Russian entrepreneurs owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Alexei Beltyukov because he is the pioneer in angel fund management. He is a wonderful person, a constant source of insight to other entrepreneurs like him. He has helped many Russians immensely though his company A-Ventures Management which he founded in 2007. Alexei carefully went through the plans and helped thousands of new business owners lead their dream life. His advice is invaluable. He is a founder of many different companies in the retail and automobile sector as well. He has received many awards and perceptive… Read Article →

Many people that are fans of coffee are always looking for the next best thing. Benardo Chua knew this, and that is why he made a conscious decision to expand his coffee product lineup. There are a plethora of coffees out there, but Benardo has been able to make his products stand out by establishing something that was called health coffee. This has never really been heard of in Northern America, but Benardo Chua was sure that this would work. He was right. People all over the world are drinking his organic gourmet coffee and… Read Article →

  The essence of the spirit seems to be to gain enlightenment. The Holistic view of life is gained from the perspective of inner peace. The premise is that with inner peace, the spirit is able to attain the full incarnation of its being. Couple the experience of attaining complete awareness with marketing and one might have exponential capacity for inner growth as well as financial growth. In marketing, especially, there is a definite need for a relaxed aura in order to talk with prospective clients in an encouraging manner. Joseph Bismark, the co-founder of… Read Article →

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