Healthy Dog Food Doesn’t Have To Cost a Fortune

Any and all dog lovers are always trying to find the right mix of food for Fido that they will actually want to eat, but is actually good for them as well. For the longest time, the dog foods that your pet would actually eat tended to be incredibly high in sugar and fat. Neither ingredient is all that good for your best friend to be eating two or three times a day. These days, things have changed a little bit. Companies like Beneful have managed to incorporate the value of today’s technology in a way that allows their food to be healthy and quite tasty to our canine friends. Beneful is one of the companies that has been in the dog food business the longest so it shouldn’t come as a shock they’re leading the way when it comes to making your dog healthier. The good news for dog owners is that Beneful is no longer the only company investing in making sure dog food is good and healthy. Freshpet Inc, which leads the market as the only industrially refrigerated pet food and one of the other companies that understands the more $23 billion industry is going to lure more money by taking a healthier approach. Beneful is likely the largest firm out there that is focusing on healthier pet food but it’s not the only big time company looking to jump on this market. Colgate-Palmolive and Purina are both spending time and energy making food that might have once been largely sugar and fat, into something that will make pets and pet owners alike as happy as a clam.The larger strategy seems to be that these pet food companies want pets to eat like their owners. By taking this approach, the food is a higher quality.

Discounted Devices Offered at FreedomPop

Towards the end of the month of November, mobile network carrier, FreedomPop launched a promotion to provide discount on mobile devices as well as services to customers who purchased certain products from their stores. The company targeted clients who would sign up for service from 27th November 2015. Those customers were offered Motorola E brand smartphone for only $40. In addition, clients were provided with a Samsung Galaxy S4 for only $100. The two devices Motorola and Samsung smartphones were offered at discount of $190 and $350 respectively based on normal prices.


These devices are not the latest models, but they have been refurbished and also supported for LTE service which provided by Sprint. Apart from the discounts, the devices come in free unlimited call time, 1GB data, text message, all for one month. After one month is over, customers transit to standard free rates offered to all FreedomPop’s customers. During the month of November, FreedomPop announced it has signed an agreement with Intel Capital to fund its smartphone expansion plan. The plan includes launching of a Wi-Fi model using the partner’s Sofia platform.


The new deal was meant to transform FreedomPop into a commercial partnership, other than its current platform where it uses Sprint network in U.S. This is not the only deal that FreedomPop is focusing on because it is also targeting major international carriers for strategic deals in other markets. In mid 2015, FreedomPop raised $30 million from a new investor and also existing investors. The CEO of FreedomPop Stephen Stokols said the company is still contemplating moving forward with new investment projects instead of selling the company. According to the CEO, the company had received many M&A offers, but they decided it would not be prudent to proceed with that deal.


About FreedomPop


It is a mobile network provider located in Los Angeles, CA. The company uses network from Sprint and Clearwire to provide its clients with data, text and voice services. Furthermore, the company had plans to expand its operations into the UK market. Stephen Stokols, the CEO and Steven Sesar co-founded FreedomPop in 2011.


FreedomPop is funded by several investors including Axiata, Partech Ventures, Mangrove Capital and DCM Capital. The company has raised over $55 million in capital financing to date. In 2013, FreedomPop began working together with Sprint and expanded its coverage to accommodate 3G and 4G available on Sprint network.

