Advantages of Feeding Your Dog Beneful Brand Food

The Beneful brand is committed to providing all the essential nutrients that your dog needs to thrive each day. In addition to wet and dry dog food, the company also makes a healthy variety of dog snacks that you pet will simply love. Beneful has completely reinvented the old traditional dog food and created a healthy alternative that will ensure your dog has a more beneficial lifestyle. These delicious foods are great tasting, made with wholesome ingredients, and offer your pet great nutritional value.

Beneful Wet Dog Food
The wet dog food variety of Beneful is creating using only wholesome ingredients that you can actually see in each serving. The dog food comes in twenty different unique tasting flavors that your dog will absolutely enjoy. Available packed with proteins like pork, lamb, beef, and chicken, each serving comes in either big hearty chunks or thinly diced blends. Not only can you see these wholesome nutrients, they are accented with flavorful vegetables like green beans, rice, carrots, and barley. Each package of the Beneful wet food comes in either smaller 3 ounce travel packs or 10 ounce resealable tubs.

Beneful Brand Baked Dog Snacks
When it comes time to reward your little friend for something they did, reach for the nutritious and delicious Beneful dog snacks on Multivu instead of chemically packed inferior brands. These treats are all oven-baked to lock in the freshness and taste, and come in a variety of textures and flavors that your dog will love. Your dog will come running for the snacks flavored with peanut butter, beef, cheese, or bacon. They are available in either a shortbread cookie or an airy and crispy cracker. Bursting with flavors your dog can not resist, now you have the opportunity to feed them treats that are actually good for them and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Caring For the Health of Your Dog
The people working at Beneful see first hand all the nutritious and wholesome ingredients that go into every meal they produce. Whether it is the shortbread cookie that is packed with cheese and bacon flavor, or the crispy cracker filled with hickory smoke flavors, you can rest assured knowing your dog is getting all the essential vitamins they need to thrive each day. You want only the best for your pet, and at Beneful, they are dedicated to making sure every product that leaves their facility helps to promote a healthier lifestyle for every dog that enjoys the product.

Every dry food, wet food, and dog treat made at Beneful incorporates real and wholesome ingredients. These wet and dry dog foods are also packed with omega-rich ingredients and antioxidants. Your dog will not only enjoy eating these meals on a daily basis, you will finally have peace of mind knowing that each time your dog eats a meal or has a treat, no harmful toxins are harming them. Beneful has focused their efforts on only providing protein rich and healthy ingredients that will keep your dog both vibrant and healthy for many years to come.


CCMP Capital is an equity firm that specializes in the growth of equity investments in America and Europe. It was founded in the year 2006 to continue great investment strategy developed by its predecessors (Chemical venture partners) which were founded in the year 1984 to serve as the private equity and venture arm of the chemical bank. Its headquarters are in 245 Park Avenue, New York City, United States. It focuses on leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions. Since formation, CCMP has grown to be one of the largest firms in equity investments globally. As a global private equity firm, its advisors have invested over $16 billion in equity transactions since 1984.Stephen Murray CCMP capital has offices in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo and has created employment for over 50 employees.

CCMP Capital was once known as JP Morgan Partners, but the investment professionals separated from JP Morgan Chase on July 31, 2006. This necessitated the change in name to CCMP. The company was once ranked the 17th world’s largest private equity investment company. Currently, CCMP manages both the JP Morgan Partners Global Fund and CCMP Capital Investors II. It also exercises limited partnership. CCMP Capital has advisors (LLC) who greatly support the company in an investment making the company the giant it is in equity investment. The company’s products include leveraged buyouts, growth capital and private equity funds, total current assets amounting a total of $12 billion.

