Of the many philanthropists in the United States, one name in particular stands out for not only his large donations to the public, but also through the effort that he has specifically put in for the purpose of helping those in need of resources to be re-allocated. This individual is Dick DeVos, a member of the DeVos family, a well known family in the Michigan region that is known for not only creating, but also developing Amway Corporation. With an international multi-billion dollar corporation, the DeVos family has put the earnings to good use by… Read Article →

In 2007, after graduating from Georgetown University, Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Nemen, and Nathaniel Ru founded Sweetgreen in Washington DC. A farm-to-table salad restaurant, they have expanded to 31 locations nationwide and expect that to grow to 40 by the end of the year. While their first shop was funded with the help of 40 friends and relatives, they have now completed three rounds of venture capital funding totaling $95 million.   The children of entrepeneurs, the three friends decided traditional jobs didn’t appeal to them. The desire to find better food options in Georgetown and… Read Article →

Lovaganza is stepping up to fill the social gap that has existed in the film industry for decades. They are organizing programs that will bring unity among communities and most importantly enhance acceptance and learning. One of the biggest announcements the company made recently is about the 2020 Lovaganza Celebrations, which will cover the whole world and showcase cultures and ideas born of different communities. Many were waiting to learn about the real date and the company has confirmed that the global celebrations will be hosted between May and September on wikidot.com. There will be… Read Article →

The number one way that all bloggers and website owners get noticed and hold their sterling reputation to high standards is by managing their online reputation. This is no easy task once you get it started. Online reputation managers have been helping people manage their digital reputations for some time now, and if you are a website owner, then it is about time that you look into managing your online reputation. What is Your “Online Reputation”? According to this recent news article by Forbes Magazine, online reputation managers are “Part PR gurus, part tech experts,… Read Article →

Avi Weisfogel uses his talents to make a tangible difference in the community. Avi Weisfogel has been at the forefront in helping people with dental and sleep complications. He also disseminates a message full of motivation through public speaking and music. Business prospects Weisfogel has unparalleled experience of over 16 years of delivering unique cosmetic dentistry solutions. He has helped many patients achieve bright smiles while serving as dental professional in the East Brunswick region. He founded Old Bridge Dental Care in 1996, and the practice has remained committed to helping patients to improve their… Read Article →

If you talk to anybody who has survived the Holocaust, they’d tell you that words matter. They’d recount the rise of the Nazi party and its charismatic leader; how his words resonated with bigoted people; how his words turned into the heinous actions of thousands. Words matter, and you do not have to look any farther than today’s presidential race on Politico. Fueled by bigotry and self-consciousness, Trump is repeating the same refrains of dangerous people in the past. Following Trump’s lead is an army of right-wing pundits ready to use words to promote their… Read Article →

White Shark Media have managed to become a trusted Digital Marketing Agency providing their clients with marketing strategies customized to meet their needs and achieve their business goals. Their reputation as a fast growing company with a track record of getting their clients a great return on their investment is made possible because of the company’s dedication to customer service. Since its founding in 2011 the company has experienced firsthand that the process of assessing customer needs is one that never ends and is often fueled by customer complaints. The unique thing about White Shark… Read Article →

Are you searching for an experienced reputation management professional or firm? Want to hire the best online reputation management experts in the industry? If you want to maintain a great online image and protect your business, it’s important to contact a renowned reputation management company for assistance. Did you know that your online reputation plays a great part in determining whether or not you will run a successful business? If a company has negative online reputation, they will have a hard time operating profitably. For a business or professional who is serious about running a… Read Article →

You can thank your parents for the type of hair you have. In other words, you can blame your fine, thin hair on your DNA, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There is one, amazing system that can re-create your crowning glory and give it what nature always intended, and that is volume, shine and manageability. Say hello to Wen by Chaz, the unique cleansing conditioners that feature a no lather shampoo concept. Celebrities are obsessed with WEN, and we can see why. The product line was developed by a famous LA stylist… Read Article →

Doe Deere of Lime Crime, has been given the honor of being named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. The artist spoke about the honor and Lime Crime with Stephanie Janetos of GaloreMag.com. She told Janetos that she had always loved the arts and color as a child. She claims to love working with color so much it feels like “cheating” at being adult. Doe’s first experiment with makeup was at a slumber party at nine years-old, when she applied it to hers and her friend’s. She described her lines of… Read Article →

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