Dr Walden RecapProfessional Results from Dr. Jennifer Walden

Plastic surgery is something that a lot of people think of getting but are nervous to actually undertake. If this has been a problem for you, you might feel more confident when working with a superior doctor who is trained and highly qualified for what you need. This can be easily done for those who see Dr. Jennifer Walden and have procedures done by this amazing woman.

Dr. Jennifer Walden was recently nominated for Woman of the Year because of her experience and work in the medical industry. Lots of people have chosen to go to Dr. Jennifer Walden because of her amazing skills and the fact that she can work with a wide range of different people as well as a number of different procedures that you may be interested in.

The fact that Dr. Jennifer Walden has a lot of experience behind her makes her a wonderful choice for those interested. This is why thousands of people go to see her each and every year and why she has been nominated for so many awards in the past. She has also been mentioned in a variety of magazines and newspapers across the country simply because of her amazing experience in this field. For anyone looking for a great plastic surgeon who they feel they can fully trust, Dr. Jennifer Walden is definitely the person to go to when you want to get some of the best results out there.

Once you make the decision to visit a professional plastic surgeon, you can feel confident in the way you look and the fact that this is the best option for you. The first time you visit a professional like Dr. Jennifer Walden, you will consult with them and get an idea as to what types of procedures they are able to do as well as what is involved with the procedure being done. This can get you prepared for the procedure at hand to know if this is the right option for you and can be a great thing to change your life for the better and your looks.

See if Wen by Chaz Passes the Acid Test of a Pro Hair Stylist

WEN hair by Chaz Dean is a popular hair cleansing system that can often be seen on QVC infomercials. It uses a no-lather formula to both deep clean and condition the hair. It is available in several different aromas and formulas geared for those with normal, oily or dry and color-treated hair. It gives specific instructions on how to use it. It is available online via Amazon.com or in salons that carry it.
Emily McClure is a professional hair stylist. She is also a regular contributor to Bustle Magazine. In a rather lengthy but highly informative post, she went through what it was like to use specifically the Sephora endorsed Fig formula. She has fine hair with an oily tendency so needless to say, she takes a lot of time with her hair styling. She is a pro -stylist an a self- proclaimed hair care fanatic. She decided that she just had to try it all out. There is so much hype about the product that she figured if it could do what they claim it can for her, even with her special hair needs, she would be happy. So off she went to try it all out.

She began with the instructions and made her first executive decision to use the recommended amount even though it seemed a bit much for her hair length which was shoulder length. Once she pumped it out–she noticed her hair felt thicker and that less strands fell out into the tub. She also noticed the volume was better. Not many drawbacks.

Visit WEN Hair Care facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/

It did feel a bit oily the next day but by the end of the week, it was working much better to keep her hair styled and far less oily.
The oiliness and some of the curl-drop was attributed to the inordinate amount of hair styling product she had to use throughout. More info about Wen Hair on http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/

Doe Deere’s Fashion Favorite Rules and Non Rules

Doe Deere is a beauty entrepreneur who has made a name for herself with her colorful line of cosmetics, Lime Crime, and a bold feeling for fashion that makes her a truly one of a kind voice in the beauty world. Part of the appeal of the Lime Crime line is the outrageous way the line uses color. This is beauty that is bold and uncompromising, just like Deere herself.

In her own life and her own style of dress, Deere loves to play with the rules dictated by the old school fashion world. Here are a few of the rules she loves to break.

1. Don’t Combine Patterns.
In Deere’s world, patterns are made to be put together in unorthodox ways, as long as there is some kind of overall link in the patterns, like a consistent shape (plaid or diamonds) or a color (shades of blue) that links them all together. Mixing patterns can actually be a fun way to step up a look that’s gotten stodgey.

2. Don’t Wear Bold Colors with Unnaturally Tinted Hair.
Deere is a woman who’s been known to wear unusual colors like blue, purple or hot pink in her hair tints. For her, wearing neutrals to play up bold hair color can work sometimes, but it isn’t a hard and fast rule. Why not wear hot pink clothes to go with purple hair? In her view, if it works, wear it.

3. Don’t Wear Socks With Sandals.
This old-fashioned rule came from somewhere, but Deere loves to play with this rule too. She wears fuzzy plaid socks with open toed sandals to play off the look of a flared skirt and sandals, all the while keeping those colors coordinated. This can be a fun play on a school girl look that’s actually a bit sexy.

4. Don’t Wear Bold Eye and Lip Makeup Together.
This rule came from somewhere from someone who didn’t like women playing up more than just their lips or eyes. In Deere’s view, people can actually focus on both features if they are made up beautifully, so why not just do it?

Yes, fashion rules are meant to be broken, beautifully. Just ask Doe Deere, fashion’s most engaging rule breaker.