CCMP Capital has over the years had great leadership, with one of its leaders being Stephen P. Murray. He was born on August 2, 1962, and died on March 12, 2015, at the age of 52. His wife was Tami Murray. He had four children.He graduated from Boston College in 1984 with a degree in economics and later joined Columbia Business School where he earned his masters in business administration. He was a private equity investor. He was the chief executive officer of CCMP Capital since 2007 when he succeeded the group founder Jeff Walker. Stephen Murray was also a philanthropist as he supported the Stamford Museum, the make a wish foundation of Metro New York, the Boston College and many other institutions.

Nobilis Health Care Expands to Meet Patient Needs

Nobilis Health Care, in the past year, has changed their name from Northstar Healthcare as part of an expansion program to increase their services. The enlargement of service required additional capital and earlier this year they closed a $25 million debt financing through Health Care Financial Services, GE Capital.  The Nobilis Health Corporation owns and manages ten healthcare facilities which include a surgical hospital, six outpatient surgery centers in Houston, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona, and two MRI screening units, not to forget their urgent care center. These ten healthcare installations are the latest and most up-to-date facilities managed by a company with an outstanding reputation for care of their patients.

The financing enabled Nobilis to focus on their expansion plans and repay any existing debt. The expected growth of this health care company has improved stock purchases and the stock price is beginning to again climb to meet a previous 52-week high of $9.34. At present, the stock price is below the estimated $10.00 per share expected, but has jumped 7% in the recent month and being reported as a “mover.”

The service goals of Nobilis according to are to maintain and grow their services. Maintain and improve wherever possible optimum health care of their patients. The well-being of each patient is one of their focus and improving the quality of life for each patient is their goal. The staff focuses on these objectives and is in constant contact with each patient through their journey from diagnosis through rehabilitation and wellness.

They specialize in such areas as ears, nose, and throat, including balance dysfunction, Cochlear implantation, and vertigo. Extensive spine care and lumbar care steroid injections and interventional spine care options. Orthopedic surgery including hand shoulder and elbow, not to mention occupational injuries like a carpal tunnel which is quite common in professions requiring repetitive motion. Knee surgery for reconstruction, Arthroscopy surgery to arthritic patella wear and tear. Sports medicine and throwing injuries, torn a rotator cuff, meniscus repair, knee replacement and other orthopedic injuries. One of the key areas of treatment is pain management through treatment and education.

The team of surgeons and staff are the experts in the family of physicians and surgeons at Nobilis Health adding new meaning to the words team of specialists that care for about health and well-being of their patients. Nobilis Health is conducting research to identify the best avenue to create patient awareness of their services. Hoping the public will become more cognizant of their specialized surgical centers and skilled teams at each facility. They have available, contact forms on their website, in-house call centers, and local marketing at work to ensure awareness. To locate the nearest and the appropriate center for your needs, call 1-713-355.8614 or go to the website Nobilis Health, to become the top innovators in their field, is broadening their horizons to become one of the top innovators in health care.

Levenson Sells the Atlanta Hawks for Less than Asking Price

Why did Bruce Levenson sell for less than his initial asking price? Well, it turns out that bankers had over valued the price of the Atlanta Hawks, or Maybe Mr.Levenson just didn’t want to wait around and see if he could get more.
Bruce Levenson contacted the services of bankers to sell the Atlanta Hawks. While the initial Goldman Sachs estimate of an asking price of $1 billion seemed way out of scope for many analysts, the executives here believed this was an adequate price range. In the end, bankers at Goldman Sachs were off by at least 27% when an offer came in for approximately $850 million from Antony Ressler.
Sources confirmed that the sale has been finalized and financed by cash and some debt. Antony Ressler after losing out to Steve Ballmer in the purchase of the Clippers, decided to put in a bid for the Hawks.
According to the new owner management, Hawks CEO Steve Koonin and the current coach Mike Budenholzer will remain with the team.
Ressler is the owner of a private equity investment firm, and a current real estate developer. He was one of the three finalists for the Los Angeles Clippers sale, but he’s bid of $1.2 million fell short of the $2 billion offered by Steve Ballmer. Ressler, now 55, has a net worth of about $1.4 billion.
Forms at a value of the Hawks at 425 million last year; however the recent sale of the Clippers and bucks, as well as new lucrative television deals had led to a market change.  And Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson was not alone in this estimate; many people thought $1 billion was not really unrealistic. Andrew Zimbalist, on the other hand did predict a price range of approximately $700-$750 million, so the sale price of $850 million was not far from this ball park estimate.
The Hawks went up on the market in January, after the publication of an email written by Bruce Levenson in 2012. His concern was that the large number of African-American educators at the game was causing a down slide of the more fluent middle-aged fans.
The point is that while Levinson will certainly make a nice profit from the sale, the over asking price estimated by bankers, may have left some money on the table by dissuading other bidders with a possible interest.

