Recently the facebook community was stunned by such a news, Venezuela has fallen into dark times. President Nicolás Maduro has issued a state of emergency for the next 60 days, and the citizens are becoming desperate with the outcome of the country. Due to the fact that a majority of Venezuela’s resources are imported, the country’s lack of trade is bleeding it dry of supplies. The people starve and wait for food supplies outside of grocery stores for hours. They wait in an endless line, and look for the simplest items such as rice or… Read Article →

What is the WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner? Is the product a major leap in the hair care system or just another product that delivers a lot of promises? A hair revolution is occurring across the country. It started with a Hollywood hairstylist, Chaz Dean. He is the hair professional in those QVC info-commercials surrounded by women with gorgeous looking hair. They are all in favor of the hair care system developed by Chaz Dean. A young woman decided to try the product on her own limp hair and share the results on Bustle. In the… Read Article →

For brokerage and investment banking, many companies and people turn to Laidlaw & Company. With 170 years of experience in this field, the company is constantly attracting new clients with nothing but positive things to say. Their clients consist of a range of domestic, as well as international corporations on wsj, private clients and entrepreneurs. Laidlaw & Company Is Experienced And Professional When Laidlaw & Company sets out to do business, they are clear and concise on what needs to happen in order to fulfill their client’s needs. There are over 150 employees with a… Read Article →

Athleisure wear: clothing, shoes, and accessories that can be worn for work, workouts, and leisure activities. The word and its definition are now established in popular culture. It’s yoga pants, stretch tops and tees, hoodies, lycra-wear of all kinds. It’s exercise gear that is increasingly worn everywhere, including the gym, yoga studio, and spa. And all the major clothing brands seem eager to be a part of it. In a recent article for the New York Times (, author Hiroko Tabuchi reviewed the state of the athleisure industry in the first quarter of 2016. In… Read Article →

Plastic surgery is something that a lot of people think of getting but are nervous to actually undertake. If this has been a problem for you, you might feel more confident when working with a superior doctor who is trained and highly qualified for what you need. This can be easily done for those who see Dr. Jennifer Walden and have procedures done by this amazing woman. Dr. Jennifer Walden was recently nominated for Woman of the Year because of her experience and work in the medical industry. Lots of people have chosen to go… Read Article →

WEN hair by Chaz Dean is a popular hair cleansing system that can often be seen on QVC infomercials. It uses a no-lather formula to both deep clean and condition the hair. It is available in several different aromas and formulas geared for those with normal, oily or dry and color-treated hair. It gives specific instructions on how to use it. It is available online via or in salons that carry it. Emily McClure is a professional hair stylist. She is also a regular contributor to Bustle Magazine. In a rather lengthy but highly… Read Article →

Doe Deere is a beauty entrepreneur who has made a name for herself with her colorful line of cosmetics, Lime Crime, and a bold feeling for fashion that makes her a truly one of a kind voice in the beauty world. Part of the appeal of the Lime Crime line is the outrageous way the line uses color. This is beauty that is bold and uncompromising, just like Deere herself. In her own life and her own style of dress, Deere loves to play with the rules dictated by the old school fashion world. Here… Read Article →

On a recent segment of Fox New’s The Intelligence Report, Trish Regan sat down with famed and outspoken civil rights activist and founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen. The topic at hand was Bernie Sander and socialism at large. Ms. Regan started off by ask, point black, why Thor Halvorssen believes socialism to be a violation of basic human rights. Mr. Halvorssen countered by saying that he did not, or rather, that some degree of socialism clearly could work and indeed has all over the world at varying points in history up through… Read Article →

Many people across the United States are singing that the rain rain go away and come back here another day. The people in Venezuela and on facebook like Norka Luque are praying for rain, literally. The country’s biggest provider of the nation’s megawatt power demand hit an all time low earlier this week reaching a low it has never seen before, 243 meters of water. Government officials are encouraging citizens not to panic but to simply be patient with the government as they seek to explore options on how to deal with the drought crisis…. Read Article →

Swim wear are clothes worn for swimming. These garments are skin tight clothes that range from different garments designed to as much modesty as possible. These garments reveal as much of the body as possible without the actual nudity and that’s what Fabletics stands for. Fabletic are only meant to wear when one is going to swim and not for going out doors. These garments are designed with fabric that assures that they don’t become transparent when wet. In most cultures swimming wear is not highly recommended because of the shapes they are designed with… Read Article →

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