNA, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There is one, amazing system that can re-create your crowning glory and give it what nature always intended, and that is volume, shine and manageability.

Say hello to Wen by Chaz, the unique cleansing conditioners that feature a no lather shampoo concept. Celebrities are obsessed with WEN, and we can see why. The product line was developed by a famous LA stylist who believed that natural is better when it comes to hair. Chaz Dean created WEN by Chaz for women and men of any hair type seeking gorgeous, sexy tresses. His simple, luxurious formulas feature nourishing and effective botanical. He sells his hair care formulas on Amazon.

Emily McClure, a writer for Bustle, decided she wanted some Hollywood hair to replace the limp, sad locks she was tired of fighting. So, she tried WEN by Chaz in a 7-day personal hair challenge and showed her readers her results with daily hair selfies.

Emily admits she’s a bit lazy caring for her hair, but she went on a daily AM WEN wash. Each time she later blow-dried and styled her mane, the results were stunning. Her selfies show a young woman with shiny, healthy, soft, bigger hair. Even her close girlfriends were loving the super gloss of her new hair.

As Emily’s fine, thin hair got used to the WEN routine, everything was proceeding nicely. However, Emily decided to skip a WEN wash one day and even switch the cleansing to a nighttime schedule. During both schedule changes, Emily claims her hair fell flat.

Emily advises sticking to the morning wash and putting in the time and effort for superior WEN results. Check out the Wen website at and the Wen YouTube channel for additional information.


Doe Deere Named One of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs

Doe Deere of Lime Crime, has been given the honor of being named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. The artist spoke about the honor and Lime Crime with Stephanie Janetos of

She told Janetos that she had always loved the arts and color as a child. She claims to love working with color so much it feels like “cheating” at being adult. Doe’s first experiment with makeup was at a slumber party at nine years-old, when she applied it to hers and her friend’s. She described her lines of makeup as “crooked” and insists that she couldn’t apply makeup well until she was in her 20s. She began her “experiments” with makeup online in 2006 and received quick attention from the online community. She says that she brought the fun of her experiments into her Lime Crime line, when she established it in 2008.

The name “Lime Crime” was a victim of the age of silly online handles. She says she came up with the name in 2004 because “lime” was her favorite color and “crime” rhymed with it. The bold name has since come to symbolize her bold and unorthodox attitude toward fashion. She loves the feedback of having an online store, but the internet has a downside. She has had to deal with hate and misinformation, which she chooses to ignore, rather than letting it get to her.

When asked about being named as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, alongside the likes of Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington, she says that finding herself on the cover was a surreal experience and that it felt “good to be recognized.” She hopes to represent the title well.

Doe Deere is a Russian native that was raised in dynamic New York City. She launched her business, Lime Crime, in 2008 because she wasn’t satisfied with the cosmetic colors she was finding and wanted to match them to her fashions. In 2009, her first product, Unicorn Lipsticks, launched successfully. She has since introduced many products with the same colorful pop her lipsticks are well known for.

She feels it is important to have ethical products, so her cosmetics are cruelty-free and vegan. She oversees her products directly and calls her fans, Unicorns, which she claims are her greatest inspiration. Doe encourages other women to be entrepreneurs and to follow their dreams.

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