Lime Crime Springs From Musical Roots

Back in 2002, a young budding rock star went looking for cute, whimsical clothing for a photo shoot. Before the days of Etsy, the greatest selection of independent clothing was to be found on E-Bay, so that’s where she went looking.

Originally, she simply purchased and resold the kinds of pieces that she enjoyed, but eventually she moved into deconstructing and redesigning her own pieces. Her creations soon gained a loyal following, and it didn’t take long for that following to be large enough to launch her own independent online store. During those early days, her creations were laced heavily with her two favorite colors: lime green and hot pink, and it was out of those colors that she found the inspiration for the name of her new store: Lime Crime.

At that time fashion and makeup were not her primary passion, however. Her original search for clothing on was the result of a fashion shoot for her band Sky Salt, and that was where her primary interests and passions truly lie. It was also from her experiences in a band that her passion for makeup found its roots. As her band stepped more and more into the limelight, Doe realized that her fair features were getting washed out and lost under the bright stage lights and needed stronger definition so she began to experiment with makeup.

Eventually, the more she practiced, the more skill she gained and she began to like some of the looks she came up with. She decided to create video tutorials to offer on her online store and they were an immediate hit. Her first tutorial involved blending dark red eyeshadow boldly into black and got a surprisingly enthusiastic response, which led to requests for more tutorials. Doe loved to transform herself into some fantastical creature and then share the process with others on the internet.

Her band put out an album that gained them a loyal following and sold well on the internet, but it still wasn’t enough to attract a deal with a label. In 2006, her band officially disbanded, and Doe was crushed. She walked away from fashion, from makeup and from music and even took a job in investment banking.

But the siren song of music steadily called to her, and in 2007 she went back into the studio to record a solo album. She released a 5-song EP that actually gained some traction and was getting some industry interest. But before it took off, Doe came to a startling realization. She realized that while she loved music very much, it wasn’t her deepest passion. She realized that it was actually makeup that allowed her to express herself in ways she never thought possible. Even without having been tended to in some time, was still getting steady traffic, so she decided to abandon music and focus on makeup instead.

In October 2008 Lime Crime Makeup was born, and it has grown steadily ever since into an internationally known and much loved brand.

Bruce Levenson And His Unwavering Business Acumen

There are so many things that make our lives much better. Watching basketball game uplifts our spirits. We all know that they cost a fortune. Every Atlanta Hawks fan out there is familiar with the team’s owner Bruce Levenson. He is well known for the team. Recently, the Atlanta Hawks were up for sale. This was great news for anyone wishing to invest. The owners have agreed to give up the team to a new owner after deliberations. The Hawks are an amazing team; no doubt it would attract great deals.

The team ownership was based on a number of people. The team had three groups of owners. The principal owner; Bruce Levenson has something to smile about. The team was valued at $450 million. This was according to a Forbes report made last year. This changed when the market skyrocketed. This was due to the sale of other well re-known teams.

Bruce Levenson is a businessman and former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. As a founder and partner at the Atlanta Hawks LLC, he has experience in legal matters. He is a force to reckon with due to his business skills. He was born to a Jewish family 66 years ago in Washington DC.

