Partners in Private sectors and government must provide proper healthcare. Today, the Nobilis Health Corp is among the new entrants in this important sector. Nobilis has continued to acquire and invest in managing different healthcare facilities around the US. Nobilis has partnered to own ambulatory surgery centers in Houston, healthcare facilities in Arizona and Texas, MRI centers and urgent care centers. Apart from owning health facilities, the corporation has good marketing relationships with over 16 surgical centers across the United States. Nobilis Health has continued to operate healthcare facilities. Today, the company has an excellent… Read Article →

Many people have written on Wikipedia at one point in time. Without volunteers that will edit and write articles for free, Wikipedia would not be as large or as reputable as it is right now. Wikipedia has about five million articles in a variety of languages, although the primary language on the website is English. Wikipedia is able to viewed by everybody in the entire world. Be kind when writing and make sure to not make anybody mad by using words or phrases that might be considered inappropriate. Also, never use any slang terms or… Read Article →

It’s funny how there is always a market for cosmetics. Why? Because there is always a need for women to look and feel beautiful. The modern cosmetics industry has been around for almost 100 years, and with the new innovations and new brands being seen in the marketplace, it’s clear that the industry is showing no signs of slowing down. All of this is great news for some of the newer entrepreneurs who are seeking to make a place for themselves in the beauty industry, and that’s why we’re seeing some very exciting new developments… Read Article →

For many pet owners, their dog is considered a part of the family. And just like any other member of the family, their health is important; and that is why Purina Beneful brand dog food puts such great effort into formulating nutritious brand dog foods that not only taste great but also supports your dog’s overall health. Your dog’s health is imperative for keeping her active, happy and enjoyable. Therefore, selecting a dog food that is carefully formulated with fresh ingredients on like real chicken, beef, pork or lamb along with other wholesome ingredients… Read Article →

The Beneful brand is committed to providing all the essential nutrients that your dog needs to thrive each day. In addition to wet and dry dog food, the company also makes a healthy variety of dog snacks that you pet will simply love. Beneful has completely reinvented the old traditional dog food and created a healthy alternative that will ensure your dog has a more beneficial lifestyle. These delicious foods are great tasting, made with wholesome ingredients, and offer your pet great nutritional value. Beneful Wet Dog Food The wet dog food variety of Beneful… Read Article →

CCMP Capital is an equity firm that specializes in the growth of equity investments in America and Europe. It was founded in the year 2006 to continue great investment strategy developed by its predecessors (Chemical venture partners) which were founded in the year 1984 to serve as the private equity and venture arm of the chemical bank. Its headquarters are in 245 Park Avenue, New York City, United States. It focuses on leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions. Since formation, CCMP has grown to be one of the largest firms in equity investments globally. As… Read Article →

Nobilis Health Care, in the past year, has changed their name from Northstar Healthcare as part of an expansion program to increase their services. The enlargement of service required additional capital and earlier this year they closed a $25 million debt financing through Health Care Financial Services, GE Capital. The financing is part of their planned expansion. The Nobilis Health Corporation owns and manages ten healthcare facilities which include a surgical hospital, six outpatient surgery centers in Houston, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona, and two MRI screening units, not to forget their urgent care center. These… Read Article →

Why did Bruce Levenson sell for less than his initial asking price? Well, it turns out that bankers had over valued the price of the Atlanta Hawks, or Maybe Mr.Levenson just didn’t want to wait around and see if he could get more. Bruce Levenson contacted the services of bankers to sell the Atlanta Hawks. While the initial Goldman Sachs estimate of an asking price of $1 billion seemed way out of scope for many analysts, the executives here believed this was an adequate price range. In the end, bankers at Goldman Sachs were off… Read Article →

Back in 2002, a young budding rock star went looking for cute, whimsical clothing for a photo shoot. Before the days of Etsy, the greatest selection of independent clothing was to be found on E-Bay, so that’s where she went looking. Dissatisfied with what she was finding, however, Doe Deere decided to start her own E-Bay store and she launched Thunderwear! clothing. Originally, she simply purchased and resold the kinds of pieces that she enjoyed, but eventually she moved into deconstructing and redesigning her own pieces. Her creations soon gained a loyal following, and it… Read Article →

There are so many things that make our lives much better. Watching basketball game uplifts our spirits. We all know that they cost a fortune. Every Atlanta Hawks fan out there is familiar with the team’s owner Bruce Levenson. He is well known for the team. Recently, the Atlanta Hawks were up for sale. This was great news for anyone wishing to invest. The owners have agreed to give up the team to a new owner after deliberations. The Hawks are an amazing team; no doubt it would attract great deals. The team ownership was… Read Article →

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