If there is one thing to say about Yeonmi’s story, it is that she reveals a very horrifying situation in North Korea. She has also shown that there are some people who can overcome all kinds of horrors without becoming bitter about the whole thing. Yeonmi Park was just happy to be out of such oppressive environments and circumstances. However, she has realized that it is important to reveal the horrors that go on in the more hidden parts of the world like North Korea. This has led to her appearance at the One Young… Read Article →

Recently, Securus Technologies announced that a company record was reached when associates gave $345,763 to the United Way 2015 Campaign. The firm was able to exceed their $290,000 target by 19 percent. Richard Smith, the chief executive officer of Securus Technology, applauded the efforts of the associates, which recorded a ten times increase since the campaign started in 2008. The associates of the firm have opened their wallets and hearts to members of the community in need of education, healthcare and other basic needs. I have since noticed that the contributions made by the United… Read Article →

People have a lot of ways to show love for each other. But one of the most classic methods involves the creation of a delicious meal. An elaborate family dinner is one of the classic bonding moments for most people. But there’s one member of the family who’s usually left out. And that’s the family dog. But the Daily Herald offered up a report about ways that this is changing. The article began by recounting the reporters experience touring a new dog food facility. Nothing seemed out of the norm until they reached the end…. Read Article →

George Soros, a billionaire investor says it’s like 2008 all over again. At an economic forum in Sir Lanka, he warned investors to be cautious as financial markets are facing a major crisis. According to Bloomberg, Soros claimed that one of the reasons is China. The country stock market has declined in recent days to the point where trading halts were implemented. Chinese yuan’s devaluation and slowing economic growth are major issues, and Soros believes that China needs to make major adjustments. Meanwhile, China’s problems are spilling into the rest of the world. Slowdown in… Read Article →

Nicki Minaj performed a concert for the Christmas festival in Angola Africa December 19, 2015 despite the begging pleas from the members of the Human Rights Foundation not to accept the performance. The festival was hosted by Unitel, a communications company owned by the family of Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos. Human Rights Foundation requested she nix the holiday concert because she would be taking money from a dictator whose family had exploited the oil and diamond mining fields to amass their fortune while controlling all branches of the military, the government, and civil… Read Article →

Any and all dog lovers are always trying to find the right mix of food for Fido that they will actually want to eat, but is actually good for them as well. For the longest time, the dog foods that your pet would actually eat tended to be incredibly high in sugar and fat. Neither ingredient is all that good for your best friend to be eating two or three times a day. These days, things have changed a little bit. Companies like Beneful have managed to incorporate the value of today’s technology in a… Read Article →

Towards the end of the month of November, mobile network carrier, FreedomPop launched a promotion to provide discount on mobile devices as well as services to customers who purchased certain products from their stores. The company targeted clients who would sign up for service from 27th November 2015. Those customers were offered Motorola E brand smartphone for only $40. In addition, clients were provided with a Samsung Galaxy S4 for only $100. The two devices Motorola and Samsung smartphones were offered at discount of $190 and $350 respectively based on normal prices.   These devices… Read Article →

There many variables beyond insurance carriers determining whether or not you will receive great healthcare. In smaller markets, this may mean your locality enjoys exceedingly well delivered healthcare, or it simply does not. However, in large markets, you are basically on your own, and it is incumbent on the patient and their loved ones to educate themselves on the appropriate routes to receiving this care. The job becomes exceedingly hard in a place like Houston that has the largest medical center in the world. This is where I found on Linked In myself looking for… Read Article →

YouTube is the biggest video sharing site in the world. Millions of people upload content everyday from music videos to dance videos to vacation and food videos. So many YouTubers have become famous for their content with many of them having millions of subscribers and millions and millions of views on their videos. One of the most famous YouTubers is Wengie a lifestyle vlogger and video creator who makes fun, informative and very entertaining YouTube videos. Wengie is a Chinese girl currently living in Australia. She is one of the top rated YouTubers in all… Read Article →

While plastic surgery has been at times clouded with contraversy, surgical cosmetic alterations are matters of personal preferance and often times self esteem. When being vulnerable to a medical professional about potential body alterations, patients want to feel comfortable in with their doctors and confident in their ability. When trusting their bodies to the hands of cosmetic professionals, one doctor in particular is proving that Texas is the place to go when seeking aesthetic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden was voted Texas Super Doctor in 2014 and has more than exceeded expectation in the expertise of… Read Article →

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