QNET Ltd. Empowers Women To Be Successful

Striving to find a lifestyle balance between home and work, more women are becoming entrepreneurs, as an answer to their quandary. Taking matters into their own hands, women are turning to direct selling to generate additional household revenue.

The leading Asian organization in the direct selling sector is QNET Ltd. It is a distributor of consumer products, sold through a network of independent sales representatives and a multi-level marketing strategy. QNET believes individuals will discover their talents and abilities via opportunity fosters entrepreneurship.

International Women’s Day is a global celebration of women. It recognizes their cultural and social impact, economic influence and political success. QNET Ltd. has joined forces with the International Women’s Day celebration encouraging to become QNET Ltd. direct selling entrepreneurs. Direct selling enables women to find harmony and balance inside and outside of their home, have an impact on the community and discover their fullest potential.

Established in 1998, QNET Ltd. offers consumer goods to enhance an individual’s lifestyle and includes energy boosters, weight loss and management products and programs, nutritional supplements, skin care and cosmetics, luxury merchandise and apparel accessories.

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Khaled Diab, Regional General Manager, QNET MENA indicated, “QNET has always been a keen supporter of women’s rights and of gender equality. Based on the statistics provided by the Direct Selling Association 74.4% of the Independent Representatives and workforce working in the direct selling business are women.” QNET believes that most women have a spirited, can-do attitude that drives their success in direct selling.

Learn more about QNET’s workplace by visiting their Glassdoor reviews or visit the following site: http://www.qnetindia.com/

Premium Dog Food Surges Across the Nation

Dogs are not going to be very discriminating about their diet. So, their owners have to be discriminating. The owners have to buy their favorite canines the very best food available. More and more owners are becoming aware of the importance of a healthy diet. This is why premium dog food is doing so tremendously well. The Daily Herald published a fascinating article on the subject of premium dog food and their sales.

Shoppers may have noticed Beneful, a top premium brand made by Purinastore shelves. The wet food come with names featuring “Medley” and “Chopped Blends” among others. The ingredients on these foods are quite unique, and they are selected based on a mix of taste and nutritional value. Peas and carrots are some Beneful ingredients selected for their vitamins and other nutrients. Such ingredients are not likely to be found in more generic or standard brands.

Pet owners definitely are catching on to the importance of purchasing premium brand dog food. The pet food industry generates a little under $24 billion per year. Premium pet food comprises about $10.5 billion of that number. 20 years ago, such massively high sales figures would have been unheard of for premium brands. Again, owners are becoming much better educated about making sure their dog eats nutritious food.

Beneful has wet foods made with protein-based main courses and numerous vegetable ingredients. The dry foods are diverse with some containing carbohydrates to support an active pet. Beneful’s treats come with ingredients designed to support dental health. Those with nutrition on their mind are going to gravitate to these types of foods. That is why sales are surging to such massive degrees. Dogs are thrilled with the surge.

Retail stores definitely like the popularity. Sales on premium brands are booming at major retail stores. The presence of premium brands in the stores is definitely pronounced.


A Changing Industry: Dog Food Today

The Daily Herald released a recent article where they discussed the changing world of dog food. The writer of the article, Craig Giammona, took a tour of the Freshpet Inc. factory with the CEO, Richard Thompson, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

During the tour, they stopped at the end of the manufacturing line and Thompson as well as the manufacturing chief, Michael Hieger, had a bite of the Chunky Chicken and Turkey dog food.

The idea of humans eating dog food is a strange one, but Purina, and a few other premium dog food companies are trying to change that. These companies are using only the freshest ingredients with no preservatives and an expiration date.

One big dog food company has been carefully using fresh ingredients for much longer than the trend has been around. Beneful is known for using real meat and a variety of plant ingredients to provide dogs with a flavorful meal that will also provide them with sufficient nutrition. Beneful does not just have one recipe it uses. Dog owners are confronted with a variety of choices when choosing Beneful food for their dog. There are 8 different varieties of dry dog food, 20 different recipes for wet dog food and 11 different treat flavors.

The quality of the food is of the utmost importance to Purinastore’s Beneful. They closely monitor the freshness of every ingredient from the time it arrives at the manufacturing plant to when it is in the final product on a store shelf. Beneful also holds its farmers to strict standards. All of the food that is used in a Beneful recipe must follow this guideline and must have the highest quality of freshness and nutrition. Buyers can expect a variety of ingredients in their dog food. Beneful has recipes with every real meat from beef and chicken to lamb and pork. They also include important vegetables like carrots, rice, green beans and barley. In addition, the texture of the food is mixed so there is everything from chunks down to thin slices of real ingredients.




Yeonmi Tells Her Story

If there is one thing to say about Yeonmi’s story, it is that she reveals a very horrifying situation in North Korea. She has also shown that there are some people who can overcome all kinds of horrors without becoming bitter about the whole thing. Yeonmi Park was just happy to be out of such oppressive environments and circumstances. However, she has realized that it is important to reveal the horrors that go on in the more hidden parts of the world like North Korea. This has led to her appearance at the One Young World Summit. During one interview that was posted on Reason.com, Yeonmi has stated that she did not know what it meant to be truly free. While she did have an idea, she did not know the full extent of what freedom really is. She thought freedom only went as far as doing whatever she wanted without getting into a lot of trouble. She was taken back when people encouraged her to share her opinions. At some point, she wanted others to be able to experience that kind of freedom. This is where she has decided to expose North Korea as the oppressive country that it is. Yeonmi’s story has gotten a lot of attention and has shed light on the situation that has led not just her, but many other defectors to escape from North Korea. At this point, a lot of the credibility of the defectors depend on Yeonmi Park‘s story. For this reason, she has worked really hard to make sure that the story is accurate and true. After all, an oppressive government is going to work very hard in order to discredit the survivors and the victims. given that Yeonmi Park is now one of the most famous survivors of the North Korean regime, they are going to work very hard to destroy her testimony. After all, the North Korean government is based on deception and manipulation.