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Thor Halvorssen Offers Interesting Perspective On Socialism

On a recent segment of Fox New’s The Intelligence Report, Trish Regan sat down with famed and outspoken civil rights activist and founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen. The topic at hand was Bernie Sander and socialism at large. Ms. Regan started off by ask, point black, why Thor Halvorssen believes socialism to be a violation of basic human rights. Mr. Halvorssen countered by saying that he did not, or rather, that some degree of socialism clearly could work and indeed has all over the world at varying points in history up through to today. He cites Denmark, Norway and Sweden as socialist success stories. The important thing that one gets right in such a conversation, Mr. Halvorssen insists, is the recognition that all of the previously mentioned countries are democratically socialist.

He remarked that, much like any other form of government, the most serious problems with socialism arise when their practices are subverted through a individual or governing political body and used in a authoritarian fashion. Thor Halvorssen remarks that when socialist dictators rise to power it is always through extensive use of rhetoric claiming to help, “The People,” which is one of the reasons that socialist dictators are so insidious – unlike with a forthright despot who seize power, a socialist dictator gets the masses to grant him the crown without a struggle. He cites Venezuela as a prime example of a failed socialist government, noting also that their wanton and reckless price setting has caused neigh irreparable harm to the countries economy and, by extension, their working class and impoverished.

Directly after noting this (Ms. Regan thoroughly agreed), Mr. Halvorssen dropped a very peculiar fact – he had just recently made the largest allowable campaign donation to Bernie Sander’s campaign! Confused as to why a man who has been so doggedly critical of socialism and human rights violations, Ms. Regan, shocked, asked incredulously why on earth he would ever donate to Mr. Sanders campaign. Halvorssen replied with characteristic passion, “The democratic front runner, right now [Hillary Clinton] is, unfortunately, someone who has taken millions and millions of dollars from many dictatorships. Algeria, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia – countries that execute people for being gay, countries that restrict all press freedom, countries that in some cases ban Christmas. I would much rather have Bernie Sanders be the Democratic front runner than a person who takes money from dictatorships. Unquestionably.” Follow Thor on Facebook to see what he’s up to!

Venezula Praying For Rain

Many people across the United States are singing that the rain rain go away and come back here another day. The people in Venezuela and on facebook like Norka Luque are praying for rain, literally. The country’s biggest provider of the nation’s megawatt power demand hit an all time low earlier this week reaching a low it has never seen before, 243 meters of water.

Government officials are encouraging citizens not to panic but to simply be patient with the government as they seek to explore options on how to deal with the drought crisis. This issue is not new as the country has been seeing a decline after El-Nino.

The power and water cuts continues to impact the country as they also deal with a recession. The people in Venezula including Ms Norka are trying not to lose hop but in the midst of such a historic drought many natives don’t know what to do. They continue to be encouraged to hang in there but citizens are now asking what exactly do they have to hold on to?



Swim wear fabletics

Swim wear are clothes worn for swimming. These garments are skin tight clothes that range from different garments designed to as much modesty as possible. These garments reveal as much of the body as possible without the actual nudity and that’s what Fabletics stands for.

Fabletic are only meant to wear when one is going to swim and not for going out doors. These garments are designed with fabric that assures that they don’t become transparent when wet. In most cultures swimming wear is not highly recommended because of the shapes they are designed with – check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/Fabletics.

Most companies have designed different types with different designs in order for one to choose what they want.

Swimming fabletics are generally designed to cover at least the genitalia and leave the other parts of the body exposed. Fabletics were founded in 2013 and was designed as a competitive brands like lulu lemon and Nike which have provided different swim wears to boast UV protection.

These garments or swim wears are cheap to acquire and they vary in number of sizes ranging from xxs to xxl so that everyone can have a chance to pick their styles from different designs. These designs made from creative fabric designs which are inspirational from nautical influences and all designs are made to the best of recycled fabrics. According to elite daily http://elitedaily.com/women/fabletics-swim-line/1447549/ Kate Hudson launched swim wear fabletics.

The collections were to be sporty-chic and able to wear her favourite styles on vacation, swimming or even relaxing. These has become more competitive to other companies which manufacture swim wears. Primarily digital services offers customers the chance to subscribe to a sort of clothes-buying membership.

A newbie can purchase her first full ensemble. These include- a top and bottom, sweatshirt-bra-shorts which are known to be cheap. The actress whoÕs also an entrepreneur’s fitness brand finally launched a swim collection.

Kate Hudson collection gives summer another different style and taste of different categories of persons all over the world. Her design seemed to be stylish, sexy but also comfortable to wear during a vacation. This collection have different styles for every body type.

Is George Soros a Shadowy Funding Source for the Kasich Campaign?