He co-founded the united communications group. This was in his apartment where he used to print a magazine with this friend. This is now a large company that deals with databases. It reviews companies as well as healthcare all over America. It as well deals with oil, mortgages and banking. This saw its success through the years. His co-founder was Ed Peskowitz. Since 1977, Bruce has thrived in business. The company has a mobile app that gives you the local gas prices.

The company Atlanta Hawks LLC came along later. Still with Peskowitz, Levenson was able to buy the Hawks with the other partners. The team was under his guide as he appointed the president of basketball affairs. This was Dan Ferry, who has been running things since 2012. He was a member of the NBA and also a key role player on behalf of the Atlanta Hawks.

In 2014, he set out to sell the team on his half. This was followed by the other co-owners who wanted their shares sold too. The team was sold for over almost double what Forbes had valued it. This amounts to $850 million. As a businessman, Levenson had made a great deal for the team. This is way better than everyone expected from the sale. The story has been making headlines in every sport’s arena out there.

All these wealth just does not sit around his hands; Levenson has been active with charity. He is a great philanthropist who has helped needy children pursue higher education. Together with his wife, they founded a program that can train young people on how to run non-profit organisations to help each other and the society at large. They have three sons hopefully they will be the next big philanthropists.

How You Can Get Better Articles, With The Help Of Get Your Wiki

Wikipedia is a source of reputable information for people all over the world. Pages on the open sourced encyclopedia can be found in more than 100 languages, if not more. Wikipedia is constantly changing, and is updated with new information literally to make business Wiki pages every minute of every day. If something happens in the world that Wikipedia has information about, it will likely be updated within a day or so of it happening. Some people actually write Wikipedia articles out of enjoyment, or to improve their research and composition skills.

Like nearly everything in the world, there is a list of standards that content creators must follow for Wikipedia. Since articles are easily created or edited by anybody, content creators as a community must patrol Wikipedia and continually provide it with new information. There are a number of rules that must be followed, be there are a few major things that everybody that uses Wikipedia needs to know.

The first thing that a writer should do is look at the standards that are listed on the website, and then try reading some articles to learn how Wikipedia looks and what it should be written like.

Wikipedia is meant to look like an authentic encyclopedia, so anybody who has experience with them should know what the format should look like. Unfortunately, most people do not know or are not experienced in researching through hard copies of encyclopedias. Go to the local library to find out what encyclopedia entries should look like, or search for some on the internet.

Never use color when writing. Color should be avoided, and never used. Additionally, black font should be the only color of font that should be used.

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Writing on Wikipedia may seem like it is much too hard at first, but it really is not. If you do not feel like exerting the effort, get in touch with Get Your Wiki to write for you.

Slyce Creates Cutting Edge Technology

Sometimes, technology is developed for one thing and ends up reshaping the way that everyone lives their lives. This is the case with image recognition technology, largely developed by a company known as Slyce. When the company first started, it mainly worked in areas that were associated with mapping and it developed image and product recognition technology to help with that task. More specifically, the company was involved with Google Maps and created all kinds of image recognition technology to produce these images that were designed to accompany a specific address. Soon thereafter, it became apparent that the technology could actually be used for a number of different things. That is when the company really took off.

Eventually, Slyce started developing technology that could be used for all kinds of things to help law enforcement individuals and increase the level of security in buildings that required high levels of security to be in place. For instance, image recognition technology can be used to enhance an image that was recorded on a surveillance tape and then help law enforcement find that individual in another location. It can also be utilized to prevent someone from gaining access to a building or even a room that they are not supposed to be in.

When someone is watching such a movie and they see someone having their facial features, retina or fingerprints analyzed in order to gain access to a secure location, it is important to realize that these types of technologies do exist and that they are commonly used. In fact, the more secure a location needs to be, the more important it is that every type of available technology be used. As such, Slyce currently has this technology in all kinds of buildings across the world.

The company also uses its technology to help the military find individuals that they are searching for. The software that they have developed can enhance the facial features of an individual, even when the photograph taken is grainy and not at all clear. It can help military officials determine definitively whether or not an individual is in a given location so that they can then create a plan of attack.

Without a doubt, Slyce is definitely changing the way that people live and work. There are really no limits to this type of technology, nor are there any limits to where it can potentially be used next. It will be interesting to see how the technology continues to be developed but one thing is certain, it will undoubtedly continue to be a major focal point in the lives of everyday citizens, law enforcement and military officials alike.

Investment Banks Post Low Fee Revenues During Third Quarter

News reports do not bear good news for investment banks. The fees garnered from the banks reflect the absolute lowest quarter since 2011. Overall, the total fees garnered by the banks is $64.5 billion. On the surface, this would seem like an enormous sum. Investment banks do need to make money for those who put their funds into the banks.

Granted, it would be improper to assume an investment bank can guarantee outcomes. Like any other type of business, investment banks have to adjust to the ebbs and flows of the economy and the market. Zero interest rates are going to have an effect on how much money an investment bank’s bottom line. To reiterate, weak banks are never a good thing. So, lowered fees and revenues generated by these institutions should yield a slight cause of alarm in anyone who follows the market closely.

Where do these fees come from? Per Reuters, fees are charges on a variety of services including “mergers and acquisitions advisory” work and “capital markets” underwriting. Slow economic growth does not bode well for an investment bank picking up a number of clients and the low numbers in the third quarter reveal this.

The global economy landscape is not doing very well. China and Russia both have very weak economies. Europe is not doing tremendously well overall. In the United States, the number of people out of the workforce is rather high. All of these components do cause problems for the investment banking industry. Not everyone realizes just how global in operation investment banks are.

Ken Griffin is the CEO of Citadel and the investment firm holds investment capital estimated to be around $25 billion according to The capital is invested all over the globe and shows the massive worldwide scope of investment banks and hedge funds. Griffin has experienced much success in his life as evidenced by the enormous growth of Citadel and the hedge funds he managed.

In time, the investment banking industry is sure to experience a rebound. When the markets make an eventual comeback, the need for the services of investment banks surely will increase.  Until that time arrives, the banks have to rely on sound management to get through a difficult third quarter.

How to Get Better at Writing and Editing Wikipedia Articles

Writing articles on Wikipedia can prove to be a daunting task for beginners. Not only do you have to adhere to the rules of grammar and syntax, but the rules and guidelines of Wikipedia. A complete list can be found on their official website, and it is relatively short. There is not too much information to learn, but it definitely can’t be mastered in a day. Repetition is one good way to learn the ways of writing for Wikipedia writers on getyourwiki, as well as reading up on the rules and guidelines.

Keep in mind that writing on Wikipedia can be viewed by people from all over the world. Many Wikipedia articles are translated into different languages, which allow people from many different cultures to read them. Do not use any information that may offend readers of different ethnicities.

Refrain from spicing up the article by using any color or special fonts. The text of all words on Wikipedia should all be the same font, and of black color, to increase the ease at which articles can be read at.

Get Your Wiki is a business that operates online at, and provides writing, editing, translation, and control services for Wikipedia articles. Get Your Wiki can give you a quote within 24 hours of e-mailing them, and they have a 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied, or your money back. Get Your Wiki is arguably the most popular business of its type on the internet, and has very good reviews from its clients. More information can be found out on their website, along with contact information.

Of course, readers should enjoy reading the article, or find it easy to comb through and search for what they are looking for, but it should not be comparable to a New York Times article that is meant to be read at one’s leisure or for enjoyment.

Always, always, always use citations and references. A number can be added to the end of a sentence or paragraph to link it to a disclosure of the sources in footnotes, so readers can be sure of where the information came from, and whether it is truthful and accurate or not.

Writing on Wikipedia does take time to learn, but it is not that hard once you get the hang of it.