Receiving Good Healthcare Does Not Have To Be Based On Luck

There many variables beyond insurance carriers determining whether or not you will receive great healthcare. In smaller markets, this may mean your locality enjoys exceedingly well delivered healthcare, or it simply does not. However, in large markets, you are basically on your own, and it is incumbent on the patient and their loved ones to educate themselves on the appropriate routes to receiving this care. The job becomes exceedingly hard in a place like Houston that has the largest medical center in the world. This is where I found on Linked In myself looking for good healthcare delivery for my chronically ill but well insured daughter. Naively, I thought purchasing good insurance would be my buffer against poor healthcare delivery even before she was born, but I was sorely mistaken. These choices have to be made about every aspect of healthcare delivery including ambulance services. The ambulatory service called to the scene can be a two-person operation with limited resources and novice, poorly paid technicians, or it could be a state-of-the-art system capable of lifesaving capabilities as they are in route to the hospital or on the scene of any incidences. The wrong service may make you verify insurance before they will even transport you even in critical situations when time can make the difference in full recovery and debilitating, chronic issues, and even death. These issues were excruciatingly frustrating and especially during emergencies. I was motivated to find how the system works and how I could make it work for my family. However, I accomplished it with a very simple solution. I explored the paper work of companies I had encountered good service with in all aspects of their delivery of care. I then found hospitals affiliated with this particular efficient healthcare delivery service. I only hit a small roadblock in finding the company because they changed names. They were formerly Northstar Health when last I encountered their company, but now they are Nobilis Health. Luckily, they have a large presence in the Houston medical center. I next familiarized myself with their ambulatory services, so if any emergency issues arise, I can ask for a Nobilis Health affiliated ambulance service specifically. People make the mistake of thinking they are automatically going to receive great healthcare delivery because Houston has the largest medical center in the world, and in some cases because they have good insurance. However, diligence is also required, but a highly rated healthcare delivery service like Nobilis Health makes this easy.

Famous Australian YouTuber

YouTube is the biggest video sharing site in the world. Millions of people upload content everyday from music videos to dance videos to vacation and food videos. So many YouTubers have become famous for their content with many of them having millions of subscribers and millions and millions of views on their videos. One of the most famous YouTubers is Wengie a lifestyle vlogger and video creator who makes fun, informative and very entertaining YouTube videos.

Wengie is a Chinese girl currently living in Australia. She is one of the top rated YouTubers in all of Australia. She produces YouTube videos about fashion, beauty, hair, food and other lifestyle topics. She is getting close to having 1 million subscribers on her channel. Not only is her amazing content what keeps people watching and subscribing but it is also her honest, funny and quirky personality that keeps people coming back for more. One of her most popular uploads on her channel is her late for school routine in which she shows viewers how to get their hair, outfit and make up done for school within just a few minutes if they are running late. The video currently has over 3 million views and has helped tons and tons of young men and women.

Another one of Wengie’s most popular uploads is her American Makeup VS. Korean Makeup video. In this video Wengie takes very popular American make up products and applies them to half of her face.  She then goes on to compare the quality of each makeup, the lasting power and how well it actually worked for her skin and skin tone. Viewers get to decide for themselves which side looked better the Korean makeup or the American makeup.  In fact most of Wengie’s most popular videos are her Asian inspired videos in which she uses different Asian beauty and hair products and tools. Her reviews are always honest and in depth so viewers really get to learn about products before they decide to buy them.

Top Plastic Surgeon in Texas

While plastic surgery has been at times clouded with contraversy, surgical cosmetic alterations are matters of personal preferance and often times self esteem. When being vulnerable to a medical professional about potential body alterations, patients want to feel comfortable in with their doctors and confident in their ability. When trusting their bodies to the hands of cosmetic professionals, one doctor in particular is proving that Texas is the place to go when seeking aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden was voted Texas Super Doctor in 2014 and has more than exceeded expectation in the expertise of plastic surgery. Specializing solely in aesthetic procedures, Dr. Walden has dedicated her career to learning and implementing cutting edge techniques that enhance her work. Specializing in face, breast, and body augmentational procedures has allowed her to help men and women deal with issues regarding body image. Cutting edge procedures and technologies has allowed Dr. Walden to provide her patients with safer procedures that require less recovery time.

Being awarded the title of Texas Super Doctor was certainly not the only recognition Dr. Jenniffer Walden has received for her achievments. In addition to being a “super doctor” she was also recognized for The Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award and Scholarship given by the Kelsey-Seybold Foundation of Houston in 1998. In that same year she was also chosen for the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation from the American Medical Women’s Association. Her excellence in the field of plastic surgery has also afforded her the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award for the Best Scientific Exhibit by a Candidate in 2004. Along with those professional awards she has was also chosen to receive a great many scholastic achievement awards during her academic career. She also currently serves as the media spokesperson for both the American Society for Aesthtic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

When issues of body image and alteration come into question, it is obvious that people want the best. Dr. Walden has acquired her success based on the excellence of her work and the satisfaction of her patients. Jennifer Walden is a surgeon that sets the bar higher in every aspect of her performance, from patient care to procedure.