John Kasich has been quietly plodding through the Republican primary process, often overshadowed by Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. However, that does not mean that he has been unnoticed. In fact, a recent ad campaign puts him front and center, as the candidate who is being supported financially by none other than philanthropist and liberal activist, George Soros.

Why would Soros, a man known for his left-leaning ideals and close relationship with many Democratic politicians on Twitter, suddenly decide to fund the campaign of a conservative Republican? While the ads never specifically state the reason, it is clearly implied that this is to derail the nomination process of candidates more likely to be able to defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election.

It is not surprising that the PAC who paid for these ads is a pro-Cruz organization. Cruz’s campaign may have had nothing to do with the content of the ad, but they are unlikely to be unhappy with its message. Cruz and Trump have both been encouraging Kasich to leave the race, as each believes he is what is preventing them from gaining the delegates necessary to guarantee them the party nomination.

The next question is whether or not the accusation is true. George Soros on marketwatch is an independent billionaire who has the legal right to donate to whichever candidate he chooses. His opinions and charitable causes have never been something he has hidden or handled illicitly.

Research into the matter
has determined that the connection is incredibly remote, and has nothing to do with Soros personally. The donations the PAC ad is referring to are two separate donations totaling $650,000. One donor is Scott Bessent, a former Soros Fund Management employee on http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1997/02/the-capitalist-threat/376773/ who is currently operating his own hedge fund investment firm. Bessent is a known conservative who has a history of supporting Republican candidates.

The second donor is Stanley Druckenmiller, another former George Soros employee who left his position as an asset manager for Soros in 2000. Again, Druckenmiller has a long history of donating to Republican candidates and causes.

Neither of these donations is from Soros, or any of his many organizations and philanthropic causes. The PAC who has suggested that Soros is funding Kasich is obviously aware they are grasping at straws and intentionally spreading false information. Donor records are public, and easy to research, so all voters should do their homework before believing such unusual claims.

Finding the Best Plastic Surgeon

For those that feel they need cosmetic surgery, there is a lot of information that needs to be looked up. Among the bits and pieces of information is who the best cosmetic surgeons are. It is important to know because potential patients need to protect themselves if they decide to go under the knife as opposed to under the laser. With the knife wielding surgeons, it is important to find the most cautious practitioner so that any complications could be avoided. While it is inevitable that there will be scarring from the plastic surgery procedure, it is important for the patient to make sure that he or she is protected from any disfigurement.

One of the best cosmetic surgeons is Dr. Jennifer Walden. One reason she is so good is that she is very passionate about providing her patients with something that they can feel great about. One of the reasons that people go to get plastic surgery is that they do not feel good about their appearance. As a result, they look for the cosmetic surgeon who cares about how they feel. On top of that, Jennifer Walden is highly skilled in cosmetic surgery. She runs her own cosmetic surgical office in which she performs the procedure with her patients.

Jennifer Walden got her start in Manhattan at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital under the mentoring of Dr Sherrell Aston. She worked in the hospital under a fellowship after she graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch. After the fellowship, she stayed in the hospital and then worked on the Upper East Side of New York City. She has worked there for almost eight years before returning to Austin Texas in December of 2011. In Texas, she has given birth to twins and opened up her own office. She now often features on shows and channels on topics related to Cosmetic Surgery.

Premium Quality Dog Food Hits the Billion Dollar Market

Premium dog food sales have increased in the billion dollar market and increased it sales rapidly throughout the years. What used to be just dog food is no longer a filler type of dog food. Manufacturers are offering wholesome, hearty ingredients blended and baked into each bite that are fresh off the shelf. Research shows that animals who receive a quality diet are more likely to live a healthier, happier life and pet owners don’t mind spending the extra money to ensure that their pet is getting quality ingredients. Most companies are basing their featured food off of their ancestors, the wolves, and primitive values. They’re trying to get close to what the wolves eat, because it’s a natural, more enhanced diet full of quality ingredients. Manufacturers are checking their fresh ingredients for their shelf life, and making sure that each consumer is only getting the best ingredients for their furry family members.

Purinastore Beneful is a brand that has been on the market for many years offering high quality, premium dog food that is geared towards treating out pets like kings and queens. We all know that when we eat healthy ingredients and implement more fruit and vegetables in out diet, we feel better and healthier. Research and studies show that our dogs should be getting the same ingredients and Beneful strives to make each hearty ingredient into each bite of dog food. They also offer treats that are viable to our dogs healthy, and ensure that they’re packed with the quality you would expect from a high end brand such as Beneful.

Beneful offers treats and dog food that is sufficient for different breeds of animals, as well as different cycles in their life. All dogs are different and some need more vitamins or less protein than others. Beneful ensures that each consumer will find the proper diet geared towards their animal to ensure that they live a long quality life, and can help with agility issues as well and coat and skin. Be sure to check out their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefulBrandDogFood